Wheezing for years?

I don't know if this classifies as a wheeze, but for about two years I've had a faint whistling sound coming from my throat after every single exhale. It does not come and go, it's always there even when I breathe with my mouth closed. It's been stressing me out a lot, is this a normal symptom of asthma/possible allergies? Or should I be concerned?If anyone with a similar symptom could give me some insight it'd be much appreciated! 


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  • LK

    Welcome Melyoki!  

    What does your doctor say when you tell him about it?  

    For me, it is a sign of my asthma when I have a wheezing sound at the end of each exhalation, but it could be other things, too.  

    Would be best to go see your doctor especially since you have had it for so long.  Tell him of any other symptoms, too.

    Please let us know what he says and how you are doing!

  • Melissa G

    Hi Melyoki, welcome to the AAFA forums!  So glad that you found us. 

    Lisa, brings up some great questions. I would definitely check in with your dr and see what they say. 

    Do you have allergies?

  • Emelina


    hi and welcome to the forums. Great questions and you have received great advice from others.

    do you have a regular doctor you could see about this whistling? It could be a symptom of asthma or allergies, but it’s really hard to tell based on that alone. You need a doctor to listen to your chest and over your neck. Sometimes wheezes can be caused by trouble in the chest or the neck. 

    Regarding allergies, do you have any other symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes or sneezing? Are there any seasons that make the symptoms worse or foods or things like dust or mold? 

    Regarding asthma, are there situations that make the whistle worse like cold air, respiratory illnesses, exercise, perfumes? Do you get any other symptoms like cough or sputum production or chest tightness? 

    I’d reach out to your doctor for help! I hope you can find some answers soon! Best Em

  • Melyoki

    Thank you all so much for your replies! I do have chest tightness and feel like I constantly need to clear my throat (no sputum though) or that I'm not taking in enough air. I feel it does get a little worse around certain smells like perfumes & cigarette smoke (which trigger headaches) and especially fresh cut grass! Which can cut off my breath & voice until I can get a good distance away! That's about it for any other symptoms though. I will try and get an appointment to speak with a doctor about it, you've all reassured and helped me realise a few other symptoms so thank you again!  

  • K8sMom2002

    So glad you're reaching out to your doctor! A great resource that AAFA has on its website is a discussion guide called