What is Your Comfort Food When You are Sick?

Mine is always soup! Preferably some sort of chicken soup – noodle, rice. My grandmother would always make me chicken rice soup when I was sick. And bring it to our house in a mason jar.

I've been dealing with current bout of crud for 4 weeks now! We went out for pho one night. I've made chicken noodle soup, sausage and kale soup, and tonight was doggie soup! Literally cut up hotdog and diced potatoes cooked together as soup! It was something my mom would make us – I'm sure it came out of the necessity to scrape together a cheap meal, but we loved it. It was tasty and comforting tonight for dinner.

Do you have a go to comfort food when you are sick?


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  • Jen

    Anything I don't have to prep is always a good thing when I'm sick.

  • K8sMom2002

    I have never heard of doggie soup! 

    My mom had two go-to "sick" meals when we were under the weather. One, if you had a cold or upper respiratory infection or sore throat, was homemade tomato "soup" with toast. Her "soup" was to take home canned stewed tomatoes and heat them with salt and pepper and a bit of bacon drippings, so it wasn't the smooth thick soup that most people think of as tomato soup. 

    My mom swore by the vitamin C in the tomatoes. And the soup always eased the pain of my very frequent sore throats for some reason. 

    If you had a tummy bug, her menu changed to homemade potato soup. She wouldn't give us any dairy if we were running a fever — said that was what her mom had taught her. However, I just looked up, "" and apparently that is just an old wives' tale. Milk's okay as long as a kiddo isn't up-chucking.

    Kind of funny that my mom had things exactly opposite.

    To this day when I have a sore throat, I want tomato "soup." 

    Before corn allergies invaded our lives, my favorite remedy for a stuffy head was hot and sour soup from our local Chinese restaurant. They had the BEST and closest to the real, authentic Chinese hot and sour soup — traveling to China completely ruined me on American Chinese food, because the Chinese food was sooo much better.

    But no store-bought Chinese food anymore, and I am sad to say that I have tried and failed many times to recreate the hot and sour soup that I liked so much in China.

  • Shea

    I just finished up the most delicious soup I have ev er had. Last night I made this pomegranate chicken recipe from publix aprons:  (i fidnt use the stoneground mustard or raisons, and I used fresh minced garlic instead of the paste when I made it, but followed the recipe pretty closrly other than that). It was great But, TODAY I had leftover chicken, quinoa/brown rice, and warm carrot salad, so I put in in a pan with chicken broth and heated it up all together for a soup, and,  it had the most amazing flavors!!! and so nourishing!! It was heavenly. So, two good meals in one, pretty much.

  • Kathy P

    That sounds really yummy!I do that with leftovers too…I'll dice everything up, fry it like hash, then add any pan juices or broth to make it more like soup.Cynthia, I had not heard don't eat milk if you have a fever, but I have for "phlegm".

  • K8sMom2002

    Shea, that sounds yummy! I had some sub-par homemade chicken noodle soup leftover, and I transformed it into a much better cream of chicken soup yesterday for lunch. I like taking leftovers and abracadabra-ing them into something else. 

    Sometimes when we treat ourselves to a steak at a restaurant, I'll take the leftovers home and use them in fajitas or a stir-fry or a salad.

    I have to be creative with leftovers because my DH doesn't like to eat the same thing twice in the same month. Yes, I did say twice in the same MONTH. But as long as they LOOK different and taste different, we're okay. So I have taken cooked chicken and turn it into something else or leftover veggies and put it in a soup or leftover rice or pasta and add it to a soup or a casserole. 

    And Kathy P, since the milk thing is an old wives' tale, it's just as well you didn't clutter up your head with it.

  • Mandy

    My favorite is homemade Chicken Noodle. When I am sick, it's what I crave. 

    Shea, those sound delish! The soup, the chicken and Quinoa…Yum!

    Cynthia, ONCE a month! Wowzers my hubby would be up the creek as I have a weekly rotation…especially when I am sick. I usually get really nauseated alongside not breathing properly so the meals become really bland or simple. I thank the stars that my kids love soup as much as I do.

  • Jen

    We have pasta almost every Friday night.  I sometimes get creative and make lasagna or stuffed shells instead or add sausage or meatballs to the sauce.  Tuesday is almost always taco Tuesday, but I try to make different variations.  I try not to repeat the same thing 2 weeks in a row, though (besides pasta and tacos).

  • K8sMom2002

    Mandy, I wasted a LOT of food before I figured out that it was just throwing food away to cook things more than once a month. I have a rotating menu now, with things like spaghetti the second Tuesday of the month and pork roast the second Sunday … you get the pix.  

    The upside is that when he complains that he doesn't like something, I can give him the old raised eyebrow and say, "Hey, you won't see it again for a month. Deal with it."

  • Kathy P

    Yes….the other weekend I made a whole roasted chicken. It was so good. It's just another one of those foods that seems to feed my soul as well as my body. I put lots of garlic in plus celery, carrots and onions. I also put potatoes in to roast with it too.I made more chicken rice soup this week too.

  • K8sMom2002

    So glad you did!

    That reminds me of the BEST chicken soup I've ever had, sick or not. I was in China, after a long flight and I'd come down with the crud. 

    My DH looked on the room service menu and ordered me the most American thing on it — chicken noodle soup. 

    Room service brought it, and it was like NO chicken noodles soup I've ever had. It had a rich, spicy chicken broth, with lots of vegetables and light on the noodles, and it also had greens in it. It made me feel like a brand new human! 

    We were only in that hotel the one night, and so I didn't get to try it again. But I almost think the soup had ginger in it.

    Another soup in China completely ruined me for anything like it back home: Chinese hot and sour soup. This was a hot and sour soup that would take off your head, it was so spicy, and it had big chunks of squid in it as well. I know, some people are going ugh, as did I at the thought, but it was really, really good.

    I've never found anything remotely as good, soup-wise, as either of those two soups back home. I've tried and failed to copycat the recipes. When I get sick, I find myself wishing for another bowl of that Chinese hotel's version of chicken noodle soup.

  • Kathy P

    My favorite Asian soup is pho. We have a number of authentic pho restaurants around here. There are 2 that we frequent. It's interesting because the broth is slightly different at each one. I prefer one place and my boys prefer the other.

    T and I stopped for pho one night this week – he actually went shopping with me since I was going to the electronics store – LOL!  I doctor mine up to be pretty spicy and lots of lime. Usually it works wonders to loosen up the congestion! But I have learned to make it myself – it's not that difficult, but you have to have the spices on hand. I took a cooking class with a Vietnamese cookbook author. It was so fun and I really learned a new appreciation for the dish.

  • Kathy P

    She is who I took the workshop with as well. There is a chicken version too. I have not cared for the chicken versions at either restaurant – it has to do with the way the meat is served with all the tendon and stuff in it. But I have made the chicken at home and it's yummy. Usually I make beef though.

  • K8sMom2002

    Okay, here's my provincial taste coming through … I see in the recipe it says,  

    Place slices of cooked meat, raw meat and tendon (if using) atop noodles ….Bring broth to rolling boil. Check seasoning. Ladle broth into each bowl, distributing hot liquid evenly so as to cook raw beef and warm other ingredients.

    Would it be the same if I skipped the raw meat?

  • Kathy P

    You can skip the raw meat – but it really does cook in the boiling broth. There are versions that only add the cooked meat. Just use a bigger piece of flank/brisket when cooking the broth.

  • Jen

    I've been fighting a cold this week and have been really enjoying leftover pasta for lunch.  I'm all out, though, so looks like leftover chili today.