Welcome to June-July Members!

It's Welcome Wednesday! We've got some new faces to say hello to … I'm hoping that everyone will help say hi to these new members! Some of them have come to check our our newly opened forums for  or our  forum, while others will be looking for support from members of our .

There's lots of good info in all of these forums, so help me welcome these news members!

Welcome, @AnnMaria, @Shell201201, @Basisabeast, @geode girl,  @shirleyheche, @Jamie Hsu, @abange58, @Irina, and @Peterson J!

I'm Cynthia — or K8sMom2002. For me, asthma has been my companion since my early 30s. My DD, who is 15, also has asthma and was diagnosed when she was a toddler. She has also battled eczema and environmental allergies as well. 

I hope you guys will make yourself at home — post new questions, join in with the various conversations and topics, because we want to help. So jump in and introduce yourselves! Let us know about your asthma or allergy journey and how we can help and encourage you!

And don't forget to  so you can find your way around the forums!! 


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  • Pljohns

    Welcome everyone!  We are always glad to have more "family members".  You will find a lot of amazing people here-all of us dealing with life's challenges on top of respiratory issues-and doing our best to figure it out.  You will find a ton of support, ideas and help here from everyone.  Welcome!

  • Jen

    Please join me in welcoming those who have joined us in the last week.  We are glad to have you as members of our awesome community.

    @Dezim8er, @Beth Cerritos, @Gwen, @Houle81, @RS, @Sridhar, @BarbaraHayes

    I'm Jen and I'm part of the community management team.  My family manages a variety of allergy related issues, including food allergies and eczema.

    We would love it if you would introduce yourselves and let us know how allergies and asthma affect you.  Feel free to check out  and join in the conversations!

  • Pljohns

    Welcome everyone-you will find a wonderful group of people here who have the same daily struggles that you do.  Until I found this board, i didn't think anyone had the same struggles and issues I had…..but….they do, and they are wonderful for support, suggestions and experience. Jump right in with questions, posts and suggestions-the way we all grow is through others experiences and postings.

    Welcome all!!!

  • K8sMom2002

    Yes, please, please follow PLJohns' advice — ask away! We love to help, and we learn from you as much as you can learn from us. 

    to all of you! I'm Cynthia, with asthma since my 30s, and my DD has had asthma and really bad allergies most all her life. 

  • Debby

    Welcome newbees!  Lots of good information here.  I am in my 60's was just diagnosed with adult onset asthma a year this past May, so I am still learning but have finally gotten my meds established into a routine that works for me.  

    This summer has been a different challenge — humid summertime air is killing me. Thank goodness the hospital and its buildings are all connected so while I work, I don't have to go outside.  Humid air — is that a problem for everyone?

  • Megan Roberts

    That's so great you've found a routine with your meds @Debby.  I am relatively new to taking daily meds as well (as of the last year), and I had to come up with a system of reminders for myself.  Otherwise I can't remember if I've taken them or not!  Yes, even about 2 minutes afterwards.  It's pathetic.

    It sounds like you have a great way to move around without having to expose yourself to that humid air during the day.  Dry air, humid air, both make it hard to breathe for me, but the humid air feels heavier. Humid air also holds fungus, molds and dust mites better– common asthma triggers!  What other ways are you finding to cope with the humidity and make it easier for yourself?

  • K8sMom2002

    Can you believe it's been a week already? Wow! It's Welcome Wednesday, and I'd like to give a shout-out to all of our new members who joined this week.

    Say hi to @Urticariahell, @Sarah_Jones, @Dr. Rafael Cheas, @Sthoms, @Kupo, @Cindy88, @Jessa mae Ramos Tabasan, @barry, @Marilyn Alejandro, @Apeck, @V, @sanchezzom, @Laurie Chadd, and @Kmamaw!

    I'm Cynthia, and I've been dealing with asthma since I was diagnosed in my very early 30s. My DD is 16, and she has asthma and eczema and food allergies. My DH has had issues with allergies to soaps and detergents — needless to say, what with all our issues, we take allergies and asthma pretty seriously around this house!

    I love the way this community encourages and motivates me to take care of myself and do right by my allergy and asthma plan. So share with us how you came to your particular diagnosis and what we can do to encourage you!  Ask questions, join in conversations and create your own topic with whatever question is most on your mind.

    And don't forget to bookmark the so you can have a great vantage point to see all our activity!

  • Jen

    Here's a shout out to those who have joined our  this past week.  Our forums are a great place to share experiences and get support from one another.

    I hope everyone will join me in welcoming @Bill C, @Eeclectic Butterfly, @DonaAtan, @Tippie Cat, @Dee Jacobs, @Daniel Jones, @Nandy, @G. Marie, @Mommy71, @Marilyn, @Erica Johnson, @Melissa – Food Allergy Mom, @sally mcgowan, @greenbeans921, @Revie, @Heather D.

    My name is Jen and I'm part of the community management team at AAFA. My family manages a variety of allergic diseases.  Our forums have been a great place for me to ask questions and share tips.

    Please introduce yourself and tell us more about how asthma and allergies affect you.  Be sure to bookmark our  so you can check out our discussions.  We're glad to have you here.

  • K8sMom2002

    We've got some new members that I'd like to welcome to our !  Our  are a great place to share experiences and get support from one another.

    Say hi to @claudia manoliu, @Jack, @P, @gigi, @Sherine Nader, @MYTH1977, @Arhip, @Joseph, @Botje, @Debby F, @DD, @Who is Sccop, @Jide, @Princia, and @A. Berry!

    I'm Cynthia, and I manage asthma and environmental allergies, while my 16 year old daughter manages asthma, food allergies and eczema. 

    What brings you to AAFA's online support community? You can join in conversations about ,  or . Or  with whatever question is most on your mind.

    And don't forget to bookmark the  as a handy guide around our community!

  • A. Berry

    I have a cute upper respiratory disease and also environmental asthma. There are days that I feel like it could be the end of the earth but then others where I feel as if it's gone away. Certain foods will help with reducing asthma attacks which I do try to include in my diet. If anyone knows of how to get help with medicine that would be wonderful. Thank you for letting me join a community like this where I can come together with people who have the same issues as me! 

  • Pljohns

    Welcome everyone!  We are so glad to have you-you will find an absolutely amazing group of people here who have tons of information to share-experiences, ideas, areas to get assistance-you name it and someone here has something that will help.  At the very least, you will find the best support group EVER-we've all struggled by ourselves and the support alone makes getting through daily struggles so much better-just to know you're not alone and someone else understands-truly understands.  I would encourage you to jump right in on the forum topics and add new ones-you very well may have things that we haven't thought of and sharing and supporting is what its all about.  Welcome again!

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, @A. Berry! What kind of help with medications do you need? AAFA has a resource page with lots of helpful links on .

    And we also have a great conversation going on about and another about .

    And @Pljohns, I couldn't have said it better!

  • A. Berry

    Thanks, I will look at those pages for assistance! Since I don't have insurance it's just so expensive for me to pay for them. Causing me to neglect medications because I can't get them. If I could find a assistance program that helps with just the payment cost that would be very helpful! Thank you all for the wonderful advice!! 

  • Kathy P

    Welcome @A. Berry!  Are there foods you avoid because they cause issues? Or just that eating certain foods help you feel better?

  • A. Berry

    @Kathy P there are only foods that will help. I don't eat dairy because that is a major issue with my asthma. I usually eat berries, fruits, salmon help. I was recently hospitalized and I put myself on a strict diet which has helped a lot. The problem is finding recipes for them! Haha 

  • Jen

    What foods are you avoiding and/or what foods are you trying to eat more of on the strict diet?

  • A. Berry

    @Jen I mostly avoid dairy. Everything else is usually fine for me to eat. I have all the list of what I should eat in my planner!

  • Kathy P

    @A. Berry I'm sure we can help with recipes and ideas! I avoid dairy, egg and gluten. I don't follow any particular diet, but I do try to eat lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods like ginger and tumeric.

    On my phone right now, but I'll be back with some links for you. 

  • MYTH1977

    Hello All. Iam a newbie, I was diagnosed with bronchitis after a rough bout with a pneumonia last December. Now IM being told it's asthma but again my breathing is moderate to mild and back and forth to worse on more humid days. I've also been given a sleep apnea test that came back at 6,1 rating and now might be needing a breathing machine in my home. I was wondering has anyone experienced these episodes and so much confusing diagnosis as this? any reply would be helpful. thanks

  • K8sMom2002
    A. Berry posted:

    I don't eat dairy because that is a major issue with my asthma. I usually eat berries, fruits, salmon help. I was recently hospitalized and I put myself on a strict diet which has helped a lot. The problem is finding recipes for them! Haha 

    @A. Berry, the Kids With Food Allergy division of AAFA has a great that allows you to search for recipes by noting what foods you avoid. That may help you!

    @MYTH1977, welcome and hugs on the recent diagnosis! Weather can definitely be an asthma trigger, and AAFA has a great resource page about .

  • Jen

    @A. Berry Have you had any issues with your asthma during the fall months?