Would You Use this Credit Card Sized Inhaler?

What do you think about this about ? It is not FDA approved yet. But it looks really intriguing!
Would it make you more likely to carry your meds with you since it could fit in a pocket?

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  • Jen

    What a great idea!  I am sure that bulkiness is a reason some people don't carry their inhalers with them.  Have others found inhaler size to be an issue?  How do you carry your inhalers when you're out and about?


  • K8sMom2002

     Yay! Yes! And I would be able to find it easier in my purse because it wouldn't migrate to the bottom — it would slip into one of the side pockets.

    DD would LOVE this, because in addition to Epi pens (which are notoriously bulky and heavy), she also is required to carry her rescue inhaler. 

    I wonder if insurance would cover it …

  • Katie D

    Wow!  That is one of the most stylish medical devices I have seen.  I think it would definitely appeal to teens and adults, and so cool that it will be compatible with all HFA inhalers.  

  • Mandy

    It seems pretty slick! I take my rescue inhalers with me everywhere.  I have them in our vehicles, pockets, purses…you name it. I am fortunate enough to have excellent health insurance. But this would be so convenient!

  • K8sMom2002

    Kudos for having rescue inhalers wherever, but a word of caution — do check the temperature range to make sure your vehicle-stored inhalers are within that recommended range. If you don't have a flier left over from the original packaging, you might call your pharmacist or the manufacturer. It would be bad to think you had an effective inhaler only to find out, "oops … the medicine degraded because of where it was stored."

    In south Georgia, the summers get so hot that in a parked car, medications would quickly be out of the recommended temp range, so I never leave our inhalers or my DD's Epis in a car.

    Hmm … that would be a great question to ask the AAFA's allergy doc! What happens to inhalers that are store outside the recommended parameters? I know our allergist has said to keep last year's Epis around for backups because they *just might* work in a pinch. Something has to be better than nothing, right?