Does warm weather help or hurt your eczema?

For some, eczema gets worse when the pollen starts blooming out. But for my DD, we've found that warm weather helps her eczema so much. Her hands especially get really bad during the winter — ditto my sister's. 

So what about summertime for you? Is the living easy? Or do you battle extreme itchiness and eczema flares?


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  • Jen

    For the most part, my kids see improvement with their eczema in the summer.  However, I do remember that when dd2 was younger (say 5ish and under – she's 13 now), her eczema would flare when going outside in the spring and summer.  She seemed really sensitive to playing in the grass.

  • K8sMom2002

    Could you ever track it back to a specific grass or pollen? Did it get better as the summer wore on? 

    I'm glad her eczema got better!

  • Jen

    To be honest, I never really tried to track it down.  Typically, Eucerin and some hydrocortisone ointment kept things in check.  When she was younger, she also used to take singulair and claritin every day, so I think that kept things from getting really flared.

  • K8sMom2002

    Interesting … I take she no longer has to take Singulair every day?

    We've enjoyed a decided lack of eczema on DD's hands this summer — despite her three camps this summer. Bug bites, though …

  • Jen

    She hasn't used singulair in a few years now.  I think her system was really sensitive when she was younger and she doesn't seem to have as many issues these days.  When she does, she'll take zyrtec to calm things down.

  • Jen

    So…now that summer is pretty much over, how did everyone's eczema fare the last few months?

    For the most part, my family had no issues.  DD2 did get some irritation around her wrists.  Once we found hand cream that didn't irritate her skin, that seemed to get better.

  • Kathy P

    For me, it's more the pollen season change than the weather itself. I'm feeling the typical patches on my shoulders that I get from pollen season. I need to remember to slather it up with moisturizer.

  • Melissa G

    Bekah is breaking out in her typical spots. She has gotten better about being more proactive but on occasion does need the gentle reminder to moisturize.

  • holliemcdonell88

    I try not to bath with warm water because it hurts my eczema. For me it's better to bath with cold water. Besides that, the treatment that has helped me a lot with eczema is foderma.

  • Melissa G

    Hi Hollie! Welcome to AAFA! 

    It's great to hear you have a good eczema treatment plan! Do the changes of the season bother you?

  • Melissa G

    With Bekah not taking atarax anymore, and the heat and humidity killing us right now, her eczema is in full swing. Her poor cheeks are awful. It's so hard to be a teen girl and have eczema all over your face. 

  • Melissa G

    I called Bekah's cardiologist to see if we can compromise on some meds, but his nurse didn't call me back. Bekah is putting aquaphor on her face and taking bendaryl for the itch and burn. If I don't hear back tomorrow morning I will call our ped. I have increased her allegra dose to twice a day. I hate seeing her this way. 

  • MegCanOvercome

    Warm weather both hurts and helps my eczema. I was born with eczema and like my food allergies and asthma, I never outgrew it like some children do. In the warmer months, my eczema is constantly irritated by heat, humidity, and moisture. If I sweat I itch and it leads to breaking out in all the typical areas like my arms and legs. The sun can help, when I was younger my parents used to have me wear full clothes all year and often bought me sun shirts to swim in. As I got older we realized that the UV rays which dermatologists often mark as extremely harmful are extremely helpful to clear up bad eczema. now all I know is that I've tried most steroid and natural treatments and nothing works as well UV.

  • Melissa G

    Glad you found something that works for you Meg! 

    I emailed with the cardio, he does not want her on atarax or taking lots of bendaryl. Sigh. I put a call into the allergist. In the meantime, bekah is miserable. 

  • Melissa G

    The allergist ended up calling in two different creams. One for her face and one for the neck down. As long as she applies it twice a day she is doing so much better. I can tell when she doesn't.