What is everyone doing this weekend??

I am finally off today (shhhh, can't say it too loud because they will call me in lol). Can't ski because it is like Spring out there and we have lost ALL our snow. I tried Yoga this morning at the local gym. Apparently I am very good at it, according to the instructor (was too embarrassed to tell her the reason I was able to hold a difficult position so long was because I was stuck! And I mean really stuck.). I will go back – not one to quit when things are hard…or when something really really scares me.  

Now, I have to do some cleaning. Laundry and taking down my Christmas decorations.  So here I am. Just a girl, standing in front of my Christmas tree, asking it to to take down itself…don't really want to do this at all. 

So, what is everyone else up to? 


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  • Katie D

    That is great you tried yoga!  I find it to be much harder then it looks.  How was your asthma?

    I was able to get in a spinning class this morning and now it's time for football!  Going to make some homemade pizzas later and spend some time cleaning up my laptop so I can finally switch over to a new one I bought on Black Friday 

    We took our Christmas decorations down and I plan to do some decorating for Valentine's Day this week.  Do you have a live or artificial tree?  

  • Dar007

    @Katie D I have to say I loved the yoga! (Apart from the one awkward moment, it was so relaxing/challenging!). I noticed I was starting to have chest tightness near the end but I figure it was just because it is a new activity that I need to build my stamina on. 

    I got my tree down (I use an artificial one) and that lead to major dusting (dust is one of my triggers), which lead to rearranging my whole living room and dinning room and then kitchen! I just was on a roll. When I took the tree down and brought it to the basement, I had to sit down on the steps because I think all the dust caused an attack. I don't see any way around it – you can't dust a Christmas tree while it is up. Still sitting here. It will pass eventually. kind of sucks because I wanted to go to a kickboxing class tonight. Don't think I will make it. 

  • Kathy P

    I miss yoga…I can't seem to find a class I like that works with my schedule. I need to just get back in the practice of doing my own routine while I watch TV. 

    This is the last weekend da girl is home. She flies back to school tomorrow. I found a fermentation class and signed us both up. She's really into kombucha and brews it in her apartment! It was kimchi and kombucha. Normally I'm not a kombucha fan, but I liked the ones she had. So now I have 2 scoby's since A can't easily take hers with her! And a jar of kimchi and a jar of kraut. 

    Hopefully tomorrow, I can get in a bike ride and maybe a trip to the farmer's market. 

  • Shea

    That is so cool Kathy! I have drank kombucha in the past and it really did give me energy and make me feel better. I need to pick some up– but making it sounds awesome!

    Dar007, the yoga sounded nice. I have a living tree that is in a pot called a Norfolk Pine, and we use it for our Christmas tree and bring it inside during the cold season here in Florida, and then move it outside when it warms up. I took the decorations off it, but itll be inside probably until the end of February. It us not a true pine tree, and it says its allergy-friendly (I always hose it down and repot it in fresh soil before I move it inside each Christmas). 

    Im getting ready to move soon, so today I dusted and packed up pictures and wallhangings, and wrapped them in bubble wrap. Im trying to do a little every day, although I probably wont be moving until the end of February. I also made an IKEA trip yesterday to look at some ideas for pieces I might pick up for the new place. It was fun but exhausting and the warehouse at Ikea always sets my breathing and skin off and makes my head hurt… So I hurry through that part. It was very tiring but I picked up some things at great prices and kniw what Ill need to get later too. 

  • Katie D

    That looks awesome Kathy – so great to share that with your daughter!

    THat's great you got it all done @Dar007 - I know dust can be a pain for my husband as well.  I feel like I'm always dusting and it just.keeps.coming.back.  Hopefully after a good nights rest you'll be feeling better tomorrow – you got a lot done today that's for sure!

    Shea, sounds like you are well prepared for your move!  I can spend hours in Ikea 

  • Dar007

    @Katie D, @Kathy P, @Shea I loved the yoga!!! It centred me and was so relaxing but at the same time I was sweating like crazy! I think I like this rather than weights. (.been trying to get myself to take a free wights class for weeks now,but don't have the will or the time). 

    @Kathy P that looks so good!! I've never had kombucha but I think it looks amazing! I've hear a lot about I though. 

    @Shea moving is such a big job! I just moved here where I am last year and it amazed me at how much stuff I had! The packing alone was crazy. A little at a time is the way to go. I wish they had an IKEA nearer to me ( the closest is about an hour away),but they are talking about getting ine here in the near future. So happy about that! 

    I now will go and do a major cleaning to my upstairs. I am in a roll. The weather has been so mild it feels like Spring, so I guess I am doing my spring cleaning! 

  • Katie D

    Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!We did a little family bowling this morning which was a lot of fun.  Next up is cleaning, although I will admit I don't have the mental energy to do it, I would much rather be doing something crafty or some baking  I think I'll try to break it up in chunks so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. 

  • Kathy P

    Ugh cleaning… that never ends!I went to the farmer's market and grocery shopping this morning. We are planning on heading out for a bike ride once the football game is over.

  • K8sMom2002

    @Dar007, if you're in a cleaning mood, just come whirl your clean power toward my house!

    I have Mount Washmore still to get through because DD went on a teen retreat this weekend, and it upended my entire weekend. Our clothes washing schedule got off track because we had to get her ready, and now it's still off track because she brought back in bedding that has to be washed, too. (after every camp, everything gets washed.)

    She did allow that perhaps she didn't need quite as many shoes as she took with her — she took a pair to match every outfit.  

    In between getting her ready and getting her back (and the accompanying avalanche of dirty clothes), I did manage to get in my grocery shopping and some cleaning — not a lot, but some. And DH and I went out to eat Sunday after church. 

  • K8sMom2002

    @Dar007, I like your idea so much of a weekend preview thread that I'm going to continue it on by sharing my plans for THIS weekend. 

    This weekend DD and I are heading to a college tour. Thank goodness the weather looks to improve radically … that particular college is closed up today because of the snowstorm that moved through northwest Georgia earlier this week. 

    It's a 3.5 hour trip (Georgia is a BIG state), so it will mean a lot of drive time. A friend of hers is going, and my sister is, too — and of course we'll walk a million steps. 

    This is one of DD's short list colleges (well, as short a list can be with like a dozen colleges! ) 

    What's everyone else planning? Let's see … who can I tag? @Pljohns? @Shea? @Mandy? @LK? 

  • Mandy

    The kids have skating lessons on Saturday. Other than that, I'm hoping to get some rest. Fingers crossed.

  • LK

    Great idea! Thanks for tagging me! 

    This weekend is our son's birthday so we are having a birthday dinner with grandparents and everyone over.  He's just over the quarter century mark  and I think he's realizing how quickly the years pass by!  Hopefully everyone will stay healthy until then!  I'll get the grocery shopping done on Friday since I try to avoid it on the weekend if at all possible.  The weather is supposed to be in the low 50s and a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday.  What a change from a few days ago!

  • Kathy P

    Good luck with the college tour Cynthia! And I had to laugh at you saying GA is a bug state! It was quite a shock when I moved from small Mid-Atlantic states to CA. 

    Happy birthday to you son Lisa. Yeah, the time flies! My oldest turns 21 in March!  I blinked! 

    We are going to a crab feed on Saturday at a local winery. Yum I get to eat my weight in crab! 

    The boy flies back to school Saturday morning. I'm not ready for it to be quiet around here again   

  • K8sMom2002

    Kathy, yep, while Georgia is big (biggest state east of the Mississippi), it's dwarfed by Texas and California, and Florida has longer drive times between northern and southern state boundaries.

    Still, people are shocked that we have to travel 3.5 hours to get to a school that is within our state borders — and that's not even a very far away school There are schools that are five hours away and still within our borders. 

    Hugs on seeing da boy off … that's tough! But enjoy the crab feed!

    Lisa, SO glad the weather warmed up for your DS' birthday! And funny you should mention how kids begin to realize how "old" they're getting. DD said something similar last night. "I can't believe I'm almost 17 — I still want to say I'm 15 and in 10th grade. Part of me doesn't WANT time to go so fast because next thing you know I'll be graduating, and it's going by so fast that I can't enjoy it."

    Elaine, I'm hoping to have one of those kinds of weekends SOON! Keep encouraging me NOT to overbook my weekend calendar, please!

  • LK

    Kathy P, Thank you! 

    That's one of the things our DD loves about living in Northern California – the fresh seafood!  Bon appetit!

    Cynthia, Enjoy the college tours!  Our kids seemed to know which campus was right for them.  One went to a state school and the other to Creighton, both a few hours away.  At first our DD wanted to go the west coast, ironically where she is now, but after visiting out there and a couple nearer, she decided if she were nearer she could come visit at more than Christmas!  At Least your DD is realizing how quickly the years pass and she should take a few moments now and then to let it all sink in. 

  • Dar007

    Hi everyone! Sorry to be MIA these days. Work is crazy busy and in top of things I am studying to get a paediatric trauma course done. Sometimes I don't realize that I am taking on too much. But somehow, it gets done. 😊

    @K8sMom2002 I would come clean your house (I actually like cleaning) but I really need to get my upstairs done. I am the worst! I keep putting it off. Now my kitchen and living room needs to be done again. Where does this dust come from – I am hardly here these days!! So cool your DD went on a teen retreat – hope she had a great time! (Sorry about the laundry. Haha) I am glad you liked my idea! I love reading about what other people are doing since I don't get much time for myself these days. 

    @LK Happy belated birthday to your son – hope he had a good one!! 

    @Kathy P Hope you enjoyed your crab feed! A winery!!! How exciting – I've never been to one. 


  • K8sMom2002

    Wow, that does sound like a challenging class! But an interesting one! I'm not sure I'd have the mentality to be able to stand the stress of dealing with pediatric trauma, but I'm SOOO grateful that we have folks like you who ARE able to serve in that position. 

    The college tour — oh, my … lots of steps, people. I don't think I saw a single ramp while we were there, and I felt for one set of parents that had a baby in a stroller. They had to tote the stroller up and down lots of steps.

    It was a long day, but DD liked what she saw. We'll add it to the pile and see what comes up. She's kind of all over the place when it comes to what she wants — but the main thing is that it's got to "feel right" and get her to her goal (dental school) and be able to accommodate her food allergies. Also, being an hour plus away is a GOOD thing in her mind. Hey, I've always said I wanted her to be able to go anywhere. Her dad? Awww … he's another story.

  • LK

    Cynthia,  That's wonderful that your DD enjoyed the college visit.  At that age our kids couldn't wait to be away from home!  DH really, really didn't want DD to be too far away! 

  • Pljohns

    So glad the college visit went well-DS knew it was UAB for him and he never even wanted to look anywhere else-BUT he is my home body.  DS#2-now THATS another story!  If he could, ,he'd be in cali for college or somewhere like that!

  • Megan Roberts

    @K8sMom2002 glad the visit went well and hey, though a long day for you at least you multi-tasked and got your steps in! 

    @Kathy P wishing you well adjusting to the return to the quiet. However, I have to say the crab fest at a winery sounds like a fantastic way to distract yourself from your DS's departure!

    @Dar007 you have a lot going on! Of course we miss your personality around here when you don't visit– but I remember how little social time I had when finishing up grad school and working. Ugh. I was worried I wouldn't have any friends left by the time I was done! We'll always be around for you, though.  

    @LK not sure where  you live that it's in the 50s right now (or as of the last few days) but have noticed in recent weeks it's been warmer in Denver than in Tampa! My Florida friends can not stop complaining they've had to forego the flip flops. Glad you enjoyed a nice family bday celebration with your DS. 

  • K8sMom2002

    So what's everyone got on tap for the weekend? @Dar007, hoping you're still finding the yoga helpful!

    I'm hoping to have a QUIET weekend after several weekends of college tours. It will still be busy, but routinely busy.

    • grocery shopping — sweetened by lunch with my sis! 
    • helping DD study for some upcoming tests if she needs my help
    • cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
    • church on Sunday
    • I need to start on taxes …  That probably won't happen, but I know it's on my radar.

    DD has asked about going out on a date tonight  We don't exactly know the boy, and she's been struggling in chemistry, plus she has ACT/SAT prep that she really needs to be doing. But we'll look to see if we can get to yes.

  • Pljohns

    Hopefully rest, rest, and rest.  I did the cleaning last weekend and it's supposed to storm here all weekend.  I have grocery shopping to do tonight and some minimal stuff around the house this weekend but that's it.

    Our WM has started the coolest thing-you can go online, get what you need and then reserve a time to pick it up-they bring it to your car and there is no extra charge.  The prices seem to be what I'm use to seeing for items as well.  GREAT thing when you don't feel like walking around in a store!

  • LK

    Cynthia, Glad you're weekend will be a normal one!  That's great to get to have lunch with your sister!

    I remember sometimes our DD would not want us to say Yes when she asked if she could go on a date with a new boy.    That way she could tell the boy that her parents said No!  Not each time, but once or twice!

  • LK

    Lynn,  We are supposed to get freezing drizzle, snow and looks like it will last through part of Sunday.  Glad I went to the grocery store this morning, probably won't go out much this weekend.

    That's a convenient way to get your groceries at WM.  I can remember my DM saying when she was young that her mother would call the local grocery store and give them a list of what she needed and the grocery store delivered.  Granted it was not a metropolis and there were not nearly as many items in the stores.  The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  • Pljohns

    The first thing I thought of was, yipee-when my asthma is flaring, I won't have to walk through WM to get groceries.  Publix has started the same thing and they will deliver to your house for $15 and now that Amazon owns Whole Foods, I read they will be starting 2 hr grocery delivery in 4 cities as part of amazon prime now and will be expanding to other cities during 2019.  We used Amazon prime now when were were on vacation in San Diego last summer and it was nice-got what we needed, told them what time to deliver to the hotel-no delivery fee and we didn't have to walk 8 blocks with groceries.  At least they are making it better for people who are sick and can't get out or those of us that sometimes just can't walk a store but still have to get groceries for our families.

  • K8sMom2002

    Well, Lisa, maybe that was it — she just wanted us to say no. She didn't wind up going out — after a teacher/neighbor/fellow mom advised me that this guy was on a "very different path" than DD, I sent DD around to talk to her. For whatever reason, the date didn't come up again, so we opted to eat supper with my sister as a consolation prize. 

    The kid seems really nice, but I have to go with a teacher's insight, at least for now. We'll see. Besides, DD has been cramming every minute for a big American Government test, plus Chemistry, plus a big project for Literature … high school plus college doesn't leave much fun time.

    This Friday night we are supposed to celebrate Chinese/Lunar New Year, but I haven't done a thing to get ready for it. I guess Thursday night I'd better sweep the house at least — AFTER I make all my dumpling and wonton wrappers, or else it will still have flour everywhere. 

    Usually we put off celebrating Valentine's Day until the weekend if the holiday falls in the middle of the week. But this time, since Chinese New Year is on Friday, we'll just do something at home. That something is cooking rib eyes — yum! Much easier than making lo mein and potstickers from scratch!

    What's on tap for your weekend?

  • Pljohns

    Now that I don't have to worry about the house and pressure washing-just the usual stuff-cleaning, ironing and junk like that.

  • LK

    Hope a quiet weekend is in store for all!

    The weather should be mild both days here in the 50s, so it will be a nice reprieve from the up-and-down temps.  May try to get some area rugs shaken out and set outside and general household cleaning.  Oh, and work on taxes.  That time of year seems to come sooner each year!