Switching Biologics to Fasenra?

I had my Nucala injection yesterday after work, and then had a follow-up with my pulmo's NP today, so I took the day off from work.  I'm going to have to stay on the 20 mg for a few months, but I figured that. I'm also staying on the azithromycin and nebs every 6-8 hours, along with all my other meds. My lungs were a little tight and wheezy, but nothing too bad, and considering how bad the pollen is, I'm pretty happy with my progress. I do have a new action plan, which is exciting. If I start having a flare, I can increase nebs, and then increase the azithromycin to every day. If that doesn't help, then I can increase the pred by 20 for 2-3 days. I told her I'm willing to try anything if I don't have to increase the prednisone first, so I'm super happy with this plan.

She did mention another biologic since I'm maxed out on meds and still steroid-dependent. Has anyone taken FASENRA?  I'm pleased with my progress on Nucala, but she's talked with my pulmo and they believe I may not be able to get off prednisone with Nucala (I've been on it for 18 months).  They'd like to get me down below 20, but not while I'm symptomatic. The goal is to get off pred, but they want me to be prepared that I may have to stay on it. Hence, the conversation about the Fasenra. Still, I'm happy for any improvement, and as my NP says "Baby Steps."  


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  • K8sMom2002

    @dory2005 … This was such a great question that I made it into its own topic so it would get more eyes on it. 

    I know one other member has switched from another biologic to Fasenra and they talked about it in this thread: .

    Here's hoping that you can find a biologic that will help you lower your need for prednisone!

  • LK

    Dory,  So glad you had a good checkup!  Sounds like you have made progress on the Nucala.  That's great!  

    I have taken Xolair and now the Dupixent but have not been on Nucala.  Is it something you will be starting soon?

    Absolutely keep taking those "baby steps"  !!  

  • Emelina

    Yay for having a plan to move forward, sounds like you have a great pulmo and NP caring for you. I’m really glad they incorporated your hopes (try something else before pred) into your plan as well. I know nothing about the biologics but will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  • tkdgirlms

    Fasenra has worked wonders for me! I've not had prednisone since late summer and my dependence on neb/inhaler has gone way down! I know different things work for different people but I sure hope Fasenra doesn't go away as it's working for me!

  • dory2005

    Thanks so much for the encouragement! I will discuss it with my allergist on my next appointment. 😊

  • K8sMom2002

    Tkdgirlms, I'm so glad Fasenra is working for you! 

    Dory, how long before you will see your allergist? What other questions will you be asking your doctor?

  • dory2005

    Shea, I don’t think so. I don’t see my allergist for a few months, so I’ll talk to him about it. To be honest, I’m a little hesitant to even consider a new biologic because Nucala is helping quite a bit. My pulmo wants to see if it well help me get off prednisone, which is the one thing that I haven’t been able to do over the last year and a half. 

  • dory2005
    K8sMom2002 posted:

    Tkdgirlms, I'm so glad Fasenra is working for you! 

    Dory, how long before you will see your allergist? What other questions will you be asking your doctor?

    Sorry, Cynthia, just saw this. It will be a few months before I see my allergist, so I’m going to come up with a list. 😊