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Please join me in welcoming our new community members! By being a part of our asthma community, we can work together to improve all of our lives through education and support.

We have some exciting programs launching soon and we’re glad you’re here to be a part of it.

My name is Kathy Przywara and I’m the director of the community here. I have had asthma since I was a kid, but it wasn't diagnosed until I was an adult. I also have nasal allergies and food allergies. I have 2 almost-adult kids who have dealt with allergies and asthma since they were very little.

Please share a little bit of your asthma story and introduce yourself.





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  • Bhoffpauir

    Thanks for letting me join. I've been diagnosed as asthmatic since I was 19. It didn't use to be very bad but recently its gotten real bad. I also have two kids who are both asthmatic. There's isn't as bad as mine and I hope it stays that way.

  • Kathy P

    We are glad you found us! 

    Was there something that seemed to trigger you asthma getting worse recently? Asthma can change over time. Here is a good article that includes how asthma treatment can change over time - 

    Both my kids have asthma, but one is rarely affected these days. Hopefully you kids' asthma will continue to be mild. 

  • Bhoffpauir

    We haven't found anything that triggered it. We are thinking it is just getting worse over time. However my doctor is making sure to do everything he can to see if something else could have made it worse.  

  • Kathy P

    That's great that you doc is looking at everything. Mine has gotten worse as my allergies have gotten worse over time.

  • Jen

    Hi bhoffpauir,

    Welcome to our asthma forum.     I'm glad that your doctor is on top of things.  Do your kids see the same doctor?

  • Kathy P

    Same here, we all see the same doc/allergist for our asthma. It's great because he knows all our atopic family quirks and the ways we don't follow the rules.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Bhoffpauir!   I think you'll find that lots of members here have similar stories — I know my asthma got worse after a bout of bronchitis that followed what I thought was a garden-variety cold/upper respiratory infection.

    What sort of triggers/explanations is your doctor considering for why your asthma has gotten worse over time? 

    Do you keep a trigger diary? AAFA has some  and one of those is to keep a diary or journal of what you were doing in the minutes, hours and days leading up to the attack. 

    I know figuring out my triggers has helped me a BUNCH. 

    KellyAnn and Jen and Kathy, sending a  to you as well!

  • 09kellyann

    I am also new to the adult asthma struggle bus. I guess I had it since I was a kid, but in only really arrived with a bout of bronchitis in August and has steadily worsened.

    We still don't know why or what caused it, but we are in the process of figuring it all out. Finding the right meds and lifestyle is tricky, but every frustration just brings us closer to figuring out what works. 

  • K8sMom2002

    KellyAnn, that's a great attitude! It reminds me of what Thomas Edison is quoted saying when he was inventing the light bulb: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." 

    What ways HAVE worked for you?

  • Bhoffpauir

    My dr said it could be getting worse with age.  However , there is the possibility of something like mold in the classroom and school where I work. We aren't sure though. He says let's get it under control and then we will start fixing it. He said it's to bad to redo allergy testing again right now.   He did say that it will get under control. Just takes time.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs! That's very frustrating to have to work in a place that may irritate your asthma.

    My cousin had a similar experience — she was allergic to mold, her workplace had mold, and it created many problems for her. She was fortunate to get transferred to another location, without the mold and is now doing better. 

    Have you tested positive for a mold allergy before? 

    What things has your doctor suggested to get your asthma under control? 

  • Kathy P

    It can take time to find the right combo of meds. I have allergic asthma, and I find sometimes no matter how many meds I throw at it, I'm still reacting/flaring until I can remove the allergen that is triggering things.

    Do you find it's worse in certain locations? That could be a clue if it's an allergen trigger. Does it get better through the weekend, then get worse again Monday when you return to the school?

  • Bhoffpauir

    I have tested positive in tbe past for mild allergies. The asthma is worse at work however there is always the possibility it's worse there because of the amount of movement I do there. I move constantly and I also have asthma attacks from exercise as well 

  • Kathy P

    Interesting….Do you normally pretreat with albuterol before you exercise? My daughter had exercise induced asthma and her doc had her doing one of her controller med doses before karate class for a while.

  • Bhoffpauir

    I do pretreat before exercising. However, i don't pretreat before work under normal circumstances. I do pretreat right now though since I'm having so many problem with. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Bhoffpauir, do you think the custodial staff might vacuum your classroom a bit more often at least during high pollen seasons? If your issues right now are related to allergic asthma, that might help. Do you have a sink in your classroom? The extra moisture might also make mold more likely. Maybe a might help? 

    And here's some tips from AAFA on .

  • Kathy P

    Please join me in welcoming the members who have our Asthma Support Community in March! By being a part of our asthma community, we can work together to improve all of our lives through education and support.

    We have some exciting programs launching soon and we’re glad you’re here to be a part of it.

    Please share a little bit of your asthma story and introduce yourself.

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  • Pljohns

    Hi guys-SO glad I found this forum-you are awesome and have been so much help already.

    A little bit about me-

    I have adult onset (5 years ago) non-allergic asthma-I've been allergy tested for everything known to man and all comes back clean.  So…I never know what is going to give me a problem-in the 5 years, all we've been able to figure out is weather changes, cold air or strong smells of any type and it's not always the same thing-sometimes I can pump gas, sometimes can't-stuff like that-perfume isn't always an issue.  

    As far as we can tell, I ended up with this mess from H1N1 flu the first time around when it left so many people with respiratory issues, followed by pneumonia that we thought was done but it wasn't and it came back in both lungs and then after all of that got whooping cough!

    I've had allergic reactions (some anaphalactic) to every current asthma med on the market so I have to use COPD med off label and yes, we have verified that it's not COPD.  Everything was OK the first year or so and then, just like my Dr said, I started having issues with the treatment-all of a sudden my lungs decided they didn't like HFA inhalers.  Albuteral works great but using it as an inhaler, the albuteral stops an attack but the HFA (or as best we can determine it's the HFA) started another one simultaneously.  I had that same issue with ALL inhalers so 4 years ago, had to change to nothing but nebs.  

    I've been hospitalized 4 times in the last year-3 within a 6 month period- and then came out on massive doses of prednisone-8 week taper starting at 80mg and nebs every 3 hours-albuteral, budesonide and iapotropium and gradually dropped them one at a time and over a course of almost 2 months just to get back down to my normal meds. 

    I've had the lovely pleasure of having the mall cops called on me from some idiot that though my neb was a crack pipe and a guy at work asking me if I vaped-at work, in the middle of the office-pretty humiliating, so I unfortunately tend to either do nebs in the restroom or my car and if I can't get to either, don't do them.  I know that's not the way I should be but I am.

    Now, personally-mom to 2 teenage boys and DH of 25 years. I work full time managing physical therapy offices as of 6 months ago.  Until then, I managed primary care offices but the 60 hr weeks got to be too much after the last hospitalization.  I do a lot of crafts and at one point was a network administrator on the team to support the space shuttle and space station.  Aside from this crappy disease, life is good-or it was until I got this crappy disease.

    thanks for letting in the "goup"!


  • Kathy P

    Thanks for joining us Pljohns! Getting hit with H1N1, pneumonia then whooping sounds like it really took it's toll.

    We'd love to see some of your crafts – you can share in the .

    Having only neb meds sounds like a real pain. Do you have any ?

    And wow, a network admin to support the space shuttle!  How cool!

  • K8sMom2002

    PLJohns, bummer on the insensitive people who have commented on your nebs.

    That was really cool about the space shuttle! 

  • Pljohns

    Thanks guys-network for the shuttle was cool but then came kids….both DH and I were in the industry and we have never had family in town so then came the question-what do you do with a baby when 2 pagers go off in the middle of the night?  answer-I changed careers!

    As for hobbies-I mostly make greeting cards. I use to have time to scrapbook and have TONS of stuff to scrapbook with so I started making notecards for my Mom to send to friends.  No 2 are the same and I know they get thrown away and that's OK-my goal-it's a stress reliever for me, puts a smile on my Mom's face to look through the box of them I send her and hopefully makes someone else smile when they get it and that's enough for me.  I've turned into a card factory-I make 200-300 at a time and send to my Mom to send to friends that are in nursing homes, have no families or who are sick.  Keeps me busy to put it mildly!

  • DaisyZ

    Hello Everyone! My name is Daisy and I've had Asthma since I was around 10 years old.  I don't remember what triggered it, but I do remember I was in the hospital for about a week and it was actually the best stay I've had out of all my times being hospitalized.  Most of my triggers as an adult are Animals and Exercise. I don't take any preventative medications, and only use proair before workouts and an antihistamine before engaging with animals, which saddens me because I love animals especially CATS and I can't be around them .  I have a 12 year old son and he does not have Asthma, thank goodness because I wouldn't wish this on even my enemy (I hope I don't have any of those LOL). Thank you for accepting me in this community and everyone for being so kind and responding to my post .

  • Kathy P

    Welcome Daisy! We are glad you found us!

    It sounds like you have your triggers figured out. I'm terribly allergic to cats and have to increase my preventative and antihistamines when I know I'm going to be around them for a prolonged time (say visiting family with cats). If it's a short visit, I can pretreat with albuterol, but still have to limit my time there.

  • K8sMom2002

    Daisy, glad to have you!  While animals don't bother me so much, other people's pets will bother DD, who also has asthma. 

    It sounds like you are like me when it comes to exercise — I would have to pre-treat if I went for a run. Have you noticed your asthma get worse with age? Have your triggers changed over the years?

  • K8sMom2002

    PLJohns, I'd love it if you would share some of your cards on our . We have several folks who post over there and share their art — I think they'd enjoy it as well. I've always been impressed with folks who can make greeting cards — it looks deceptively easy until you try it yourself!

  • Pljohns

    It really is easy-and you don't have to invest a lot of $$ with it.  I catch stuff on sale and get card 2 pks/price of 1 so all I have to do is decorate them and that is the fun part.  I'll see if I can figure out how to upload some of my card pictures.

  • K8sMom2002

    Let me know if you need some help with that. You can upload a photo by clicking the blue "Add Attachments" beneath the little box you type your reply. Once you choose the file you want to upload, be sure to click "include in body of post" or something like that so that the photo will be in your reply. 

    Can't wait to see them!

  • Jen

    Hi Daisy,

    Welcome.  What types of ?  Do some things seem to trigger your asthma more than others?

  • Pljohns

    Hi Daisy and welcome to the forum-I just found it too and everyone has been wonderful and already helped so much!

    I just posted some of the cards I made in the show and tell thread-they aren't much, just something I enjoy doing-

  • K8sMom2002

    PLJohns, ever so glad that we can help you! I know others who have shared tips and tricks have helped me tremendously, so I like to pay it forward. Saw your cards on the and they are gorgeous!

    @DaisyZ, I hope you've been able to avoid pet dander and other triggers in the past few days … which bothers you more, dog dander or cat dander?

    @Bhoffpauir, how have you been doing in your classroom? Has it gotten a bit better?