Targeted techniques and involving friends in exercise may increase physical activity in young adults with asthma

 Are your kids physically active?  What do you do to encourage them to move more?


Techniques aimed at boosting exercise confidence and involving friends in exercise routines may increase MVPA in YAs with asthma and allergies.


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  • K8sMom2002

    Thanks, Jen! I'm a big believer that keeping active will help all manner of ills — or at least mitigate the worst consequences. 

    And btw, it's nice to know that I'm not the ONLY medical journal junkie around here!

  • Katie D

    My daughter loves to go running with me and do 'yoga' at home with me (which is actually not yoga, but just general exercise videos!)  

    One of our favorite active things to do is head over to our local park and play soccer and when we do other kids usually run over to play with us.  The kids enjoy playing with each other and learn to take turns, interact, and at the end we make new friends!

  • K8sMom2002

    DD does cheer — and if you don't think cheer is a sport, just try to keep up with a gaggle of cheerleaders during a practice!

    I'm trying to encourage her to walk and maybe get interested in running (although running is hard for me because it seems to be a trigger for my EIB.) I want her to have a "lifetime" sport that will keep her active throughout her life. She is Chinese, and Asians can develop diabetes at lower BMIs than Caucasians. They can be a "healthy" weight and still be at risk. 

    A lot of the regular "lifetime" exercises/activities are out for her because she has a bleeding disorder. 

  • Katie D

    Cheer is definitely a sport!  I am so impressed when I watch those competitions!  Personally I love running but I don't know if it will be my "lifetime sport," as it can be so hard on the body.  Tennis on the other hand will probably be my "lifetime sport."  I played in college and can't wait to pick it up again when my daughter is a little older.  I see many active older adults playing, having fun, and staying fit!

    K8SMOM2002 hopefully you can find something she enjoys – and if you can join her that would be wonderful!  As a teen my Mom and I would walk a lot together and it was fun to connect, talk, and bond – those are memories I think about often. 

  • K8sMom2002

    She's not in competitive cheer, thank goodness (but it may come next year.) And she's tried tennis but, while she enjoyed it, it didn't stick. I think it would be a great sport to take up (if I could hit a beach ball with a tennis racket, I'd have a future in that sport, teehee.)

    I do like it when we walk for just the reason you say … for some reason, she'll talk more about all sorts of things. She rambles as we ramble.

    She also likes hiking … maybe this summer we can start on some baby hikes at state parks on the weekends, YKWIM?