Walmart cracks down on shoppers bringing pets to stores

A friend sent me this link because she knows I have friends who manage dander allergies. It's a news story covering how at least some Walmart stores are tightening their policies on what animals will be allowed in the store.

A Walmart spokesperson told Business Insider that the company operates under the Americans with Disabilities Act's definition of a service animal. The ADA's  holds that under the law, a service animal is "a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.

Have you seen any new signs going up at your local Walmart?


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  • Shea

    I am glad they are putting signs up and confronting people because Wal-Mart has been a problem for me in the past– dogs that from their behavior you could tell were not service dogs and had their noses touching food.

  • Pljohns

    I actually saw them cracking down on it.  A month or so back, I was going into walmart and there was a lady ahead of me with her "service dog"-obviously it wasn't-it was a tiny dog and was definitely more of a pet.  Our stores have put signs on the door for service dogs ONLY-no pets allowed.  The greeter at the door stopped the woman and told her the policy and the lady tried her best to push it but the greeter wasn't having any of the bull.  She insisted on seeing paperwork that the dog was a service animal and ask what type of service animal it was and why she didn't have it in the "service animal" vest etc.  The lady got mad and left.  I stopped and told the greeter how much I appreciated that and then went and found the manager and told him.  SO NICE to see that at least one store is cracking down on this

  • Deborah Bartlett

    I have not seen any new signs. They have always has SERVICE DOGS ONLY signs posted on the doors. I have never seen them crack down, but they might now.

    Place where I see the most non-service dogs…Lowe's. Employees don't even notice the dogs.