Which inhalers do you use?

Kids and I are all on the same regiment now.  Dulera 100 for daily management and Pro-Air for rescue meds.  I'm also on Singulair, but that's a tablet.


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  • kandicejo

    DD is off all asthma/allergy meds except singulair. DS is on symbicort daily and xoponex prn. Allergist gave me a pro-air sample for reactive airway. I hate the side effects Thankfully I've only had to use it a few times in 18mos.

  • Mandy

    I am on Flovent, Advair, Singulair and Prednisone. Ventolin prn. Hopefully off the prednisone in the near future.

  • Kathy P

    Welcome Mandy! Hope you can wean off the prednisone! We are dealing w/ steroid burst fallout here at the moment. So, over it!

  • Allison

    My son has been on Qvar for 2.5 years – we added Singulair last year, and today the doctor wanted to talk about switching to Dulera, unless I can get him to increase his compliance. (He is 12.)

    The doctor nodded enthusiastically when I said maybe by the time he is 15 or 16 some "smart inhaler" will come out?

  • Jen

    Years ago (like 20+), I had a maintenance inhaler and ventolin.  More recently, I have been rx'd pro-air when dealing with issues during an illness.  It's been a couple of years since I've needed to use an inhaler at all.  I have been on singulair daily since I had bronchitis 6 years ago.  That has helped so much with my allergies.

  • K8sMom2002

    DD was on Singulair forever … but it was contributing to her bleeding issues (she has a rare bleeding disorder) so she had to go off that. She's on a daily dose of Zyrtec year round.

    We both are in a good spot right now — only use rescue inhalers as needed — Ventolin?? (That's bad that I can't remember the name of it!). 

  • Barbara Keller

    I had asthma problems as a child but had no problems for years but when I was pregnant with my second child I became severely allergic to all nuts all of a sudden, if I got just a tiny piece on my tongue it would start to itch my tongue and cause projectile vomiting so severe and it would last for 3or 4 days, that lasted for 13 years and then one day it was gone, I worked in a veterinary clinic for 10 years and We had a blue and gold Macaw who decided that I was his mate and he would sit with me everyday. Then all of a sudden I started having problems with asthma and contributed it to the stress I endured daily at my job. I would have an asthma attack  and they would still make me work anyway, I  was extremely sick and had asthma attacks constantly but my doctor did not seem to know what to do for me and I could not afford to buy my advair or dulera so I had to use qvar that my friend gave to me so I didn't have to use albutorol and prednisone all the time just to live, I was in the emergency room a lot and had to survive on prednisone and albutorol in order to work at my job, One day I was really feeling bad and started calling for an appointment with the doctor at 8 am and was told they didn't have anything available even though I was having a hard time breathing, I went to work anyway and waited for a call back from kaiser with an appointment,at 4:00 pm I went to see my doctor and she called for an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital. I was getting less than 80% oxygen. Asthma was not under control at all. I asked them for an allergy test since my doctor hadn't and I had to be my own advocate and I used used prednisone, qvar and I was given a  sample of dulera. My allergy results came back that I was allergic to birds and I sat with Muchacho everyday, I am also allergic to eggs and chicken. I had to quit my job and I could not get disability or unemployment because for some reason I  guess they don't consider being able to breath important enough. 2 weeks after I quit I started feeling a lot better, I lost my medical coverage from work and applied for medical then I was able to get the medication dulera that I needed, unfortunately from taking so many steroids for along time my teeth are crumbling but I am alive. 


  • Kathy P

    Welcome Barbara! That sounds like quite the journey. My asthma really came into play when u was pregnant too. And my allergies have shifted and transformed over the years too.

    I'm glad you've found what you are allergic to, but that totally stinks that it affected your employment. Have you been able to find something else that won't put you in contact with birds?

  • K8sMom2002

     Barbara and welcome. Unfortunately I've heard other, similar stories to yours. Kathy P is right — not being able to work due to your allergies puts you in a terrible bind. 

    You're right … breathing IS important. I'm glad you're feeling better … are you able to actively look for work now? Or is that a goal for later?

  • Jen

    Hi Barbara,

    Welcome to the forums.  It sounds like you've had a rough journey.  I hope that your asthma is better controlled now that you have meds. 

  • HikaControl

    Since my asthma is now mild intermittent, I usually just have ProAir. But since the flare up after I got the cold virus, I am on Qvar, too

  • Kathy P

    I just got switched to Dulera – it's only been 2 days, so the jury is still out! But I'm hoping it will get things under better control.

  • Kathy P

    Are you using the ProAir MDI (metered dose inhaler – spray) or the Respiclick?

    I just got a Respiclick to try and I'm really liking it!

  • Emilee R Ashline

    I'm using the metered dosed proair with my spacer. The spacer does seem to help get more of the medication to my lungs.

  • lindamarie

    At this point I'm on ProAir and Dulera (if I can get the cost/insurance stuff worked out on the Dulera).  I'm wondering, though, does anyone else have problems with their tongue being sore because of their inhalers?  I rinse my mouth afterward and sometimes use a combo of pepto bismol and benadryl to soothe it.  I'm not totally sure the problem is from my inhalers, because it persists even after several days of not using an inhaler.

  • lindamarie

    @Jen That's where I got the idea about pepto bismol & benadryl.  The big problem is that I can't get anyone to listen to my complaints…  Either they don't know or they don't think it's a big deal.  

  • Mandy

    Hey Lindamarie, I have tried just about every inhaler. Right now I'm on Breo, spiriva respimat, Singulair, combivent respimat, Ventolin, prednisone and theophylline…yup I'm severe. I have gotten the tongue twitchiness before too. I found it with the Proair more than any others. Is this just a coincidence? I wonder if it has to do with the carriers in the inhaler? Does the pepto/benadryl combo work? I wonder if you could try another inhaler to see if there is a difference if your doctor is agreeable? I find now I only get it when I have been using the combivent and Ventolin frequently or if I use my nebs. I use a lubricating mouth wash and it seems to help when it happens.

  • Pljohns

    Welcome Barbara-you have had a rough road! 

    I've pretty much tried them all-ventolin, proair, xopenex HFA, singulair, advair, dulara, qvar, spiriva, proair, symbacort, striverdi, breo, combivent, alvesco, QVAR…..I think that's almost all of them.  I had severe allergic reactions to most of them and am now unable to use anything but inhaled steroids with an inhaler-everything else has to be neb.  I currently am on an off label COPD nebulized drug called Brovana as my maintenance med twice a day and so far, it has worked well.  i take QVAR three times daily, budesonide, iapatorpium and nebulized levabuterol as needed along with of course a lot of prednisone (although not on a daily basis unless I'm having issues). Albuteral nebulizer no longer agrees with me so I've had to switch to levabuterol neb and so far, so good. yep-I'm a severe one too-and TONS of drug allergies and allergic reactions so we tend not to tweak things too much.  I'm no where near controlled and never will be-I have nebulizers in my purse, office, car and home plus a back up at home.  REALLY aggrivated TMJ issues because of the neb mouthpieces but I just can't handle a mask with the neb-the plastic smell starts things all over again.

    I pretty much keep a nasty taste in my mouth, aggrivated TMJ and sore tongue.  I haven't found anything to help that so all of the suggestions above sound great for me to try.

  • lindamarie

    @Pljohns - The part of your post about your sore tongue really got my attention.  And now that I think about it, my mouth rarely feels "fresh" either.  Can you tell me about your experience?

  • lindamarie

    @Mandy - I'm just now reading your post.  The maintenance inhaler I'm supposed to be using is DULERA.  And when I got my emergency inhaler filled, I was given Ventolin HFA.  Right now I'm not really using either of them, but I am using 2 different nasal sprays.  The Pepto/Benadryl helps some, but is a hassle.  What is the lubricating mouthwash you use?

  • Pljohns

    My mouth just sort of always feels like I forgot to brush my teeth-even though I haven't and there is something in all of the nebs-or maybe the neb iteself-that just irritates my tongue.  I don't really know how to describe it but it's just irritated.  I haven't found much that will do anything for the icky taste-chocolate (not sure if that actually does or I just love it) and sweet tea is much better than sodas.

  • lindamarie

    @Pljohns  Thanks!  I've been thinking that I need to switch from sodas to tea.  You confirmed it!

  • RedCoog

    I'm on singular (generic) and Symbicort. Use Flonase from time to time. And have a ProAir Reapy stick as an emergency.

    started using a spacer about 3weeks ago, and it appears to get the medicine in much deeper! 

    Hoping I can start to step down some of my mess soon, but this being my first fall/Winter with asthma I'm weary of making any changes until I see how I'm affected my the environment.

  • K8sMom2002

    RedCoog, glad the spacer is working for you — I remember thinking that spacers were for little kids when my pharmacist insisted I take one. But you're right — a spacer does help the meds get where they are supposed to go. 

    Another option for you guys with issues with your mouth: could you talk to your dentist? I know back when I was having dry mouth issues due to a medication I was on, my dentist suggested an over the counter mouthwash for dry mouth. He made the recommendation based on what he'd seen work for his other patients on similar medications. 

    Oral health is really important, and medications can affect your teeth and gums in ways that you might not think about.

    Whenever I have a lingering chemically-sweet taste from meds, water is about the only thing I can tolerate because everything else clashes with it. 

  • LK

    I'm on Breo Ellipta and started Spiriva Respimat a few weeks ago.  Also, not inhaled but I do take Montelukast, generic Singulair.  Use ProAir as needed.  In the past I've been on Spiriva Handihaler, Advair and Qvar.

    The Spiriva Respimat perhaps because of the different (to me) delivery system seems to deliver the mist deeper into my lungs than most of the other meds.

    Even with rinsing my mouth out and gargling several times after each dose, I have also noticed the funny taste in my mouth.  I switched to a dry mouth toothpaste and it seems to help slightly.  My old toothpaste with it's fresh minty smell set off my asthma anyway!  So I guess the new toothpaste helps in two ways!

    I find that putting chapstick or lip balm on my lips before using an inhaler at least keeps my lips feeling better.

  • K8sMom2002

    Very interesting to hear all this! @LK, I hate it when a favorite brand of shampoo or toothpaste changes its scent — I had that happen with an antiperspirant. 

    One other thing, as folks are thinking about treatment options … AAFA has a great new series with "bite-sized" videos about asthma. It starts with  and moves onto other topics, like  and .

    They're listed under the "survey" section of the website, since each one has a brief survey to check on how well it did its job. I like the fact that they are short but informative — it doesn't take an hour to watch each video! And I like the fact that I can give feedback as well. 

  • LK

    Just saw those AAFA short videos on asthma today.  They are clear and just the right length if you have only a few minutes!  Very informative!

  • Katie D

    Thanks for the feedback @LK!  We appreciate you taking the time to view them and to let us know.  I agree, there is a lot of great information packed into those short videos 

  • Mandy

    @lindamarie sorry for my delayed response. The mouthwash is called Biotene. I am going to try a Melaleuca mouthwash too that I have been hearing good things about. My gums have taken a beating with all the meds. 

    It sounds like many of us have had rough roads on this journey. I am so glad we are not alone and have each other!

  • K8sMom2002

    @Mandy, how's the Melaleuca mouthwash working out? Is that a prescription mouthwash or something you can get over the counter?

  • Melissa G

    let's see dh uses arnuity and albuterol,, Grace uses flovent and albuterol, and  Bekah uses advair and albuterol. 

  • Pljohns

    I use QVAR or Alvesco-whichever the insurance decides to approve-everything else is nebulizer