Summer plans

Has anyone done anything fun this summer – vacation?  special outing?

Do you have anything planned for the rest of the summer?

So far here, my summer has been full of kid stuff – camp, lacrosse practice, tournaments and summer school.  Next month, we'll go camping for a week.  We go every year with friends and it's always a good time.

So….let us know about your summer. 


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  • K8sMom2002

    Jen, unfortunately our summer is just. about. over. DD will start back to school Aug. 3, which means our chance for even a short getaway is probably over. I did look at some cabins on the lake near us to see if we could get away for a weekend, but it looks everyone else had the same idea. 

    But my sister may have an open weekend at her beach house in August, so I may take DD and a friend of hers down for a Saturday and Sunday. Can't go Friday nights because football season will be in full swing soon.

  • Jen

    You guys start early!  My kids just got out of school a month ago.  Ds is only halfway through summer school.  Tg for summer school.  

  • Kathy P

    We are doing college visits. I forgot how painful these are! 3 down (2 full tours, one drive through), 4 to go!

  • Jen

    Looks like the weather cools down a bit after today.  Should make it nicer for those college tours for Kathy and for the lacrosse tournament for me.

  • Anne P

    We're just hanging out this summer and going to the indoor pool almost every day.  We will probably take a couple of day trips in August but no big plans this summer.  I want to visit my extended family, but I'm not sure when I can make it.

  • K8sMom2002

    Jen, we DO start early. We got out mid-May — our teachers and staff would explode with impatience if we were still in school any closer to Memorial Day. And we have tons of holidays during the year — a week for fall break, a full week for Thanksgiving, two and a half weeks for Christmas/winter break, a week for spring break, plus lots of odd days here and there and it seems like every legal holiday known to man. And that doesn't count the teacher work days. 

    Honestly, I'd rather wait to start until after Labor Day (or at least late August), then go ahead and get it over with. I hated the breaks when DD was little, because it was hard to find intermittent childcare for kids who were older than five, and I had no family close by who could help.

    DD says she hates the breaks, too, because it breaks up her rhythm and she forgets what she learned.

    The school systems SAY that it's to be in line with college schedules, but when I worked for a college, we had to change OUR schedule to mesh with area high school schedules. Sheesh.  

  • K8sMom2002
    Kathy P posted:
    We are doing college visits. I forgot how painful these are! 3 down (2 full tours, one drive through), 4 to go!

    Kathy P, for the uninitiated, what's the painful part of college visits??

  • Jen

    We're leaving for our annual camping trip in 2 weeks.  Lots to do to prep!  I will have to write out my packing list this weekend.  Things usually go pretty smoothly once I do that.  Only about a month til my kids go back to school, so summer is starting to wind down.  

    Anyone else have anything planned?

  • GigiGibson

    Where do you go camping Jen? My dtr loves to camp. She is in CO now visiting a friend, other weekends they like to camp at a nearby lake. I'm camping in my house, lol. We had a camper but hubby said it was too heavy to go anywhere far on so we sold it. I would love to have another one. We live a mile and a half from Jordan Lake in NC. They have several campgrounds, all state property, bald eagles, ospreys, turtles and fish, it's so pretty. We usually kayak but… It's in the garage with dust, sob… Lol. I told him we need the camper and a two man kayak!!

  • Jen

    Every summer we go to Cooper's Lake in Slippery Rock PA (just north of Pittsburgh).  We go with the same group of friends, some of whom have kids the same age as mine.  While we sleep in tents, we have a hookup to water.  So, we have comforts like a shower (have a shower trailer,actually, with a hot water heater ), a camp kitchen (big coolers, camp stove, grill), etc.  Lots to do to get ready. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Gigi, my DH says the same thing about campers and won't even TRY pulling one. Since we have a daughter with food allergies (she's allergic to corn), it's hard for us to travel without a kitchen. 

    Jordan Lake sounds lovely! I've never seen a bald eagle up close, except in an animal exhibit, and that's not the same. We were recently in NC — I was having a good day and hiked up Crowders Mountain — all 300+ steps! 😯

  • Kathy P

    I've done a lot of camping – we just do tents!

    My family used to have a cabin in the Poconos (and by cabin, I mean tarpaper shack and an outhouse!). But it was so musty that I had a hard time being inside the cabin. I bought myself a small pup tent from the unclaimed freight place and would pitch that outside! If it rained, I would put a cot on the screened in "porch".

    We were there practically every weekend in the summer. My mom would load us in the car in the our jammies and drive up. My dad would come up after his late shift. My grandparents were always there too. We had electricity, but no running water – we carried water from home in 5 gal plastic jerry cans. In later years, we had a small apartment sized stove that was converted to bottled gas. Prior to that was only open fire, electric skillet/roaster or maybe a 2-burner camp stove outside!

    That was where I learned you can cook just about anything over a fire! I remember even boiling spaghetti! We had heavy metal pieces we'd put over the "grill" that my grandfather made to act as a heat diffuser.

    I've been known to improvise in a hotel room too! I've cooked rice noodle soup using the in-room coffee maker. I've also toted along a 3-cup rice cooker and small forman type grill. Our Kids With Food Allergies division has a ! There is a pic in the comments of my delish soup!