What’s for Dinner?

I have noticed this topic come up in several other threads, be it talking about specific diets or time saving tricks/self car, so figured it deserved it's own thread.

Last night, I made hibachi shrimp fried rice in my Instant Pot.

Tonight, I have Santa Fe chicken in the crockpot.  We have tortilla chips and taco shells, so people can have diy tex-mex.

What's on your dinner menu?  Let's give each other some ideas.

@AS, @RedCoog, @Pljohns - I saw you guys chiming in on the  thread.  What sorts of things are on your dinner plans for this week?


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  • K8sMom2002

    Great idea, Jen! I like this!

    I mentioned on another thread that I'm trying a new recipe tonight …

    . I'm having to tweak it just a bit due to food allergies — I have to make my enchilada sauce from scratch. And since my chicken wasn't thawed out this AM, I'll use my pressure cooker to cook it all this evening. 

    Jen, do you have a link to your hibachi shrimp fried rice recipe?

  • Pljohns

    Roast and potatoes and carrots-all in the crock pot.  I'm getting ladies night out with my friend I haven't seen in almost a year.

  • K8sMom2002

    Laura Jeanne, great minds think alike! 

    Lynn, woohoo on the ladies night out! Happy catching up! You deserve it.

  • Megan Roberts

    Oooh, I'm following this thread as well. Although reading it right now is making me extremely hungry– there are some good ideas here already! I'll be doing vegan tacos with a zucchini slaw and fake meat crumbles tonight. My in-laws have a giant organic garden and keep us in good supply of zucchini for the summer. I just got a new spiralizer to use zucchini in place of pasta and various other things… not a bad substitution, I swear!  

    Have fun catching up on your night out @Pljohns. While your family still gets to enjoy a delicious roast. How lucky they are!

  • K8sMom2002

    Oookay … so my cheesy Mexican chicken did NOT turn out. I can cross that one off my list, but I still have hopes that I can come up with something that will work. I think I compared it to a really involved authentic Mexican rice dish, and this simple recipe couldn't hold a candle to the real deal. 

    Megan, I've heard lots of people using zukes for pasta, and I can see how it would work. I like spaghetti squash as well. If you have way too many zukes to use up, you can always make "mock apple pie." I learned how to do that back before DD was cleared to eat baked apple (she's allergic to fresh apple). 

    So tonight is a meatless meal, but I'm not excited about it. It's mac n cheese with a side dish of turnip greens. It's quick and easy, but it's sooo hot that I'd rather have something cool. I have some red potatoes and bacon … I might make a German potato salad, which still isn't "cool" temp wise, but it sounds better than the mac n cheese. 

    Then again, the mac n cheese and the turnip greens ARE quick and easy in the pressure cooker. 

  • RedCoog

    Hey Guys,


    so this is what I've noticed. The cleaner I eat the better I fell!!! Tons of veggies, fruit. The more colourfull the fruits and veggies the better! 

    I've  tried to stay away from red meats and carb! It's been suuuuppeeerrr hard!


    also as much as I love beer, I'm trying to get it out of my diet all together. The other day I had some scotch with no issues! Might be my substitute! Whiskey and wine sometimes makes me feel right. 

    Well I really don't have set menus, but tonight, we are eating ground turkey with brown rice and some carrots!

    not super exciting but, much prefer to be munching on a burger, but oh well!!!

  • K8sMom2002

    Yay for anything that makes you feel better, Red Coog! 

    At DH's request, I made a DIY pizza with lots of onions and mushrooms — it was pretty quick and tasty, and I could control how much veggies, etc. went on it. We were supposed to have pizza Friday night (DD is a varsity cheerleader, so we need something quick), but DH said he could stand having it twice in a week. We shall see!

  • Pljohns

    We had spaghetti last night-just super easy and fast. I have got to find time to make a batch of sauce and freeze it!

  • K8sMom2002

    Could you toss the ingredients in your slow cooker so it will do it for you while you're at work? You could mix the stuff together the night before and put it in a zip top bag, then dump it in your slow cooker the next morning on the way out the door.

    You could EVEN draft your kiddos to chop up the veggies for you. (All in the name of teaching a man to fish, of course. )

    Tonight will be cubed steak and gravy and from-scratch mashed potatoes plus some sort of veggie or two. I'll do the steak and the potatoes in my pressure cooker. I actually remembered to lay out my steak in the fridge this AM before work!

  • Jen

    Cynthia  - dh could eat pizza every night.  It's his favorite food.

    Here's the recipe for .

    Last night we had leftovers.

    Tonight I made chicken lo mein in the Instant Pot.

  • Jen

    I'm meeting up with some friends from high school for dinner tonight, so dh and the kids are on their own.  It's whatever dh makes.

  • Pljohns

    Your lucky your DH would do that-the stipulation of my girls night out this week-dinner must be done so he didn't have to cook.  thank goodness for the crock pot!!!

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, it took me sooo long to train DH. But he's a keeper, so he's worth it.

    Lynn, I hearby gift you with this sign for the next Girl's Night Out.

    It's official notice that it's a Fend For Yourself Night. I do these randomly so that he'll appreciate my cooking more.

    Tonight, we're having DIY pizza again, as it was pre-approved by DH. He admitted that our strategy of last year for football season wouldn't work — he fixed hamburgers every Friday, and that was a huge sacrifice for a guy who doesn't like to eat the same thing twice in a month.

    Jen, thanks for the recipe! Can't wait to try it!

  • Jen

    Lynn – Dh cooks quite a bit, so I am lucky for that.  Apparently last night was chicken tenders and fries.  We just didn't have much in the house besides stuff in the freezer.

    Tonight we had dinner at the swim club we belong to.  We haven't really been going there since we moved because we have a pool in our neighborhood, just 4 houses down.  But…tonight they had their membership dinner catered by Mission BBQ.  Yum!

  • K8sMom2002

    DD is making fettuccine alfredo for supper tonight … last night was yellow rice casserole.

    @Pljohns, what do you have planned for dinner? Your dinners always sound so tasty!

    @RedCoog, got any heavy snack ideas that I might turn into a "snack-heavy" supper for quick and easy supper ideas?

    @Laura Jeanne, what sort of dinners have you been making lately? Ditto, @Megan Roberts?

  • Laura Jeanne



    Thank you for asking  

    Well…my hubby does most of the cooking, even more so since last fall having injured his shoulder with rotator cup surgery in November. 

    This evening we have pork chops, fried. Try as I might I cannot help the guy understand that fried is fried even if we use canola. And baked beans. Neither of us were really all that hungry so supper was sparse. I love that he enjoys cooking so I keep my comments very limited. 

    Breakfast, my typical bowl of Cheerios. Skipped lunch. 

    But! I did open an Oatmeal Pie, took a huge bite and stopped myself.  Yay me! Generally I not only eat one, I might even eat two! 

    Healthier choices…baby steps! 





  • Kathy P

    I'm cooking for 1 this week – we dropped both kids off at college last week and dh is on a business trip.

    Last night I made a veggie casserole – layered tomatoes, shallot, green pepper and zucchini. Top that with crushed cracker crumbs and drizzle it all with olive oil. Yum!

    Tonight is a stuffed pepper.

    I baked off some wings for Buffalo wings – probably for tomorrow.

    My system is so "off" from traveling – eating a sodium-free diet with family plus not eating as many veggies and no fermented foods like I usually do. I need to get my gut back on track!

  • K8sMom2002

    @Laura Jeanne, that sounds like progress to me! And the jury's still out on whether a low fat diet is the best for everyone. Maybe you could talk to a registered dietitian about what the best recommendations for you are? 

    Kathy P, I'm seeing a lonely stuffed pepper baking away in the oven and I'm thinking … sheesh. It won't be long until I send MY kiddo off to college. But on cooking for one — when it's so tempting to grab a snack and not cook properly!

    Let's see … tonight we're supposed to have chicken quesadillas, but I haven't laid out the chicken. So I'm thinking some chicken thighs will need to find their way into the pressure cooker super fast, and I may turn it into something else. It won't be rice because I forgot to buy any Saturday. Either that, or I will flip the menu and make Wednesday's barley risotto instead. 

  • Laura Jeanne


    On the low fat, I was just reading an article on new research today that reported about the same. However, they are back to focusing more on carbs again…

    So, between FitBit & FitnessPal, I am keeping an eye on both areas. 

  • Jen

    Kathy – I get like that when traveling.  It seems to take a while to get back on track.

    So…the last few nights' dinners:

    Sunday dh made chicken wings on the grill and cucumber tomato salad.  I heated up some frozen veggies.

    Monday we had bacon broccoli rice bowls.

    Last night I made barbacoa in the Instant Pot for taco meat.

    Tonight will be leftovers/yoyo (you're on your own).

  • K8sMom2002

    Well, last night's chicken quesadillas turned into sorta-fajitas along with sauteed okra. The chicken didn't turn out the greatest — I used dark meat chicken, and it seemed a bit greasy. 

    Tonight's supper was better — chicken thighs and barley risotto in the pressure cooker. Very tasty, no fuss, no muss. It was a rainy night here, and the barley hit the spot

  • Jen

    Tonight I made butter lemon chicken in the Instant Pot.   It was a new recipe for us and was just so so.  As I told the kids, it's good to try new recipes because you never know when you might find a keeper.

  • Pljohns

    Taco salad for us-quick and easy and I think I'm going to the mexican place just down from the clinic and get a huge bag of chips-they are no salt and then that will be done

  • K8sMom2002

    Our varsity football team's game got shifted from tonight to last night, so we wound up having ham sandwiches in a hurry — not only was the game moved up, but the time was, too, by a half hour. 

    Tonight I'm still planning on having the DIY pizza that we were supposed to have pre-game. I'll pile on lots of veggies to make it healthier. 

    Lynn, I love taco salad — we use a bean-based chip instead of corn chips since DD is allergic to corn. 

    Jen, what's that butter lemon chicken recipe so I know what to avoid? Although I usually don't opt for lemon anything except lemonade because my crew says it reminds them strongly of dish detergent.

  • Jen

      I welcome any suggestions to make this tastier.  It seems like it should be a good recipe.

    Tonight we had chili dogs, veggie tots, french fries and salad.

  • K8sMom2002

    We had fried chicken yesterday… not sure what we will have today. My lungs are good today so I may try to grill sausage dogs. If things were not good, I would skip the grill and do an indoor barbecue. 

  • Jen

    Sunday we had burgers, fries and veggie tots.

    Monday we had grilled chicken (dh grilled a whole chicken) and assorted veggies.

    Tuesday was pork and beans chalupa tacos. That was just ok.  I need to figure out a sauce to make it more flavorful.  Maybe I'll add broth instead of water in the Instant Pot.

    Last night was fend for yourself.

    Tonight was broccoli cheddar soup and French bread.

  • Laura Jeanne

    My hubby & I enjoy Red Lobster's Unlimited Shrimp special during the month of September. We went to RL yesterday for lunch. I thought I made good choices; I ate half the salad, didn't touch the baked potato. 

    I did eat 2 orders of Shrimp Scampi, 2 biscuits and 2 glasses of Coke. Not too bad, could use some healthier choices such as water, etc. However, I also ate Shrimp Alfredo. Did you know one serving has over 500 calories?! I didn't. 

    Lesson learned: Next time we go, and we will, no Shrimp Alfredo! 

  • Jen

    It's nice to eat out now and then.  However, it's really eye opening when you see how many calories some foods have.  I know that when I started keeping track of what I ate a few years ago, I realized that while I didn't think I was eating all that much, I really was.  Once upon a time, it was no big deal, but my metabolism has definitely slowed.  That and eating too much triggers reflux for me.

    Laura Jeanne – did you find out the calorie count from an app or was it on the menu?

    Dinner here tonight?  Leftovers.  We had plenty of them and I wasn't up for making anything (even something from the freezer.)

  • Laura Jeanne


    Sounds like you were in need of a do nothing day too. 

    I used the app for the calories. I think both the FitBit & Fitness Pal have my calories set too high. I might make a minor adjustment to see how it goes. 

    Hope you are feeling better today! 

  • Jen

    Last night we had brisket dh cooked in the crockpot, mashed potatoes and veggies.

    Tonight we're having make your own salad.

  • Pljohns

    Turkey roast and rice for us tonight-provided the power doesn't go off before 6:15.

  • K8sMom2002

    Tonight needs to be something besides ham sandwiches … but I'm not sure that the meat in my freezer held overnight. It was boneless chicken breasts, and they thaw out pretty quickly. I meant to check them right after the power came back on, but I forgot. 

    I don't believe it got over 40 degrees, and the ice in my ice maker in the door was still frozen this AM. But it would be silly to try to save a buck and end up in the ER with a not-so-nice case of food poisoning. 

    So, hmh. It may be scrambled eggs! 

  • Jen

    Last night we had tacos with salsa lime chicken from the Instant Pot.

    Tonight is leftover night.

  • Pljohns

    We're having a chicken/hashbrown casserole tonight-tomorrow night is left overs.

  • K8sMom2002

    Got a recipe, Lynn? Because I have hash browns in the freezer that I think are safe from our power outage. Glad you survived Irmageddon!

  • Pljohns

    1 package of hashbrown with the peppers/onions in them-if you don't have those, just cut up some bell peppers/onions and add them, I use about 10 chicken tenders and 4 pieces of bacon and shredded cheese.  Cook the bacon in a big pan-save the grease, cook the chicken in the same pan when the bacon is done.  cut the chicken up into small pieces and crunch up the bacon.  :Brown the hashbrowns in the same pan, add the chicken and bacon when the hashbrowns are done and cook until heated through.  Add cheese on top and cover  cook until cheese is melted-super easy and really good.

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, man — easy and yum!

    Still trying to assess what to keep and what to toss as far as food from the freezer. We were without power for about 23 hours, and we didn't open our French Door fridge freezer at all. We opened our big freezer once — but it was almost empty with very little perishable in it. Plus we had tons of water bottles and 40 pounds of ice. The items that I had stored in it were mostly shelf-stable items that I keep in there for long-term storage.

    Our little cube freezer was packed full, but we didn't open it. I'm thinking it's okay. 

    The only thing that worries me is the French door fridge freezer. I forgot to check to see how thawed the meat was. But our ice maker in the door had ice in it — and the temp on the fridge part only got up to 67 degrees. 

  • Jen

    Cynthia – You may want to check the FDA guidelines on those things.  

    Tonight we had zuppa toscana with breadsticks.  I also cut up a watermelon for snacking.

  • Jen

    We're having pasta tonight.

    What have others been making for dinner lately?  Would love some new ideas.

  • K8sMom2002

    I tried a pressure cooker baked pasta last night with pepperoni, but it didn't turn out too swift. I think I can tweak it and make it work, though. 

    Tonight DH had SAID he was going to make hamburgers for supper since we have a football game to go to. However, he just came in the door empty-handed — no ground beef in sight. 

    I don't get off work until 5:30, and the game is two hours away, not counting all the crazy traffic that we'll encounter (it's near Savannah, and a lot of Irma evacuees are heading down the interstate back to Savannah and Florida.)

    It may be a quick ham sandwich because I don't want to risk running even later by stopping at a restaurant on the way. DD can't cheer unless both parents are with her due to doctor's orders/school accommodations for her bleeding disorder. 

  • Pljohns

    I had planned to cook lasagna last night but was just too warn out-we had left overs. That means tonight I have to cook-probably burritos after I get done grocery shopping

  • K8sMom2002

    Mmmm … burritos! I actually saw a recipe for a . I don't have a corn-free enchilada sauce, so that blows that dish for me, but it looks tasty! I want to try something similar with enchilada sauce that I make ahead, and with flour tortillas.

    I'm really dreading the ham sandwich … had too many of them during Irma. 

  • Jen

    Cynthia – Do you think you could use salsa or diced tomatoes in lieu of the enchilada sauce?

    Tonight dh grilled ham steaks and pineapple. We had fries and mixed veggies to go with.

  • Jen

    Sun night we had leftovers.

    Last night we had bacon mac n cheese, mashed cauliflower and mixed veggies.

    Tonight we're having tacos.