What’s the plan for Labor Day?

So Labor Day kinda sneaked up on me this year — did it you, too? I'm planning on a very quiet Labor Day — maybe with just my sister. Not sure whether we will go to her house or she will come to ours. 

Are cookouts and family gatherings approaching for you?

They can come complete with triggers of smoke from grills and bonfires, outdoor allergens, family members' fragrances and cleaning solutions, AND pets.

How do you handle holidays like this? What's the plan for this year?


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  • Pljohns

    Almost all of the time we have company for every 3 day weekend but for this one this year, we don't.  I'm thrilled no end-it will be just the 4 of us.  We don't plan on anything bug at all-just some rest and relaxation.  I need the extra time to get things done right now anyway-

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    I'm planning to sleep in and relax indoors–maybe see a movie with DH and DD. If we don't have storms on Sunday, then I'll go to our end of the year pool party in our community–I'm getting really used to the vog mask now and am much more comfortable wearing it in public. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Lynn, SO great that you're going to have a relaxing Labor Day holiday! You deserve it after all the drama of the past few months!

    Brenda, swimming and lounging by the pool sounds like just the ticket. I think it's good that you're comfy with your mask, and it will help you enjoy being out and about.

    I tried to call my sister and see what her plans were, but I couldn't get her … the only hitch in a possible lazy-day is that she may work out a deal for all of us to eat with my dad and my step mom. I don't mind … but it will just mean I actually do have to get out of my bunny slippers and put on make-up.

  • Melissa G

    We may or may not go camping. The weather is the determining factor. Every weather resource is giving us totally different forecasts. 

  • Melissa G

    the weather does not look good for camping so we are staying home. Dh and I are heading to carmax in the morning to see how much we could get for the suburban. we will go to a cookout on Monday at my parents. 

  • LK

    Afraid it snuck up on us, too!  Haven't made any real plans but may just get together with family and DH may just grill some food.

  • Melissa G

    Lisa, that is my favorite get together, grilling some food. My favorite is bbq chicken and steak! 

    Lynn lots and lots of  for you! 

  • LK

    Oh, Lynn!  You need an endless supply of hugs!!        

  • Melissa G

    My dad is going to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. We are going to bring corn and a dessert, probably coffee cake.