What meds to you use

So I never get any suggestions of things to try from my pulmo and I'm thinking of re-trying some meds I've tried in the past to see if I can use them now (definitely NOT the ones I had anaphylatic reactions with) but I've been on mine for 8 years and don't really know what all is out there now.  Can some of you tell me what you use so I sort of have a list to go by?

Here's what I've used in the past/use now

Brovana, levabuterol, QVAR, Alvesco, Spiriva, Symbacort, Breo, Dulera, Advair, Striverdi.  

the symbacort and Dulera are definite NO to retry but the rest??? maybe??


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  • LK

    Hi Lynn,

    Did you use the Spiriva HandiHaler or the Spiriva Respimat?  About a year ago I tried the Spiriva HandiHaler and it did not help me at all.  Last fall I tried the Spiriva Respimat and noticed an improvement within a day. 

    A month ago I tried Incruse Ellipta since my insurance does not cover the Spiriva Respimat.  My pulmo said these two medicines are in the same group and work the same way, if I remember correctly.  So I tried the Incruse Ellipta for a week and was about the same as when I took the Spiriva Respimat so I changed to the Incruse.  Our insurance "covers" the Incruse in the sense of when we meet our deductible then they pay a % of it.

    When I was first diagnosed I was on the generic Singular, Advair and pantoprazole.

    Tried the QVAR about two years ago but it didn't work for me.

    So meds I am currently on:  Incruse Ellipta, Breo Ellipta 200/25, generic Singular, pantoprazole (for reflux).  Oh, and the Xolair.  Going for the third injection next week.

  • LK

    I really liked the Spiriva Respimat.  It had a different delivery where the inhaler helps "spray" the medicine as you inhale so it seemed to get deeper into my lungs.  It also seemed to be more of a wet mist and not a dry powder mist.  Sometimes my powder inhaled meds make me cough.  Don't like doing that, I do enough of that anyway!

  • Shea

    I nebulize budesonide and ipatroprium bromide-albuterol two times a day, I carry inhalers on me in case Im having issues when Im out: my rescue inhaler (albuterol sulfate), and also a flovent inhaler and combivent (ipatroptrium-bromide- albuterol sulfate) inhaler. I carry an epipen and benadryl.

    And then of course I am still on maintenece prednisone (20 mg day). 

    The powdered inhalers typically gave me problems: rashes and they just didnt seem to work well either– I was having some kind of reaction to something in them.

    Singulair, as I have mentioned before, I wont due because it has been correlated with churg-strauss syndrome (although causation has not been priven). 

    Qvar gave me a bad reaction with my heart. 


  • LK

    Looks like I forgot to mention my albuterol with the nebulizer and the ProAir HFA.    I carry Epi-Pens for possible reaction to the Xolair.  

    I thought my earlier list looked a bit too short!  

  • Amber Says Shine

    This is all so helpful. I've been feeling lately like maybe it's time for med change, as my asthma hasn't been well controlled (i.e., coughing, wheezing, using rescue Ventolin inhaler twice a day). I'm currently on Advair 250/50, but was using Dulera for a few years prior (and same Advair again for several years l before that; it's all up to what insurance will pay for). I also take generic Singulair plus OTC Claritin and Flonase. Meditation and acupuncture also help manage my symptoms.

  • Pljohns

    Has anyone ever used Asmanex or is it even still on the market?  That’s the one that I never tried.  

  • Marie E Natzke

    I use symbicort, albuterol hfa if needed, albuterol for the nebulizer if I need it, montilukast, allegra, and allergy shots, vitamin D, 

  • K8sMom2002

    My mom's docs added theophylline to her meds. It's an old one. 

    My med list right now is short – just my rescue inhaler and a OTC Mucinex and decongestant as I need it. Prednisone is out for me usually because of the past history of osteoporosis. It has to get really bad for my docs to decide it's time for prednisone.

    I am lucky … many of the things that are my worst triggers are things I can take steps to avoid: tobacco smoke, hay, viral infections, perfumes and fragrances. Since I have been able to avoid those and got my pneumonia shot, my med list has stayed short.