Spring itchies … anybody else?

So this spring has been a little different than previous ones. We'd gotten into a lull where everything was going well.

The itchies got kicked off a week or so ago when DD woke up with a small splotch of hives between her shoulder blades and all over itching. We followed the plan (hadn't eaten, no other symptoms, so we used topical antihistamine and oral antihistamine). It got better but when the long-term antihistamine wore off, she was all-over itchy again. 

And then this weekend we ran out of her Zyrtec — we usually get the one safe-for-her generic brand. Since it was Friday, and we forgot that the pharmacy closes at 2 p.m. (we were altering prom dresses and grocery shopping), she went without. 

She spent the WHOLE weekend scratching. Then Monday she went by to get a refill. Uh-oh, they were out and had to order it. Either she didn't know she could have the name-brand or she decided it was too expensive — she was never clear on that.

By Monday night, she was clawing and scratching. Not even antihistamine cream was helping for very long. I sent DH to the pharmacy to get the pricier name brand — five tablets were as much as a month's supply of the safe generic. Yesterday they had her generic back in, so DH picked it up.

But she couldn't do without it. I'm not sure if it's the pollen or what.  At least we've had no more hives!


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  • Marie E Natzke

    K8SMOM2002,   I found exederm for eczema and dermatitis flare control cream.  I found this drug at Walgreens.  It's been helping my hands along with every other cream I use and have to switch off on.  I also have been using Psoriasis Cleanser and cream from CeraVe.  It has helped to clear up the scaly skin on my hands that the other creams haven't cleared up

  • Melissa G

    Bekah is having a terrible time already.  I didn't notice how bad her skin was getting until I saw her digging at her arms.  Time to start the itchy regimen.  

  • Melissa G

    Bekah was doing well, but now her arms are a mess. I am hoping over the next few days I can get them to clear up, if not off to the dr we go next week. 

  • Melissa G

    When Bekah and I went away last week, I totally forgot to pack the vanicream for her eczema. I had cetaphil but not the vanicream. Even though the cetaphil didn't hurt the eczema, it didn't help it either. When we got home yesterday, Rebekah has put the vanicream on several times and the eczema is already starting to look better. 

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Well, you know it's pollen season when your blue car turns green!  For the past 2 weeks, my DD and I have had had a bit of the sneeziesand eye itchies. DD has been on Children's Claritin for the last two days. Thankfully, it's helping! As for me, I've sneezed a lot, but that's starting to calm down, thanks to Zyrtec.

    Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!


  • Melissa G

    I got eaten up by bugs at the grad party yesterday. I am trying really hard not to itch but it's hard not too. Anyone have any good cream to put on? I put on hydrocortisone anti-itch cream, but it isn't working.