Throat Clearing



I read thru the Mucus threat that was started some time back, and I have a question some what related to this subject!

One of my pesky symptoms, is that I now constantly clear my throat. When doing this I get a bit of phlegm/mucus out. Noting major, just a tad of clear stuff and medium consistency lol! It's annoying, but I feel relief when I do get stuff out as if it was plugging me!

Im fortunate as I don't have any cough with my asthma, and I also don't have any runny nose or obvious allergy symptoms, but it's just odd to me how I'm constantly clearing my throat with this phlegm!

does anyone else experience something similar to this?

Ive brought it up to my docs, but both some what dismiss it! I will continue to bring it up to them when we meet up! 


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  • Jen

    I'm interested in what others have to say as dd2 does this a lot.  

  • Kathy P

    My husband is constantly clearing his throat and it drives me nuts! He's brought it up to his PCP who dismissed it! He doesn't have any diagnosed allergies, but I've noticed that his throat clearing get more frequent when my allergies seem to be bad.

    I get post nasal drip that will create a "tickle" in my throat making me clear my throat and sometimes cough. My nose won't necessarily seem congested or runny, but I can feel mucus in the back of my throat. For me, keeping the mucus thinned (hydration, meds) and doing nasal rinses helps.

    When you bring it up, are you having active issues? I suspect that is the issue w/ my dh – that it's not happening when he sees the doc because he brought it up at an annual physical, not when it was happening. 

  • RedCoog

    So the docs thought it could be due to allergies, but I have not made the connection. I do take allergy medication at the moment, and I don't notice the difference.

    i thought about the post nasal drip! Will bring this up to my Doc!

  • Kathy P

    Well, I tried getting my dh to take allergy meds to see if it made a difference – and it didn't seem to either! So, we still don't really know what is causing his issues either. But it's like nails on a chalkboard when he's doing it!  He doesn't even notice anymore!

  • K8sMom2002

    Kathy P, does he have reflux? A neighbor of mine thought her throat clearing was due to allergies, and so did her primary — went to an allergist, and he diagnosed years of reflux based on a nasal scope. She had clear signs of long term reflux. 

    DD's throat clearing is DEFINITELY allergies — poor child. Itchy nose, ears and throat.