How do you prevent eczema flares?

For my crew, late fall into winter tends to be when our eczema flares. We make an effort to stay on top of moisturizing so as to try to avoid flares.  

What are some other tactics people use to prevent flares?


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  • Jen

    I know that I have a tendency to enjoy hot showers when it gets cooler outside.  Not so good for my eczema, though.  I will have to try to moisturize after to counteract that.

  • K8sMom2002

    Winter's hard on DD's hands, and it's even harder on my sister's hands. We haven't had any super cold days (today was our coolest … 48 for the low, 70 or so for the high), but it gets really bad when it's cold and windy. It's like it zaps the moisture right out of their hands. Everything else seems okay, but both of them can get seriously ugly hands very quickly. 

  • Jen

    Dd'S 2, 3 and I also have a hard time with our hands when it gets colder.  One thing that I have found helpful is to wear gloves when I'm outside.  Even if my hands aren't super cold, it helps keep them from getting chapped from the cold wind.  

  • Melissa G

    If Bekah can remember to put vanicream on twice a day, her eczema stays at bay, but if she forgets, ugghh, it returns with a vengeance. 

  • holliemcdonell88

    I was diagnosed with eczema when I was 25, my eczema started on my eyelid and now I have it almost all over my face. The treatment that has helped me to heal my eczema is foderma, I recommend it.

  • Melissa G

    Ouch Hollie, eczema on the face is rough, but on the eye lids had to be very painful and hard to control. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    Using gloves when washing dishes

    Wearing gloves in the winter and when working in the yard in the summer

    Watching what type of hand soap 

    No hand sanitizer

  • Melissa G

    Bekah's eczema is so bad right now. Typically, I would have her soak in the tub twice a day and lather in vanicream, but since she has a port, she can't be in the tub that much. So I will sponge bathe her this morning and slather her in vanicream and hope that helps. 

  • Melissa G

    Our weather is either cloudy and rainy or sunny and hot. What are you all doing to keep your eczema in check?

  • Melissa G

    Rebekah's eczema has flared this week. I think she has forgotten to put moisturizer on. I saw her legs while she was wearing shorts yesterday and eek, they look horrible. I think I may need to make her a check list so she can start remembering things she needs to do in the morning and evening since she gets so annoyed when I remind her.