Thank you for sending your experiences about flying with asthma/allergies!

We've been collecting your stories since last year and have been meeting with Congress, the Department of Transportation and others to share concerns from our community about the increase in animals on planes. 

Recently, the  on Traveling by Air with Service Animals. Thank you to all of our members to sent in comments directly to the DOT in time for the July 9 deadline. The DOT received 4,397 on this and we're glad that concerns from the asthma and allergy community will be represented in those comments.

We'll keep you updated on policy changes and next steps for our advocates.

Thank you!


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  • K8sMom2002

    Thank you, AAFA, for helping lead the charge! , and thank you as well to all who contributed a comment … every voice makes a difference!

  • Shea

    I am so glad that aafa organized this and that I was able to voice my concerns and issues. It makes me feel better knowing at least that we were able to have our voices heard and– I really hope something comes from it– but just the act of expression is therapeutic to me in the least.