#TackleAsthma campaign launch with Football Star Rashad Jennings

Today, May 3rd, is the launch of the new #TackleAsthma campaign to educate and inspire children with asthma.  The website,  features Rashad Jennings’ personal story, an Asthma Playbook, educational resources and videos, and experiences shared by children living with asthma.

Together, AAFA and Rashad Jennings have created the #TackleAsthma campaign and website as a portal to reliable and easy-to-understand educational information about recognizing, managing, and living with asthma. In addition to resources currently available at , the campaign will also include an upcoming Twitter chat, additional videos, and contests designed to encourage Americans of all ages to tackle their asthma head-on.

Read and learn more about the campaign  and together help us #TackleAsthma!


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  • K8sMom2002

    I love stories where people have overcome asthma to have full and productive lives! I always think of Teddy Roosevelt and how he worked hard to turn conventional wisdom on its head! 

    And when folks like Rashad Jennings step up and talk about their struggles and successes, it REALLY provides a great role model for kids with asthma.