The “I Hate Prednisone Insomnia” Late Night Chat

I have a real love-hate relationship with Prednisone! I wound up sick… again! Now my asthma is flared andI coughing my fool head off.  My peak flow tanked and I'm supposed to be leaving for a quick girls' trip to yosYosem with my dd to celebrate her birthday on Wed. Cue my second pred taper in less than a month! Ugh !

The last one was about 2 weeks ago – not sure what was causing the flare, but a shot of pred and antibiotics cleared things up in a couple days. I was good for a little over week and then caught some upper respiratory infection .I cannot win !

The good news is that the dose I took earlier today seems to be loosening things up. The bad news is that I feel like I'll never sleep again! I'd go out to the couch and watch TV, but dad has a friend visiting and she's on the couch. So I'm stuck with late night Pawn Stars instead of access to better options lol. 

Instead, I'm researching restaurants in the town we are staying in. It's about an hour outside the west or south entrance to the park. It's supposed to rain parts of the time and I'm hoping the temps stay high enough that it's not snowing! I'm taking the all-wheel drive, so should be fine. But I haven't driven in snow in years. 

I found a diner that will work for breakfast! They have gluten-free bread an option – and don't even charge extra! I think we'll do breakfast there one morning and get cold sandwiches to go for lunch. 

Then there is the steakhouse diner we always eat at that I know works. But I was looking for other options. 

Oh and I found a cheese making place that has tours we can stop at on the way. Not sure I can wrangle dinner there though. A couple things look possible so I sent an email to ask. Hopefully the respond quickly. 

Ok, I've rambled enough….but I figured since we often wind up on pred and then have insomnia, there might as well be a ramblings thread to ramble on. 


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  • Pljohns

    Kathy-I feel for you.  My last pred taper was a 6 week long one!  I didn't sleep past 2:30AM any day and it didn't help that for 4 of those 6 weeks I was up at 2AM doing a neb!  There was no such thing as sleep in my house-I have never been so glad to be done with both of those-now if my back would just settle down so I could sleep.  I got a ton of puzzles worked on my ipad during those 4 weeks and played a lot of solitare-

  • Kathy P

    I think I finally managed to fall asleep around 3:15…and then was awake at 6:45! Ugh! Caffeine if my friend today!

    But I found places to eat out on the trip! And confirmed that the cheese place has gf bread – so that's happening!

    One issues is that I have to do all the driving on the trip too…my car is a stick and the girl doesn't know how to drive stick. She's been out w/ dad in his stick shift car a time or two, so hopefully if something happens, she can figure it out! Mine is way easier to drive LOL! And his was having some "issues" for awhile that he finally got fixed.

  • K8sMom2002

    Ooh, yeah … when insomnia strikes, whether pred-induced or no — one of my favorite tricks is to download either an audio book or a podcast. I can pop my earbuds in (usually do it in just one ear), and lie down without disturbing anyone. I set the sleep timer on my phone, so it will shut off after so many minutes, just in case I do drift off.

    Pros of this:

    • the light from the LED screen doesn't further wake me (or anyone else) up
    • the drone of the audio book or podcast helps distract me 
    • the earbuds make it so that it doesn't bother anyone else — we have a small house, and DH is a very light sleeper, so even the TV on in the living room would wake him.
    • I learn something or am entertained by something … and with my library's digital books, it's for free!
  • Kathy P

    Eh, we usually fall asleep to the TV in our room anyway, so having it on is not really an issue. Usually we set the sleep timer, but if I have insomnia, I just wind up turning it back on. I tend to look for reruns of shows so I don't have to actually watch it, just listen. I can't stand ear buds!

  • Pljohns

    Kathy-we do the same thing and when DH knows I'm on pred, he just gives me the remote when he turns on the sleep timer.  IF I fall asleep it's no big deal and part of the time, its puzzles on the ipad in the living room.

    Cynthia-we have a small house too but you could blow it up around DH and the boys and they would never hear it.  me-I hear EVERYTHING-must be the mom in me

  • Kathy P

    Usually, I do move out to the couch. Partly to have more viewing options. But often I'm coughing and flopping around, so I'd rather let dh sleep. Plus on the couch, I can prop up on the arm with my pillows and that can help with the coughing. The other night, A and her friend were sleeping in the family room!

    Last night was not bad! I probably fell asleep around midnight or so. I did wake up early, but probably got 5 hrs of sleep. I'm nin coughing as much either, so I think that helped .

  • K8sMom2002

    Lynn, it blows my mind how light a sleeper DH is, and he goes to bed super early because he wakes up super early. After 8 p.m., he's completely tuckered out. He's in bed by 9 p.m..

    Me on the other hand? I'm a night owl trapped in a lark's world, and an especially light sleeping lark at that! It means I have to be super careful doing any sort of cleaning (no vacuuming!) or personal grooming (no hair dryer!) or entertainment (no talking on the phone! no watching TV!) 

    Some years ago, I invested in wireless headphones that would allow me to watch TV without any sound. They worked very well for awhile, but then stopped working … 

    Now a lot of times I'll watch TV via my laptop or my phone or iPad with my ear buds. And I can listen to music or a pod cast on my phone.

    Kathy, I'm glad you got more sleep!

  • LK

    Love all the suggestions for activities for when we can't sleep!  Whenever I'm on pred I feel as though my mind never shuts off.  Even when I think I'm asleep my mind is gong 90 miles and hour.  That expressions probably really dates me!!

    My DH has some hearing loss from when he was in the military so he will sleep through just about anything!  Sometimes I wish he would wake up and check on me!  Guess I can't have it both ways!! 

  • Pljohns

    I know what you mean Lisa-Dh could sleep through a bomb blowing up next to him-I'm like you-sometimes it would be nice for him to at least wake up and check on me but that's not going to happen.  Guess we're the lucky "non-sleepers" club here too

  • LK

    Next time I'm on pred (hopefully a long ways in the future) I'll have to come check this thread.  Wish I'd thought of it last fall!   

    Hope you sleep better tonight, Kathy!  Take care on your vacation!