Where do you keep your nebulizer

So Lisa and Dory got me thinking—of those of us that use nebs routinely, where do you keep it and where do you normally use it?

For me, it stays in the bathroom.  I have a makeup stool in the bathroom that I sit on to use it and usually have the iPad or something on the counter to pass the time.  If Dh and the boys are the only ones around, I will walk around the house if I need to be doing something with it, but if anyone else is around, the bathroom it is

Also-do you keep your neb in the case it came in or what?  The case for the TrekS won’t hold it, mouthpiece and everything else and I don’t like having a ton of stuff on the counter so I’ve found that a large square makeup bag will hold my neb, BP cuff, peak flow meter, extra mouthpiece and inhaler all in 1 case that I can zip shut and it looks a little prettier than the standard case for just the neb.  I’m not a girlie girl but I do like pretty things-especially in a house full of guys!  Sometimes something with just a few flowers on it is just the ticket


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  • LK

    Good topic, Lynn!  

    I keep my Trek S on the kitchen counter in it's bag.  It sits right next to my daily meds.  I also have my old stationary one on my nightstand.  I have been using my Trek S more though because it is quieter and easier to move.  

    I do my nebs either at the kitchen table if I am the only one home or in the family room if DH is in the kitchen.  

    The new handheld nebulizer, Philips InnoSpire Go, I keep in my purse.  It came with a very nice case that holds the nebulizer, charging cord and a mask but the case is so large I can't fit it in my purse.  I put just the nebulizer and several vials of medicine in my AAFA medicine bag with my epi-pens, ProAir HFA inhaler, spacer and chapstick.  

  • Melissa G

    We have two nebs and they stay under the bathroom sink in our first floor bathroom. The meds we use in the neb are right next to them. 

    As for the mouthpiece and such, we keep them in the kitchen, since they are washed after each use. 

  • LK

    Good point, Melissa.  My mouthpieces stay by the sink until they are dry, too, for the same reason.

  • Pljohns

    I have a bathcloth beside the sink in the bathroom that I put mine on after each use/wash.  I keep the LC star mouthpiece in the case unless I’m sick and using it

  • Shea

    I have a small portable nebulizer in my backpack that I rarely use, but is there if I need it and am far from home.

    I have my large old nebulizer inside a nightstand by my bed but when I am using it daily I keep it out on my nightstand.

    I have a medium size portable neb that can be plugged in or batt operated in a rolling suitcase in my closet along with extra neb solution boxes and an extra rx refill of each of my medicines (in case I needed to leave on a trip in a hurry like for a hurricane). When I am using my neb regularly, I set up a little station in my personal bathroom for washing/drying the mouthpieces.

    I like doing my neb in my bedroom since it is loud I dont disturb my son that way and I can sit up in bed and focus on breathing. Lately Ive just been using inhalers but soon I will be trying to lower my prednisone so I might be pulling it out.

    Lynn, I like the sound of your makeup bag case that neatly fits everything!

  • dory2005

    I keep my neb on my nightstand since I use it every day. I also have an extra one in case the first one stops working. I also have two portable nebs. One I keep at school and one in my car. 

  • Pljohns

    I have extra ones too-one in my desk at work, one in my car, one in my purse and an extra tabletop one at home in case my main one quits

  • Deborah Bartlett

    My main neb is on a TV table next to my side of the bed. After I clean the parts, they air dry on a clean white paper towel on the bathroom sink. Only I use this bathroom. Since DH always uses the master bath, it's best for me to use another bathroom. He is sloppy! He floods the sink top. My portable neb is on my bookcase in the bedroom. I can take it with me when I go out if I want, plus it is here to use in case the power goes out. My backup main neb is in its original box on my bookcase. Extra filters and parts are in a plastic zipper bag on the bookcase. Med ampules are in their box on the TV table. Extra boxes on the bookcase. Other meds are in a dark, dry place…a wall cabinet in the bedroom. I prefer to bring my ProAir rescue inhaler with me when I leave the house. It goes into a baggie with a tissue, then into a cloth zipper make up pouch. It is light pink with black cats on it. When I bought it, the other designs were all too goth!! 

  • K8sMom2002

    Such great suggestions! My dad keeps his neb on his end table by the couch … that way he can neb and watch TV. He stores supplies in the drawer and on the shelf underneath. 

    His neb is a big old-style one that runs off electricity. The way his house is wired, he has receptacles in the floor in the space between his couch and the end table. I've been trying to talk him into getting a portable neb to carry with him — he loves to be on the go.

  • Melissa G

    I hear ya Deborah, when I have to take a neb treatment, I watch tv. Although I do need to turn the volume up…watching the Hallmark channel can pass the time very quickly…

  • LK

    Agreed.  Nope!    Actually watching it right now!     

  • K8sMom2002

    One of my dad's other chronic disorders actually helps him watch tv while nebbing … he has hearing loss in both ears, and his hearing aids come with a wireless gadget that sends the TV sound through his hearing aid. It sort of drives my step mother to distraction, because she'll call him to the table to eat, but he'll actually be listening to the tv, even though the sound is muted for everyone else.

    For me, I don't have to neb that often, but whenever I do (usually it's in a doctor's office because I don't have a neb at home), I try to settle myself and pass the time by reading a book or a magazine on my iPhone. My public library has a wonderful selection of both magazines and books (ebooks and audiobooks) for FREE on my reading app.