Anyone on Dupixent for Severe Eczema?

DH has severe eczema that just will not respond to treatment anymore. Finally, after working with his dermatologist to rule out other possible treatment options, they opted to try Dupixent. We received the first dose yesterday so he can take it to his appointment next week to get started.

Are any of you getting Dupixent shots for eczema? He's hoping it will help with the chronic itch. If so, what has your experience been like with it? 


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  • Melissa G

    We have never used dupixent.  Where is your husband's eczema? What have you done in the past to treat it?

  • tlb2002

    For the most part, he's been doing well for the past couple of weeks. The doctor said he probably won't feel the full benefit of Dupixant for three months, so it probably isn't because of that yet. He gets his second shot next week.

  • tlb2002

    Thanks, Melissa! He got his second shot yesterday. He did notice improvement the first week. His eczema has been healing and the overall itch has gone down a lot. I noticed his stress level has decreased too. This is the first thing to offer him some relief in years.