Who’s YOUR Hero?

Sometimes I can be a Negative Nellie about how people don't understand my asthma and my allergies … but I'm putting on my Positive Polly hat today and thinking of all the people who DO?

Who helps you in your daily life with your asthma or allergies or eczema? Who has gone above and beyond?

I have to say my 16 YO DD is my hero. Even though she has food allergies and eczema, whenever I have an asthma attack, it's, "Wait, here's your inhaler, Mom!" And before I even get out of the car in a parking lot, she's, "Hey, Mom, that guy's smoking over there. You may want to wait." Or, "Is this perfume going to trigger your asthma?" … and even, "Hey, you look super tired tonight. How about we have a fend-for-yourself night for supper?"

I know of very few 16 YOs who would be that caring and understanding. I am blessed.

So who's YOUR hero? Who deserves a for all the care they give you? 


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  • Jen

    My heroes would be those other parents that have gone out of their way to make sure dd1 has safe food.  Many of those parents were from the elementary school years – between scanning/emailing labels and sending labels home for school party food, there have been some great parents out there who have had my back.

  • Shea

    Dr. Shea Eckhardt for literally saving my life by quickly identifying my rare disease, testing me, confirming my diagnosis, and treating me quickly in the hospital with the right medications, just in time!!!

    And Dr. Dennis Ledford for helping me through the long process after with compassion, and taking extra time to write letters on my behalf for family and disability explaining my disease. And for helping me find Nucala. 

    My Dad, for finding a home for our family dog so that I could visit family in a safe environment. My mom for helping me on bad days. 

    My son, who always stands up for me and whos mere presence in this world gives me strength. 

    And, everyone on this forum–And I mean it!!!!– I would not be nearly as strong without you ��

  • K8sMom2002
    Shea posted:

    And, everyone on this forum–And I mean it!!!!– I would not be nearly as strong without you ��

    Awww, Shea! … You are a source of inspiration for me. When I see your struggles and even greater determination, I think, "If Shea can do this …" 

  • K8sMom2002

    After this week, I have to add my pharmacist and his staff to our heroes club! They have found a cheaper generic allergy medication that will work with her corn allergy! And we found a safe branded version of Tylenol that DD can take — again, safe for her corn allergy. That's huge, because before we were having to have her Tylenol compounded and it was more expensive.

    Has anyone had their pharmacist go above and beyond for them?