Xolair has a support program.

Hey fellow Asthma and Allergy family! February 12th was my first Xolair shot. My Doctor sent the insurance company a really nasty letter, including me having to spend Christmas Eve in the Hospital. I had my second shot Feb 19th. It has helped a little bit. They said it will take a few more injections. I have allergic asthma. I received a thick book from Xolair yesterday. It is really informative. There is this website that might be of help to some of you. or call 1-866-496-5247. Hope everyone is well.


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  • K8sMom2002

    Glad it is helping you a bit — and that they have given you some good expectations of when you should begin to see more improvement. 

    And I'm glad that the folks from Xolair could give you a booklet to explain more about it. What sort of things did the book cover?

  • Megan Roberts

    That's great you were connected to such a useful resource. Hope you continue to see improvements from the shots — keep us posted on how it goes! 

  • Debbie Alves

    I have severe asthma and hyper-eosinophilic syndrome, plus innumerable allergies (they didn’t expect me to survive infancy or childhood – but I’ll be 62 in May).  Xolair has had a steady, positive impact for me. I’ve been getting biweekly injections since 9/2012 – and the overall improvement is truly miraculous. I noticed slight improvements the first year, but by the second year, I was having fewer and less severe allergy-induced asthma attacks. By year 3, I was noticing small amounts of orange, for example, in a fruit salad or dessert wouldn’t send me to Benedryl.  Now, I haven’t had an allergy-triggered asthma attack in almost TWO YEARS! (Four eosinophilic asthma attacks, but not allergy- or infection-triggered ones.)

    I still carefully avoid most allergens, but I can visit a friend with pet cats without triggering my allergies. (I don’t pet them, but for years, I couldn’t come in the door – and it’s spotlessly clean.)  I can use a little hand lotion with lanolin without getting hives and swelling. I was able to stop my daily Zyrtec last fall – we’ll see if I need it this spring.

    Because I have eosinophilia asthma, too, we are hoping Fasenra may help me further, but I tell people all the time how much of a difference in my quality of life, as well as my physical safety, Xolair has brought about. Someday I hope to meet the researchers who developed it – they are major rock stars to me!

    Stick with it!  Track your responses to allergens over time (maybe take pictures), and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the time passes, and how much better you feel!  Xolair is truly revolutionary. 

    Good luck!

  • K8sMom2002

    Wow, Debbie, that is GREAT news! I'm so excited by all the research that is going into asthma and allergies … and it's really terrific when I hear how people are seeing this play out in their own lives.