Top Community Members for November 2017!

AAFA  is very appreciative of all of our members.  Without you, we wouldn’t have our wonderful communities.  In particular, we would like to honor those members every month who top our leader boards in points, new posts, new comments/replies and likes received.

Are you one of our top community members each month?  Have you been sharing experiences, supporting other members, helping others?  By doing so more frequently, you are helping people and families thrive while living with asthma, allergies and skin conditions.  Who knows?  Your name may find its way here next month!

Without further ado, let's congratulate our top community members for November 2017! 

@Pljohns, @Shea, @GigiGibson, @lindamarie, @LK, @Nemo88, @Tiffany F., @shelbyg, @Anna B., @Marie E Natzke, @Shel, @RobertDean, @Molly, @JoeAllergy, @mrklove, @Sam Sam, @pinkladycha, @Gloria, @Mandy, @CAPuttPutt

Way to go! 


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  • K8sMom2002

    Thanks to all of you for encouraging me every day! As @lindamarie put it, you guys are my "soul tribe!"

  • Shea

    Yaaay!!!! Thank you ☺ And thank you to all the community membmeg and managers: Jen, K8Smom, Megan, and to the AAFA team!!!!

  • LK

    @Jen, Thank you!! 

    Everyone on these forums are so supportive and understanding.  Thank you all!

  • Megan Roberts

    Thank you all for bringing your wonderful selves here and contributing to the richness of this community!  We would not be who we are without you.

  • Shea

    Oh, and Katie D, thank you!! (We really appreciate the management  and moderaters keeping the forums alive and steering us in the right direction) ☺

  • Megan Roberts

    Great to have you here, @Marie E Natzke  

    @lindamarie we would NEVER turn you away — so glad you found us and we found you! 

    @Shea thank you for bring the forums alive yourself, your commentary is so appreciated!

  • Pljohns

    Thank you all for being such an amazing group.  I’m so glad I found this board-all of you have given me such insight and been there for me when things weren’t going too well.  I honestly feel like I finally found somewhere that people actually understand what life is like.  May you all have an amazing holiday season and all of us realize that material things are not what matters most-friends and family, love and support are the important things.