Hand or Foot Scrub

Besides using a moisturizer on your hands and feet, do you any of you use a hand or foot scrub? Bekah's hands are always so dry and rough, I am thinking about doing a scrub on her hands then applying a moisturzier. Her feet, especially the balls of her feet get rough and hard, I guess I need to give her more pedicures. 


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  • LK

    I never have used any sort of scrub, but then I have never had a manicure or pedicure either!     Just not my cup of tea!

    The only lotion I use is Cetaphil.  It has almost no scent and has a nice feel after it goes on.  

    The balls of my heels used to be very rough because I would always forget to put lotion on them, but since I have been remembering to do it daily they are much better.  

    Would trying a different type of sock help at all?  Could her shoes be rubbing too much and causing the roughness on her feet?

  • Kathy P

    I've used scrubs before. I don't terememb the brand but it was a 3 stage thing. I find them messy and time consuming. But I really should treat my feet better than I do .I've got some nasty eczema patches starting on my ankles for some reason. 

  • Pljohns

    Ive never used any scrubs but there are several REALLY THICK lotions out for feet (Dr. Schols, Gold bond) and I’ve used them and they are AWESOME.  I don’t take care of my feet-never have and have calluses and really dry skin around my heals.  I’ve found I can put this lotion/cream on before bed and in the morning there is a noticeable difference.  The gold bond has almost no scent at all and it doens’t bother me.  If you look for them, they are in the store in the sections with the foot care products-not with the lotion.

  • Melissa G

    She loves going barefoot… And she walks on her toes from having tight muscles. I find when I give her pedicures, it relaxes her legs for awhile, and I agree it is time consuming…sigh. And yes most scrubs are heavily scented. I have found one that is a dead sea salt scrub that isn't scented. So we will see how that works out. I don't think she put lotion on her feet often.