Thanksgiving plans

Turkey Day is only one week away!  What do you have planned?

We are hosting at our house for the first time this year.  But…the food preparation is a collaborative effort – we're making some things, my mom is making some things and my sister is making some.


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  • Kathy P

    We are staying here…no one else coming either! Then we are going to see a friend who moved about 1.5 hrs away on Sat. We booked a hotel to stay overnight on Sat.

    Da boy has off school Wed/Thur/Fri. He's helping a friend with a movie project at some point over the holiday weekend. His friend is an a digital arts/video magnet program.

    And college apps! Need to finish up getting all the college app stuff done. Some are submitted and just need transcript and ACT scores. I haven't seen the Oct ACT scores posted yet though. T still needs to finalize his essay. I need to fill out this sheet of questions for the counselor that was supposed to have been turned in by Oct 31. 

  • Shea

    Jen, good luck hosting Thanksgiving at your house, it sounds like fun! I have never hosted Thanksgiving, but I did have a Thanksgiving with just my son and I one year and it was fun, it was the first time I had ever made the Turkey (I just bought turkey breasts and made them in the crockpot). His favorite dish was the sweet potato casserole. Yum yum. This year we are going to my mom and dads for an 11am dinner… Weird time, yes…… it is for coordination around the Vikings game (my parents are from MN originally), and my brother's schedule. So, we are making pre and post snacks that I know my son will like. I put some pics I found online  of what we chose so far, plus we are going to make the sweet potato casserole.

    Edited to insert photos into body of reply – CRR 11/21/2016

  • K8sMom2002

    Jen, good luck!

    Shea, those are some nifty snack items — I'm impressed with your plans! And here in the rural south, most folks still have Thanksgiving Dinner at lunch time (and yeah, it works well to coordinate with the football games in the afternoon), so your 11 AM start time doesn't sound weird to me. 

    My sis is hosting a small Thanksgiving dinner (at lunch!) for us, and then we'll have steak and potatoes at my step-mom's on Friday evening. 

    My sis already has the turkey thawing in the fridge, so that's a relief. I'll get there about 10 AM to help her cook. It's going to be low-key, I hope. 

  • Jen

    Shea – the timing sounds like our house.  I much prefer for Thanksgiving dinner to be later – like 4/5pm.  But…my bil is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and according to my sister, he wants to be home and watching the 430p game from his couch.   She said we shouldn't change plans for them and that they would just come over to hang out earlier.  For me, though, it's about having that big meal together.  I don't need them coming over to my house just to hang out.  So…noon it is.  

    I am a big football fan, too, so I totally get wanting to watch the game.  But…I would watch anywhere.  I wouldn't be all picky pants and insist I needed to be home watching from my couch.  

    Shea – love the treats!

  • K8sMom2002

    I'm stuffed! But it could have something to do with all the food my sis had at her Thanksgiving dinner … Thank goodness we had four extra people show up at the last minute!

    Hope everyone is having a safe and healthy Thanksgiving! @Nemo88, @GigiGibson, @Mandy, @Rfinchertaylor, @Gloria, @Shea, @glyncor @Kathy P, @Jen and @jujutsumaster (yeah, I know, you and Mandy aren't celebrating Thanksgiving, but saying hi, anyway!) and everyone else

  • Gloria

    And a very happy Thanksgiving to you, K8SMOM. 

    I had a nice day with my parents and my aunt. 

    Happy holidays, everyone!

  • Jen

    I ate so much I couldn't move.  And that was just at lunch time.  For the 2nd round, I kept it under much better control.  Seriously, I haven't stuffed myself like that in a very long time.  

  • K8sMom2002

    Aaack, but I ate too much! Still have a few leftovers that I plan to hit up for lunch — right about now … well, in a few minutes!