inflamed, dry spot in the arm pit – what could it be?

So, yesterday, dd1 told me she has an irritated spot in her right arm pit.  I figured it was an inflamed eczema spot, told her to use Eucerin and her eczema ointment and see how it goes.  She showed it to me last night and it does not look at all like her usual eczema flares.  It almost looks like a burn of sorts, but it's dry and rough.  She said she peeled some skin off of it.

Has anyone experienced something like this before?

I called the dermatologist today, but the first appointment I could get (that didn't conflict with my work schedule) was next Thurs.  I told my dd that she should try some aloe gel when she gets home from school.  If it's really irritating her, I supposes I can just take her to urgent care.  

Ugh…it's always something…


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  • K8sMom2002

    Yikes, Jen … have you guys bought a new box/jug of laundry detergent or softener lately?

    DH wound up having something like that with Tide and certain antiperspirants — we had to keep trying different detergents and antiperspirants. Now we're down to Gain (glad it's one heavily scented detergent that DOESN'T trigger my asthma) and Dove antiperspirant. He gets a little that he can't have a more manly smell/type of antiperspirant, but I remind him how miserable he was — both arm pits very red and itchy and inflamed. 

    And just because you haven't switched brands … formulas do change without notice. We've had that happen with countless brands, and then we'd have to go hunting for something that didn't break him out and didn't flare my asthma. Fun times … NOT.

  • Kathy P

    Ugh…does it burn? I had an issue years ago where I had a weird rash in my arm pit. It turned out to be fungal. And it was miserable! And took a while to figure out. Doc initially gave me cortisone which didn't work. And I spread it to the other arm out with my deodorant!I think it started out as a reaction to the deodorant… although I'd been using that brand for a while. But even after I got it cleared up, and bought a brand new stick, the rash was coming back.

  • Jen

    So…to answer some questions and add some new info.

    No new detergent.  Yes, she says it burns.

    When I looked at it last night, it didn't look too bad, but it oddly covers almost the entire armpit.  Not like a splotchy or patchy eczema rash.  So…dd told me that she has had a dry spot there off and on since 8th grade.  And she's in 10th now!  So…this is really nothing new apparently.  It's just super flared at the moment.  One week til the derm appointment.  I told her to keep an eye on it – let me know if it gets redder, spreads, hurts more, etc.

  • Jen

    It has been less irritated the past few days.  Derm appointment tomorrow, so I'll keep you guys posted!

  • Jen

    So….the derm looked at it and said that it's most likely either really flared eczema or inverse psoriasis.  Both would be treated with a steroid, which she already has (triamcinolone).  She said it it doesn't improve in a couple weeks to come back and they'll do a biopsy of the area to confirm what it is, make sure it isn't an infection (though doesn't appear to be infected, etc)

  • Melissa G

    @Jen, did the inflammation in your dd's armpit get cleared up? Gotta love it when our kids don't tell us what is going on. I tell my kids, I can't help you if you don't tell me. 

  • Jen

    It never did clear up w the steroid cream, so the derm did a culture and a biopsy.  Culture showed infection and biopsy showed eczema.  Anyway, she was put on a course of antibiotics and it mostly cleared up.  It would’ve helped if she was more compliant w taking it, but, teenagers…

  • Melissa G

    I often wonder if I am going to make it through these teen years…

    That has to be one uncomfortable place to get eczema!