Waiting After Shots – How Do You Pass the Time

I'm sitting here waiting the 30 minutes after my allergy shots. TG for free WiFi! LOL

I know some of you do shots of biologics. I'm heading to the lab after this for blood work to see if I'm a candidate. Doc mentioned 2-3 HOUR wait for the first couple shots!

How long do you need to wait after your shots? 

What do you do to pass the time. For the 30 min allergy shots, I usually just hang out on the forums here with you guys!


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  • LK

    Having just started on Xolair today, I had the obligatory 3 hour wait.  I forgot to take any books to read but found several new magazines in the doctor's waiting room and took them into the exam room.  It was kind of DH to come with me this time but don't imagine he will come to any more shot appointments.  

    One of the magazines is Severe Asthma and the other is Allergies and Asthma, both by Health Monitor Network.  They were free take-home copies so DH asked if we could bring them home so he could read them again.  They have good information about asthma and severe asthma.  Always glad to learn more!   Showed one of the articles to DH while we were sitting there and he actually read most of it.  Realized that I haven't pushed much, if any, asthma reading material his way before.  

    I must be showing my age in that I didn't even think of using the WIFI at the doctor's office to pass the time.    

    One thing I made a point of not doing was looking at my watch – at all.  For me, when I look at my watch and see that only a few minutes have gone by and I think it should have been longer, the rest of the time passes even more slowly. 

    With the nurse coming in every 15 minutes to do a blood pressure check, the time passed fairly quickly.

    I'm not used to sitting for that long, especially in exam room chairs so the hardest part was to sit there.  After a while I would get up and walk back and forth in the room a few times just to stretch my legs.  It gave me the opportunity to do some of the exercises my PT gave me last year to help my back and SI – just gently stretching and movement I can do sitting in a chair.    Exercises that I have not been doing regularly.  Now I just need to keep it up!

  • Melissa G

    I have never really had to wait for shots, but I have had a lot of waiting for Rebekah's dr appts and procedures. I like to read, crochet or just be online. Depends what kind of mood I am in. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    They have a TV in the waiting room so either I watch that or read a magazine or check the news feed on my phone.

  • Kathy P

    Ooh having a TV is nice! Most of the exam rooms have TV, but that's for keeping kids entertained during allergy testing. I don't know what the protocol will be for Xolair, but allergy shots is just in the waiting room. 

    Hmm Melissa – maybe I need to dig out my knitting. I used to take that years ago. 

    Lisa – that's really awesome that your DH is open to more education. Have you ever downloaded AAFA's guide for newly diagnosed patients? You can download it here –

  • LK

    Kathy, I think I did last fall but will look at this link to make sure.  Thank you for mentioning it!  Won't hurt to read it again!  

  • Shea

    I always had Tommy with me, so I would bring a bag of activities (sticker activity books, paper to draw on) and the kindle ( to play all the free kids apps and read books with). You would think the waits would be dreadful with a young child, but they were WAY more entertaining and better for me than for the folks who brought nothing. I do not mind waits when I have entertainment. If Tommy wasnt there, Id imagine Id be reading a book.