Do you see a specialist for your eczema?

For myself and my kids (with the exception of dd1), we more or less manage eczema flares on our own – moisturize and use hydrocortizone on the flares.  DD1 has received rx's from the allergist in the past and now gets them from the dermatologist.  DD2 has a derm appointment in a couple of weeks to discuss her sebhorreic dermatitis issues.  She also seems to have some stubborn dry spots near her wrists that she wants to ask about.

Who manages your eczema?


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  • K8sMom2002

    We use our allergist for DD's eczema … thankfully it has gotten better as she's gotten older.

  • Jen

    DD2 now has an eczema flare behind her ear.  One more week til that dermatologist appointment…

  • Jen

    Of course since we had an actual appointment today, she didn't have any major flares.   Anyway, the derm said that her sebhorreic dermatitis was under pretty good control and she refilled the shampoo she uses for those flares.  There was one spot on her scalp that was an inflamed patch, so she prescribed some serum for that.  She also prescribed a steroid ointment for those times her eczema flares (with her doctor's eye, she could see the residual bits of the flare).  So…I'll be picking up all of those sometime this week.  Now to see if Shelby will be compliant with the meds.

  • Jen

    We now have all the meds.  Of course, she is reporting that she isn't having any flares at the moment.  That's ok.  I now have them on hand for when she is having issues. 

    Does anyone else see a dermatologist for their eczema or does another doctor manage it?

  • Melissa G

    Our kids allergist's manages their eczema. It's a one-stop shopping deal…food allergies, asthma, eczema. One dr's visit for three things.