Welcome to our April-May New Members!

This week I'm starting a whole new thread to welcome the folks who've joined us the last part of April and this first week of May — it's Asthma Awareness Month, so I'm really hoping we can spread awareness to our friends, neighbors and co-workers!  By being a part of our asthma community, we can educate and support one another.

Join me in welcoming our new community members so that they don't feel lost in the crowd.We're glad you found us and look forward to getting to know you. 

I'm Cynthia — or K8sMom2002. I've been diagnosed with asthma since my early 30s, and it was a rude surprise to me. My DD, who is 15, also has asthma and was diagnosed when she was a toddler. My triggers include tobacco smoke, perfumes and strong odors and grasses and hay, as well as any sort of cold or upper respiratory infection. My DD's triggers are pollen and grass related, along with tobacco smoke and colds and upper respiratory infections.

Let's give a big welcome to …

@mommykins, @m_paden, @Lisa Beagle, @Jen McCall, @Manda1115, @Marlen, @1valecia, @D Nice, @loria27, @Edward Voght, @Jessica Leggett, @GinaM, @Sarah short, @RAJYAM, @Melissa Morris, @Amejah's Mom Tonisia, @Jkmfr3, @Reed, @Skboden, @SuzieQue, @Angeline, @Alli Wallace, @Ana Salgado, @Marisa, @swilli6926, @EbethG, @Michele Washington, @Shawnda, @stacie, @Jessica Burfield, @Anna M, @Wendy roberts, @mjlaw, @Regina Boykins, @Deborah Howard, @NineBreaker, @mzjarae05, @Concerned Mom, @Stephanie19309, @Amber Griffin, @Molly H, @JohnB, @Debbie A Stein, @Jerome Manuel, @Patricia edwards, @Juju, @Bright-Eyes, @Painfreemoves

Welcome! Please jump in and tell us about yourself and where you are in your journey when it comes to managing asthma! What are your triggers? What are your biggest battles? We're here to help!


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  • Pljohns

    Welcome to you all!  You will find a wonderful group here with lots of insight and finally a place that understands what life is like with asthma.

  • D Nice

    Hello Group

    I am a 53 year old asthmatic who has been hospitalized two times in 2 years. I developed asthma ,after suffering with allergies all my life. My triggers are smoke , mold dust ,mildew. The list goes on, and on lol. am fighting once again to get Xolair. Wish me luck.I joined this group to obtain valuable information from people who are suffering with Asthma and allergies. Thanks for the invite!!!


  • K8sMom2002

    Hey, D Nice, and welcome! We actually have some folks who have tried Xolair or Nucala … You can find that conversation by clicking  thread.

    What sort of techniques do you use to keep your smoke, mold, dust and mildew triggers in check?

  • GigiGibson

    Hi everyone! Welcome! I've been in contact with the good folks here for around 11 months or so and can't tell you how integral they are in my daily coping, my tears, my joys and my struggles. No one understands like those who are living it. You have found the best support online. 

  • Jennifer Doyle

    Good Evening, I have had asthma since I was a child with triggers such as pollen, mold, ragweed. My son who is 17 months was diagnosed at 9 months with asthma and had had issues since he was 8 weeks old and also has eczema. We are not really sure yet what his triggers are except that he has had many respiratory viruses from daycare that trigger every time. Most recently 4 times since February. I  should have joined a group like this a long time ago. Looking for good info and support. Thanks for having me!

  • Kathy P

    Welcome D Nice! We have several members who are using or trying to get approved for various biologics like Xolair. I hope you can get the approval and that it will help.

    Welcome Jennifer! Sorry to her your son is following in your footsteps with asthma

    If you have specific questions or issues, just . It's the green "Post" button at the top. On mobile, you have to pop out the menu (3 bars on the upper left), then click post.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi and welcome, Jennifer Doyle! I'm like you — I have asthma and I have a DD who has asthma. We're here to help!

  • K8sMom2002

    @Jennifer Doyle, how are things going today? Don't be shy … start a new thread or join in one that's already going on. In fact, another new member, Payton's Mom, has started a thread about  in kids … her little one was undergoing a bronchoscopy today.

  • Jen

    Please join me in welcoming all of the new members who have joined our asthma support forums over the last week or so.  You are in a great place for support.  We look forward to getting to know you.

    My name is Jen.  My family deals with various allergic diseases.  Between my husband and kids – seasonal allergies, medication allergies, food allergies, and eczema – we are affected every day.  My husband also deals with reduced lung capacity due to lung cancer surgery 4.5 years ago.  I have cough variant asthma that flares when I have respiratory illnesses.

    Please introduce yourself and tell us how asthma affects you and your family.

    @ctagoai, @Tex, @Nav Gosal, @MKelly, @Hanson26, @Pamplemouse, @HellCatAsh, @Bethany, @kestes, @Dorella, @Joe C., @Joaniegrl, @hdollarhyde, @RebeccaCCN, @AndreaH, @Nechama, @Megan, @Sonntaga10, @pinkladycha, @Frshair3, @dr sarmad, @Payton's Mom, @LRHenry222, @Lydia, @skigirl, @Christy, @Anu, @Jennifer Doyle, @Anniehill, @Pam C., @alioune, @loria27, @1valecia, @Jessica Leggett

  • AndreaH

    Hello group..I am a mom of twin 11yr old boys who have asthma, seasonal allergies, environmental allergies, eczema, and one has a peanut allergy. It is a balancing act controlling their asthma especially in the spring. Thank you for invite.

  • Jen

    Hi Andrea,

    Glad you found us.  Join in on our various conversations.  You may want to start by telling us about your boys' .

  • GigiGibson

    Welcome everyone!!!! We are an eclectic, caring, diverse and compassionate group. We hope you will find knowledge, comfort and a sense of belonging. We also hope you will offer advice you may have that will help others. Peace… GiGi

  • Payton's Mom

    I'm Katie, or Payton's Mom. I don't have asthma but my husband does and, even worse, my 7 year old (middle child) does. She has had it since she was 3. She is diagnosed as having severe, steroid dependent asthma. Her triggers are unknown which means her asthma is currently uncontrolled, and we spend a lot of time admitted to good ole Children's Hospital. They know her well. It's very trying not knowing how to be proactive and help her stay out of the hospital. Her specialists related to this issue (asthma/allergy, pulmonology, Endocrinology, and the asthma plus team) think there is something more at play in addition to her asthma, and she has been undergoing test after test after test in an attempt to rule out any other potential diseases related to lungs. She is diagnosed as having eczema but it has been an issue less frequently since she has aged. We have good skin concoctions that knock it shortly after it appears. She has no known allergies. She has taken various allergy panels and has had her IGE levels tested. Nothing. Super anti allergy girl. Honestly, we need Dr. House to help me help my kid. She is in a research study right now. Some asthma specialist comes to the house weekly to train her, me, and assess the environment for it. 

    Anyway . . . I think that sums her up.

  • Jimbb

    Good morning, I am the father of a 20 year-old asthmatic son. He was diagnosed when he was a child, we fought all through childhood and adolescence to get him to use his meds–especially his maintenance inhaler– every day. Now he is all grown up, sophomore in college, and he still is intermittent with his asthma management. He coughs and spits up mucus all the time, but he has been doing it so long it is just part of his life! He is used to this  so he has not interest in changing. WHAT IS A DAD TO DO?

    I am thinking, honestly, is this helping with your love life. I mean my son is a sweet guy, but what young lady is going to want to hang around with a hacking and hucking young man? 

    I'd appreciate some strategies…

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, guys! JimBB, I hear you on the anxiety a parent has sending their kiddo with a chronic disorder off to college — they're SUPPOSED to be ready to manage this on their own, but sometimes they don't seem to understand the importance of taking charge of their own health. 

    My own DD is almost 16, and she has asthma and food allergies, plus a rare bleeding disorder. The worries we parents have once kids feel like they're smarter than us!

    Do you think a smart phone app would help him get in the habit?  device, which is an app for iPhones.

    I've found that my kid at least won't argue as much with a machine/smart phone when it comes to reminders as she does with me nagging. I guess she doesn't consider the smart phone as "naggy" as me?

    AndreaH, glad you found us! Do both your kiddos have the same sorts of triggers and food allergies?

    Payton's Mom, I've been so interested in hearing about your daughter's participation in that research study — and the asthma specialist who makes home visits! Can't wait to read more about it — you should start your own "thread" or topic on it if you haven't already!

    And those are some great photos you've added to the !

    For the rest of you who may not have had a chance to join in, the contest is a great opportunity to not only spread awareness but to be entered for a chance to win a terrific prize pack!

  • Jimbb

    Thanks, DS is home from college tomorrow. I will float this subject with him– the app stands a much better chance of success than direct parental interventions 

  • K8sMom2002

    There's also a new "smart inhaler" called the … we had a

    There are other smart inhalers as well — here's one that talks about.

    I'm not sure if they're available to the wider public, but I'm thinking that they're on the horizon.

  • Pljohns

    Welcome everyone-I'm late with the welcome but we are glad to have you all.  You will find a wonderful group of people here for support, ideas and good knowledge of what it's like to live like we do.

  • Hanson26

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm excited to be part of this group!

    I was diagnosed with asthma in 2002 when I was 14 (and am now 29) so I've now lived with it for over half my life. In that time, it has only gotten worse. I've reached out for resources only now because I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and was told (again) that I could only use my rescue inhaler every 4 hours as needed and could not take my daily doses of advair to regularly control my symptoms. It's been a struggle, especially when my asthma is triggered by allergies (which are BAD right now) and respiratory illnesses, which I am currently fighting a nasty cold/cough. Not to mention other triggers like physical activity, certain inhalants and so on.

    At the moment, I'm currently rolling around the idea of planning a 5k in my community to raise awareness of allergies & asthma. As someone living with both, losing a grandfather to an asthma attack, and seeing many different allergies and lung issues with other members of my family, it is something that has become very important to me. Because I struggle with asthma, I want to be able to give anyone else who has, or may have, this disease more awareness, more resources, and more knowledge to make their life easier. I hope one day I can make that a success.

  • Jen

    Hi Hanson,

    Congrats on your pregnancy!  If you feel like your asthma isn't being well controlled with your current regimen, I would talk to your doctor.  In the meantime, AAFA has  blog about .  This would also be a great topic to start on our support forums – find our how others have managed their asthma during pregnancy.

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather.  I think your awareness efforts would be a great way to honor him.  Hugs~

  • Kathy P

    Welcome Hanson - we are incredibly sorry to hear of your family's loss of your grandfather to an asthma attack. We will be thinking of you and your family as we continue to advocate for people with asthma. Holding a 5K is a great idea! I've forwarded your info to our development director and she can help with info.

    Congrats on the pregnancy! My asthma was soooo bad during my second pregnancy – worse than the first one. I'm concerned that your doctor has told you that you can't take your controller inhaler. Was this your OB or the doc that manages your asthma (is that your GP, allergist, pulmo)? I was started on controller meds when I was pregnant with #2. I can still hear my allergist telling, "if you can't breathe, neither can the baby" when I pushed back not wanting to add meds. It's important that your asthma be controlled so that you and your baby can have a good outcome.

  • Jen Sweeney

    Hi Hanson! Welcome, and thanks for sharing your story. I'd be happy to share our fundraising kit, tips and ideas with you for hosting an event. Events are such a great way to increase awareness, support the mission, and also honor the memory of your grandfather, while also providing the awareness, education and support to others also managing asthma. If you're interested in more information, let me know or visit for additional details. Fee free to reach out at any time.

  • Jen

    jimbb – Welcome.  I am interested to hear how things go with your son.  I think that would make a great topic – older kids and asthma management….or something similar.  I know I posted a similar topic on our kfa community about older kids and food allergy management.  My oldest is almost 15, so I love to hear about strategies for getting kids to manage health issues better.

  • K8sMom2002

    Wow, this has been a busy month already, and we have some great new faces to welcome to the Asthma Support forums … @Jimbb has already introduced himself, but I'm hoping that you guys will help welcome these new members!

    @Cortnie, @Hummingbird, @Christine Woskobunik, @jt, @Jimbb, @Jenga, @Tara123, @stalle harry, @Rushda, @Jessie, @Mildred Okweya

    I'm Cynthia — or K8sMom2002. Like I've mentioned earlier, asthma has been my companion since my early 30s. My DD, who is 15, also has asthma and was diagnosed when she was a toddler.

    I hope you guys will make yourself at home — post new questions, join in with the , and take advantage of the upcoming  on May 24!

    So jump in and introduce yourselves! Let us know your asthma journey and how we can help and encourage you!

  • Lukewarm14

    Very excited to have found this forum! I had severe asthma as a child with multiple hospitalizations, but haven't had any real symptoms except some EIB since I was a young teenager. No meds for many years, although it would have been smart to keep an albuterol inhaler on hand.

     Just in the last month, I've been going through a bad flare that all the meds my PCP has thrown at me hasn't really touched. Still on 40mg prednisone, although it hasn't done much more than prevent severe worsening. It's been extremely frustrating going from exercising daily to getting out of breath and wheezing just walking around for a few minutes — and I'm only 31 :-/   Have a referral to see a specialist in mid-June, so hoping things are better by then or they have other options we can try. Don't really know what my triggers are yet other than physical activity. 

    Best of luck everyone.


  • Jen

    Welcome @Lukewarm14.  Glad you found us.  As you work to figure out your , I invite you to join our various discussions on the forums.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Lukewarm14! Welcome … I totally get what you mean about suddenly having issues with more severe asthma that just. won't. quit. I was like you and routinely only had issues with EIB when I was younger. And then in my early 30s, I got hit with my first can't-ignore-it asthma flare following an upper respiratory infection. 

    We're an encouraging bunch here, and there are lots of folks who will give you tips, tricks and ideas that you may not have thought of!

  • Jen

    I'd like to welcome all of those members who have joined us over the last week.  We're glad you found AAFA's asthma support community. 

    @Buchi1720, @chandra9621, @Marie.a.londres, @JadesJourney, @Lukewarm14, @rkelly193, @Lucy, @Karen Johnson, @GingerGhenet, @Fay, @Tia422, @Jessics Butler, @Cathy Thompson

    My name is Jen and I'm part of AAFA's community management team.  I manage cough variant asthma that flares with illness.  My husband has reduces lung capacity due to lung cancer surgery over 4 years ago.  My kids each have some sort of allergy.

    Tell us what brings you to our asthma community.  Join in one of our many discussions, including . 

    Don't forget about our !

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome to all our new members! You'll find a lot of encouragement, tips and tricks here! 

  • Pljohns

    Welcome everyone!  I"m normally quick to welcome all of our new ones and i"m sorry I'm late-new clinic with no internet stinks!  You will find a wonderful group here-the most amazing support structure you can imagine and tons of wonderful advise and suggestions but most important-people who know what it's like to live life's struggles with asthma and all that comes with it.  

  • Jen

    @Hanson26 How is your pregnancy going?  Are you managing to keep your asthma controlled?

  • Hanson26

    It's going very well, thank you for asking! My doctor eventually cleared me to go back on my Advair Diskus for my asthma so it's well under control!

  • K8sMom2002

    That's terrific! What other things about asthma have you had to consider now that you're expecting?

  • Jen

    @Jennifer Doyle How did you guys do with your asthma over the summer?  What about more recently, with fall allergy season?

  • Jen

    @Hanson26 How is your asthma now that the weather is getting colder?