When your asthma changes….

So, I've been on my new immune treatment for about 2 months now ramping up to my full dose. And it seems to have changed my asthma! The new treatment seems to be working – the effect should be that opportunistic bacteria can't take hold and cause the long exacerbations I normally get requiring pred and antibiotics. My allergies are off.the.charts at the moment! But so far, it's a running nose and sneezing and not building into a sinus infection. So YAY!

I'm still getting short attacks, but so far not spiraling out into a flare. I had a chemical/scent exacerbation that has lingered a little, but I think because all the coughing irritated my throat and lungs so much. Then allergies have kept things irritated. I have high hopes that things will continue to get better. Now I'm starting to feel like I might be on too many meds – particularly the mucus drying ones. I have a follow up in November w/ the doc, so will just do status quo til then.

Has anyone else had triggers removed that changed their asthma? Did it make a big impact or just marginal? Did your doc adjust your controller meds?


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  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Hi Kathy! I haven't had any triggers removed that changed my asthma…so I can't answer the question. But, I wanted to post that I'm so glad to hear that your immune treatment is working!! That is awesome news!  

  • LK


    That is such wonderful news that your new treatment is helping!  Enjoy!!

    I have removed myself from places ( horse barns ) where many of my triggers are and so far that step has ever so slightly lessened my flares but not enough that my pulmo has reduced my meds.  So, marginal impact and meds still the same.

    Of course, about the same time I started on Xolair so it is not clear how much of the improvement is due to each circumstance.

    Hope you keep improving!  Good idea to stay on your maintenance meds until you visit your doctor.

  • K8sMom2002

    Kathy, that is TERRIFIC! I'm so glad that the immune therapy is working! Do you think that this will also make flu shots work better for you?

    I think careful attention to my triggers and controlling my exposure to triggers has helped me avoid having to go up on meds for now. I'm in a weird situation with a lot of complicated health issues, so pred is out for me except in extreme emergencies. Also my docs wanted to hold off on controllers for as long as possible. I'm definitely an outlier, but because of that, we had to attack asthma from a different way.

    Flu and pneumonia shots have been LIFE-CHANGING for me … I hope that one day there will be a vaccine for the common cold, even if it's like the flu shot and I have to take it every year. It would be so worth it not to have to risk an asthma flare!

  • Melissa G

    Kathy, that is terrific news!! could you call and check in with your dr and see if you could drop a few meds?

  • Kathy P
    K8sMom2002 posted:

    Kathy, that is TERRIFIC! I'm so glad that the immune therapy is working! Do you think that this will also make flu shots work better for you?

    No, I'm still not allowed to get a flu shot since I had a really bad reaction to it years ago. As for pneumococcal, that's been life changing for me as well since not responding to the vaccine was the final diagnostic that showed that part of my immune system does not work. I can't produce Ig antibodies in response to polysaccharide antigens. I'm not any more susceptible to viral infections like colds or flu, it's the secondary bacterial infections like strep that are my issue.

    Lisa – it's hard when multiple things change at once. I'm glad things are better for you even if you are still on the same amount of controller meds. I consider reducing exacerbations a win! I know it's hard to not be able to go into the barn though

    Melissa – I think I'm just going to hang out where I am for now. Weed/fall allergy season is hitting and this is typically a bad time for me and a time I usually ramp up my controllers. I think it's more the type of meds that I'm taking. I already have permission to reduce the one med as needed if things are "too dry" and that's the symptom I'm keeping a close eye on. And I can add or remove ICS nebs as needed too. I'm hanging on the low end for those already.

    I'm just really excited that something is different – and not in a worse way as usual! 

  • Pljohns

    kathy-!!!!  So glad things are better for you.  We all have such trying times that it's really great to hear when something improves.