Eczema Woes…

I am going to lose my mind and Bekah is going to scratch her skin until she bleeds…..

I never really knew how much the atarax was helping Bekah until the cardiologist had us discontinue it. Bekah was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome and apparently atarax can make it worse. Something we don't want, however since we pulled the atarax Bekah is miserable. 

We have increased the allegra dose and she is using two prescriptions creams to manage the eczema but nothing is really keeping it under control. 

Because Bekah has a central line she cannot soak in the tub like she use to when she was little. She takes one shower/bath a week, with daily sponge baths. She lightly towel dries, uses her ointments and vanicream twice a day. 

The cardio doesn't even want her taking benadryl but I end up giving her a small dose to help relief the itch enough so she can fall asleep at night.

During Bekah's next cardio appt, she will have an echo and ekg done so we shall see how she is doing since some meds were pulled. 


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  • Marie E Natzke

    Hi Melissa I'm sorry for your daughters health problems. I recently read an article about using filters in shower heads. One reason is to reduce the sulfer smell from taking hot/warm showers. Another is to reduce the chlorine, and bacteria that can grow in shower heads.They say by using them it helps keep shower/tub cleaner, skin from drying out and can help with eczema. So I bought one a couple weeks ago. I ordered it through Amazon. It was made by Culligan. Was 49.00 plus shipping and tax.  After using it for the past couple of weeks, I am noticing a difference in my skin and hair. My eczema is no where close to what your daughter has but maybe it could help her. They do have cheaper ones. They even have filter types that you can attach to the pipes and not in the shower head. I had to get the shower head type because the pipe doesn't stick out far enough form the wall to be attached to the hose. So I give it a thumbs up for myself. The one I got I have to change filter once every 6 months. 

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Marie, that's great information–thank you for sharing!  

    Melissa, Ugh on Bekah's eczema flare…itchiness is awful, and the winter cold and indoor heat doesn't make it any easier. When is Bekah's next cardio appt? 

  • K8sMom2002

    Ugh on the itchies! For some reason, after years of DD's eczema being under better control, it's begun to flare up, too. But nothing like what it sounds like Bekah is enduring!

    Marie, that's good to know about the shower heads.

    Melissa, I understand how frustrating it is not to be able to do tub baths. DD's godfather had a connection for peritoneal kidney dialysis, and he couldn't bathe at all — he could shower, but not bathe or swim.

    If Bekah can't do soaking in the tub because of her central line, how about just doing wet wraps on the affected parts? 

    And could you figure out ways to soak parts of her body while keeping the central line dry? Could she soak, say, an arm in a basin of water? Or dangle her legs in a  tub or a five-gallon bucket or on the side of an indoor pool?

    And after the weekly shower, how about putting on wet wraps on the worst parts?

    I know for me, my eczema on my eyelids has been a real struggle, especially because I have glaucoma and osteoporosis, and my doctors don't want me on any sort of steroid if they can avoid it. 

    But soaking my lids with a wet wash cloth, then putting a thin layer of Vaseline has been a miracle for me. My docs were right — holding that moisture in and giving the skin a chance to heal itself and regain its barrier function was the key!

  • Melissa G

    Great suggestions Cynthia! Our problem is that she has eczema from her head, literally her scalp down to her ankles. I am going to try to switch up a few things this week and see what happens. 

  • Melissa G

    I called the cardio nurse today and she agrees something needs to be done asap. She is going to talk with dr and get back to me.

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, I am SO glad they're working on it, Melissa. There's nothing so miserable as that unending itch. Have you heard anything yet?

  • Melissa G

    The cardio nurse emailed me back and the dr said under no circumstances is Bekah to take the atarax and we will discuss things further next thursday. I am so frustrated. Next Thurs can't come soon enough. 

  • Melissa G

    There is no new news on the eczema front. Bekah's ekg was still abnormal so she can't have the atarax…