Does your eczema flare in the fall?

In our house, we tend to see the most flares in the winter and spring.  I know that, for some people, fall allergies seem to be a trigger.  How do you handle eczema flares this time of year?


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  • bakergirl

    Hi Jen,

    Mine flares in winter/spring as well. I increase my daily fluid intake to balance it out, usually by at least twice as much as normal.

    – jill

  • Jen

    Hi Jill,

    Welcome to AAFA's support forums.  I already average 10 cups of water a day.  Not sure how much more I could drink.  But…that is a good reminder to be more aware of how much water I am drinking.  I have started logging my water consumption on the myfitnesspal app.  That does make it more likely that I'll drink more water.