What time of day do you exercise?

Do you exercise at a certain time each day or just whenever you get a chance during the day?

I do better when I can exercise in the morning, it invigorates me. But it seems other things always gets in the way. Starting tomorrow I am really going to try to start exercising in the morning. 


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  • Pljohns

    I have been getting on the treadmill at work on my lunch break.  Dh likes to exercise after dinner but by then, I'm winding down and don't want any part of it.

  • Melissa G

    I was all ready to walk this morning, but it was pouring down rain outside!  Maybe I can get a walk in after work. 

  • Melissa G

    I think I need to give up "wanting" to exercise in the morning because it just doesn't happen. 

  • LK

    Melissa,  I understand!  I have the same problem with "wanting" to exercise at times.  Something else is always more important than my exercise!

  • K8sMom2002

    I find that I have to tuck my exercise in with other things that I'm doing … or give myself a treat as a reward. It also needs to be a "big rock" that goes in the jar first, if you know what I mean. 

    Like last night … I didn't quite get all my steps in because of a whole bunch of changes in my routine, and DH wanted me to watch TV with him. So I opted not to do it, and lo and behold, I fell asleep on the couch! For the first time in a long time, I didn't meet my step goal.

    So this AM, I talked with a friend while I walked, then finished up my steps during a conversation with my sister. It's got to be such a habit that now when I'm on the phone with family or friends, I automatically start walking!

  • Melissa G

    cynthia-that's funny! I wish I lived closer to some of my friends, they are constantly going on walks on trails and such.