What do you like to do in your free time?

I know many of us are crazy busy.  When you do manage to carve out some time for yourself, what do you like to do?

I like to workout, surf the internet – mainly fb , hang out with friends, watch sports (football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse and others), etc.


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  • Kathy P

    I do taiji – I wound up not signing up for class over the summer, butneed to find out when it start up again for the fall. It's through thecity adult ed and held in the big auditorium at the rec center. Theteacher has classes all over the area, but this one usually works forme. I tend to get neglectful in my practice at home

  • K8sMom2002

    Free time??? I have a teenager … free time is an endangered species around my house. Jen and Kathy, I think you both have good cases of drive-em-here-drive-em-there-itis.

    But when I do have some time to myself, I like to read or hang out with my sister, or spend time with another friend of mine who is my walking buddy. 

    My DH likes television, and he likes it when I watch it with him, so some of my "free time" is spent watching DVR'd shows. Last night we watched "Major Crimes," a favorite of his. He's itching for the new fall season to start so that another favorite, NCIS, will start up. 

  • GigiGibson

    Yeah, free time doesn't exist much but when I am down with my asthma and have to take it easy I like to watch movies and fiddle with jewelry making. My true passions if I have time to spend include anything creative like painting (I'm pretty good), sewing (not so good), crafting for holidays, repurposing/refinishing furniture, decorating the house, dabbling in real estate, kayaking, church, visiting the mountains and coast, dancing at the local pubs and most of all playing with my grand lady. All of it is better when with my bestie, my hubby. Don't vomit, I truly love him to the moon and back!

  • K8sMom2002

    Awwwww … love to hear that someone's bestie is their DH! So fun! 

    What sort of jewelry do you make? And painting? What style do you like? You sound like my mom and my sister — very creative. Alas, I did NOT get the creative gene. Sigh.

  • Jen

    Well…  I certainly don't have lots of free time – it's something I really need to carve out, ie, blow off housework, etc.  But…it is important to take time for ourselves, so I prioritize.  Workout to save mommy's sanity or do housework?  The gym wins 3 x a week.  

  • Kathy P

    I don't have to drive kids anywhere – they both have their licenses!

    Gigi – what type of jewelry? I dabbled in some jewelry making to teach to scouts. My GS troop loved it and made things like earrings or pendants. I had Cub Scouts make flor-de-lis photo holders for a Blue & Gold banquet. They came out pretty well. I'll have to see if I have a pic.

  • GigiGibson

    Beaded items, some wire and copper things. I have taken over the dining room table and made very little lol

  • Kathy P

    Oooh, beading sounds fun! I've mostly done wire w/ a couple beads orwhatever worked in.Another hobby is photography…which I share w/ dd. She took some photoclasses in HS and got hooked! She had picked up a couple rolls of b&wfilm and shot them in dad's old 35mm camera (that has an intermittentlight leak). She wanted to develop it herself, so she found a place inthe city where you can pay per roll to develop film! She and her friendswent up on Sat and she got the film developed. She didn't get any printsmade, but has found a place in Philly where she'll be able to go rentspace to make prints. She'll also check to see if there is a darkroom oncampus that she can use.I'm debating on which/how many lenses to take w/ me. We're planning ondoing some touristy things in Philly.

  • K8sMom2002

    Gosh, Kathy P, I haven't developed film in a darkroom in ages — not since, hmh, 1998. When our newspaper went fully digital, we pretty much closed up the darkroom. It's kind of cool that your DD can still find a place to develop film at all!

    Gigi, DD likes to mess around with jewelry, but I'm not a very creative person, except when it comes to words. I do write some. 

  • Kathy P

    Yeah, for her, it's just another art form. And developing, enlarging,printing is all part of the process.It's pretty cool – she really bonded w/ her art teacher. She had Photo 1& 2 and then Commercial Art. It was taking those that sparked her tofigure out what she wanted to do. Dad was at an art degree!But graphic design is a respectable profession!