Weekend plans?

For some it is a three day weekend coming up! Anyone doing anything special?

Bekah and I are going camping with my parents. I am just tagging along so I can take care of Bekah's medical needs. We are going to a campground I have never been to before, hoping for a relaxing weekend. 

Dh and Josh need to go to fix a vent that dh broke on our camper. And I think they are going to go to the movies Monday afternoon. 

Grace will be working and studying all weekend.


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  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    I'll be working on homework for much of the weekend…my grad class has an outreach project at an elementary school on October 19th–we are teaching kiddos about sugary beverages and importance of hydration. Lots to prepare.

    But, my DH and I are going to have a date night on Friday, so that will be fun! 

  • Melissa G

    Woohoo Brenda, date night!! Yay! I need to schedule one. 

    Good luck with your homework!

  • Pljohns

    Date night sound so nice!  DH and one DS will be off but I have to work.  I HOPE we are’t doing anything this weekend-I seriously just want to rest some. I know we have a couple of errands Sat but I hope that is all.

  • K8sMom2002

    Yay for date nights, Brenda! DH has asked if we can go to the new Steak n Shake Saturday night when DD is at the fair with her friends … that counts as a date night, right?

    Tonight we have a football game … this will be our fourth year of getting our plow cleaned by this particular team. I always feel so bad for our guys. It's super demoralizing, but if we can get even one touchdown on the scoreboard, it feels like a win. 

    Tomorrow afternoon, I'll have grocery shopping, but DD is planning on going to the fair. 

    I'm off on Monday. DD is off today, and her high school doesn't have classes on Monday. She still has one college class on Monday, but it's not until the afternoon, so whee! We can all sleep in … only I won't, because DH doesn't have off. 

    DD is spending her morning off working on a class assignment and one of her college essays. She may go help a friend wash his Jeep so that he can be the driver to the state fair (it's about an hour or so away). I hope they get to go … next Saturday, she has a college tour, so that means she won't get to go if she can't go tomorrow. 

    DD has asked if I can help her on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning to knock out some more college applications. Mostly that involves hand-holding and looking stuff up for her and reading back over her essays.I don't feel like I contribute a lot, I guess it saves her time and gives her moral support. It's always a super big deal for her when it comes time to hit SUBMIT. 

  • Melissa G

    Well, we have arrived at the beach. I have not been here in years. How is it I actually haven't stepped foot on the beach yet but am already relaxed? I so needed this getaway. 

  • Melissa G

    Anyone have any exciting plans this weekend?

    We have had a change of plans. We are home for the weekend. I am actually excited about being home. I have things I need to get done and they can't get done if we are not home! 

  • Melissa G

    I have ironed I don't know how many baskets of laundry. It has become much more manageable pile to deal with and what is I left I organized. 

    I also put out most of our fall decorations. I just have a few things left to do. I need to go out tomorrow and get some mums to put out on our front porch. I just couldn't put them out earlier when it was in the 80's….

  • Melissa G

    We have a nasty storm coming in tomorrow so our evening plans were cancelled. Yay, I get to be home and relax! Yipee!

    Saturday, Bekah has choir practice all morning….sigh. But other than that nothing on the docket. 

  • Melissa G

    We have another crazy weekend…I have a feeling we are going to be busy until the new year!

    Fri night, Bekah has a bible study to attend. Grace and I will head to church and help set up for a purse auction. A very sweet family started a non-profit to minister to local special needs children. They hold a purse auction every fall to raise money. 

    Sat morning Bekah has choir practice and then we have the purse auction to help with and attend. It is soo much fun! They will have over 100 purses auctioned off, there will also be vendors there. Lunch will be homemade soups and desserts. 

    Josh has a birthday party to attend Saturday afternoon, Neil has the privilege of getting Josh there…

  • Pljohns

    Melissa-I hope your new car is a race car-bless your heart-you are always running and doing something.  I so wish I had your energy!

    This weekend-REST.  BIL and his GF are coming to town Friday and DH made a deal with them-they can come to our house for dinner Friday night  IF they stop and pick something up and then THEY will take care of MIL all weekend and let us have some rest. I will order her a b-day cake today (Friday is her b-day) and that's our part.  DH let BIL know pretty sternly that we've run non stop for 5 weeks and we need a break

  • Melissa G

    You are too sweet Lynn! I definitely have been sleeping well at night….more like passing out when my head hits the pillow!

    That is great that your dh talked with his brother. I hope you have a nice peaceful, relaxing weekend!