Tis the season…for med change letters from insurance

So far my mailbox has been blessedly empty of these letters, alerting us to changes in what medications will be covered by our insurance. 

But what about everyone else? Has anyone else been alerted to changes in their insurance coverage for medications? 

I know that @Middi posted a new topic about a change from one insurance policy to another has made a medication not covered anymore. 

Last year, AAFA had a . It lists some of the medications that were changed out in 2017. 

One other change to be on the lookout for … check to make sure that your doctor is still listed in the "in-network" list. Our dentist no longer is, so now although our reimbursement rate is the same, we have to pay him up front and then get reimbursed from our insurance company.

Also — today is it, folks — the LAST day to apply for marketplace health insurance coverage. If you need a quick brush-up on this before you dive in at the last minute, here are a couple of great resource:

    So what changes if any have you seen to your covered medications? 

    Thinking of @Shea, @Nemo88, @Pljohns, @GigiGibson and @lindamarie … as well as everyone else! I hope your insurance changes are kind to you this year!


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    • Jen

      Did anyone have to change their meds this year due to insurance coverage?