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Hello All –

Is anyone aware of an insurance that lets you buy travel health insurance (trip outside of US) for someone with asthma & allergies that does not exclude these as a pre-existing condition? 

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  • K8sMom2002

    Wow, Karin, that's a good question … I'm not familiar with how travel insurance works. 

    Could you call your health insurance and ask if they will cover an emergency case overseas? I know our health insurance would cover an emergency visit.

    Also, some countries have nationalized health insurance, and everyone gets free or low-cost treatment.  Where are you aiming to travel? 

    How exciting about a trip!

  • kc

    Hi Cynthia – unfortunately, there's no free or low cost treatment where I am traveling. If our US insurance covers anything it would be out of network and I assume a lot would be excluded due to the rules not being the same. E.g. I once I had to visit a doctor while on a trip in Canada. Guess what?  I thought that perhaps at least the medicine would be covered. It was not beause it was not FDA approved (obviously, in Canada there's another regulatory body). That's why I always try to travel with travel health insurance – just that I have not found an insurance that would cover what is considered a pre-existing condition (not even with a higher premium).

    I was hoping to find someone here who has come across a solution.




  • Pljohns

    KC- have you tried the following 2 sites? They both say they have policies for pre-existing conditions:

    I've never used either but might be worth a look-

  • Kathy P

    Hmmm….I've never bought extra travel insurance and I've wound up in the emergency room a couple times while traveling internationally (not for asthma – one was an eye infection and the other was a broken wrist). Both times, we had to pay up front at time of service, then go back and deal with the insurance reimbursement. So, that can definitely be an unplanned expense. In Spain, they had a person at the hospital who helped navigate things.

    Are you a AAA member? I know they have travel insurance policies available, but I haven't looked into them. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Karin, that's very frustrating on "out of network" while out of the country. I know I've had at least one health insurance policy that said NO out of network charges or care would be covered. And with another, the deductible for out of network was so high that it was no insurance at all, for all practical purposes.

    Lynn, that sounds like an excellent couple of resources to check out. I also need to check out AAA — I have a membership there, but we've never bought travel insurance.

  • tlb2002

    @kc, Travel Guard and Allianz both cover pre-existing conditions if certain requirements are met (for example, you have to purchase within 14 days of booking your trip). I just bought a policy for my family through Travel Guard and they said asthma and allergies would be covered. 

    You can also check out . They compare plans and also have some plans that are just medical travel policies.

    Good luck!

  • kc

    Hello All –

    I have checked into the suggested Allianz Travel Insurance  and into Travel Guard. These both offer medical insurance (and indeed cover pre-existing conditions under certain conditiions) up to (depending on the plan) USD 50,000… and with the estimated costs and estimated timeline I plugged into both websites the Allianz plan seems to be an economical choice. 

    I am very glad you told me about these websites now (before I book anything). That will allow me to stay in compliance with the conditions to obtain coverage for pre-existing conditions. 

    Thanks Everyone!!!

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  • Megan Roberts

    Karin, so glad you were able to find something that worked out for you. Great job on brainstorming some resources, Lynn, Tanya, Cynthia and Kathy!

  • K8sMom2002

    Best of luck on your trip! I hope it's great and that you take lots of photos to share with us!