What strategies do you use to keep track if you took your asthma medicines?

If you have been prescribed a daily or more than once daily asthma medicine, how do you keep track if you actually took the medicine? 

I find that the days blend together and sometimes I can't remember if I took my morning or evening doses.

Your answers will help me personally, but will also help the rest of the asthma community. We may compile the recommendations shared here to use in a resource/tip that we publish.



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  • Emelina

    I use propeller trackers for my advair, spiriva and albuterol inhalers. And I keep my pills in an AM/PM organizer so I can look inside if unsure if I took my doses.

  • LK

    At different times and sometimes at the same time, I have used apps on my phone, the reminders on my phone, spreadsheet on the computer, and good old paper charts/lists.  I keep my pills in a weekly pill organizer.  

    For times when my meds are not changing and are relatively simple, the pill organizer and the reminders on my phone suffice.  For times when I am on a pred taper or trying new medicines or during a flare, I find it easier to have it all written out/printed on paper so I can mark off that I have taken each medicine and at what time.  If I am consistently taking the medicine at a different time then I can see that and make changes for future schedules.  

    It also is a bit of a boost to my spirits in a long flare to actually see on a chart how many times I have taken my medicines on time and also make notes on any side effects, changes in how I am doing and small improvements like being able to stop doing one neb each day.

  • Deborah Bartlett

    I use a simple, old fashioned method. Pen and paper. Each night, I write out a medication list for the next day. It lists, in the order I take them, each medication. As I use one, I cross it off the list. Works for me!