Does anyone deal with eyelid eczema?

DD1 has had issues with this off and on for the last couple of years.  Of course, when dh took her to the dermatologist a few months ago, it wasn't flaring, so they didn't call in a new prescription for her Protopic.  It started flaring last week.  Luckily her dermatologist called in a new prescription and I just picked it up today.  Hope it helps quickly.

How do others treat eczema around the eyes and on the face?


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  • Jen

    Well…the ointments work as long as she actually uses them.  Sigh…

    Evidently she slacked off on using them recently, started rubbing her eyes and ended up with conjunctivitis.  This is the 2nd time this has happened this year.  It is so hard to get compliance with her eczema regimen!

  • Melissa G

    @Jen how is your dd's eyes doing?

    Kids and compliance is so hard! Bekah is always forgetting to put lotion on, then wonders why her skin is itchy!  Grace needs to put an eye ointment in her eyes at night for dry eyes, she had a full corneal abrasion in the fall, and she forgets more than she remembers.  I think I am just going to record myself reminding them to do things and just play it whenever needed. 

  • Jen

    Her eyelid eczema is much better.  I think getting another round of conjunctivitis and having her allergist talk to her has helped some with med compliance.  

  • Melissa G

    Yay, that her eczema is doing better!   Gotta love that they typically listen to others more than their parents.