What’s new?

Have you tried a new activity or gone someplace you have never been before? 

Have you tried something new this summer that you didn't think you could while dealing with asthma or allergies?

Share something that is "new" to you and your family and you just may inspire another member to try something new. 


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  • LK

    Nice topic Melissa!

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone is getting out and doing!  I need some inspiration this year!  

  • Amber Says Shine

    Hi all!  I've recently added yoga back in to my exercise routine. While I had found it super helpful in the past (stress reducing & helped me focus on breathing slowly, rhythmically), I switched to weightlifting a while back because I needed something a bit more active. Also, I got wary of doing too much when my asthma was really bad last summer. So I've been sticking to 3x per weightlifting and some occasional walking. But I've been missing yoga and feeling much better with my azithromycin add-on treatment.  So I recently added it back, doing about 20 minutes at a time.  It's actually fun to see how weightlifting has made me stronger, which makes many yoga poses easier to hold now.  And being able to breathe better through it all is SUCH a joy!!  Looking forward to hearing everyone else's little victories 

  • MizWheezie

    OK, this might be somewhat off topic, but "What's New" with me is that the last few months, I have been attending Multiple Sclerosis meetings with a couple of my BFFs who have been dealing with this horrible disease for years.

    They invited me to join them at these meetings as their "Guest," and the "meetings" have been very interesting…

    For starters, the meetings are sponsored by various pharmaceutical companies that make meds for M.S. patients, and they are held (usually) twice a month throughout the year…

    The meetings are held (in the private dining rooms) at very nice restaurants, and some are luncheon meetings, while others are dinner meetings – The patients and their guests are treated to a full meal that includes beverages (non-alcoholic, of course), salads, entrees, and dessert.

    While the meal is being served, representatives from the pharmaceutical company, a doctor, and a patient who currently uses the featured medication give a speech or slide presentation – After each presentation, they respond to any questions the attendees might have, and informational brochures and sometimes, gift bags are given out.

    < All of the speakers and the meals are paid for by the drug companies > 

    Now, while I have thoroughly enjoyed the "free meals," and learning more about M.S. and the various treatment options available, I also wondered why nothing such as this is done for us AAFA folks??? 

    I checked, and found that there is not a Support Group in my state (Virginia), but I wonder if anyone on this board is aware of any "meetings" like this for us? 

    Sorry, if this isn't the appropriate place to post this, but that's "What's New" with me. 


  • StephM

    I've agreed to become the chair of the Rotary Youth Exchange program for my club.  That means I've joined the board of the club, too!

  • K8sMom2002

    I'm so glad your friends with multiple sclerosis are finding good local support. 

    That sounds like things some of AAFA's local support groups and regional chapters do … it stinks that you are in a state with no support group.

    But … if you can’t find a support group in your area, AAFA would love to help you start one. Anyone who needs support or wants to share information can start a group.

    And sometimes AAFA hosts webinars or Facebook Live chats with experts in the asthma and allergy field … no fancy dinners with that, but still great information!

  • Shea

     I just picked up some new craft supplies on sale recently at Tuesday Mornings– some stencils and fancy paper and a felt kit– stuff like that. We recently started decorating the school room to look more like Hogwarts from Harry Potter– my 7 year old and I (when I can pry him from hus nintendi!). It is a nice indoor activity… And redecorating by crafting our own stuff is an affordable way to change up the scenery when the summer heat traps you inside. I wish my son was more into it naturally, (and less into his video games) but I decided either way I am going to really get into it tomorrow (since I finally finished most of the big house chores finally I can look at what I picked up!).

    Crafting has been one activity I feel like I dont have to fight with my asthma too much on. I have low energy so it is easy to take breaks and just work on it as I can. I stay away from stuff with big scents or chemicals and away from wood. Some big crafting stores (like Michael's) give my asthma problems but I find deals at Walmart and some of the smaller stores or order online. I did buy some stuff, like a Hogwarts Castle poster and a Harry Potter shirt for Tommy and I to go with the theme. And I found some free printables too. I even found some school stuff, all in-theme, so I can keep up in practice with math and writing and reading.