Summer plans and asthma? What’s your particular struggle?

So the kiddo is out of school and on her way today to a daytrip kayaking venture … and of COURSE she thought she was fine to take her inhaler and epinephrine auto-injectors in her backpack, but LEAVE her backpack on the shore.

We had a talk about that. Her response was, "It's a KAYAK, Mom. there's no room for a backpack in a KAYAK." 

I told her that people with asthma and allergies do somehow manage to do fun things with their inhalers and auto-injectors.

Now could someone prove me sorta right?  

Summer is kind of hard for me — temp extremes and humidity tend to trigger asthma, but if I plan ahead, it reduces the risk. 

It got me to thinking … what are everyone's summer plans? How will you manage your asthma so that it won't be an unwelcome tag-along that rains on your picnic?


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  • Pljohns

    I hear you on the heat and humidity-it gives me a hard time too.  We only have the one trip planned this summer-first vacation in 17 years and first time EVER when it didn't involve some sort of karate tournament to go to (doesn't count as vacation to me).  I would LOVE to swim some but the chlorine smell is just too much-I've tried but no way.  

    The plan for hopefully leaving the asthma issues here when we go on vacation-60mg prednisone and unfortunately, trying to get 60+ vials of albuteral/budesonide/brovana/duo neb cleared through TSA and on a plane with me.  If I can manage that, it will be a vacation in itself-not to mention the torodol and needles/syringes.  

  • K8sMom2002

    PLJohns, good luck! Also, didn't know if you were aware of it, but there is a pill form of Torodol. You can only take it for five days due to stomach issues, but my neurologist prescribed that to me as a back-up for migraines.

  • Cdg0607

    ��Football, Football, Football �� My son loves football, so he's getting ready for the heat and building up his endurance, My biggest thing we do is plan for the worst, yea it may be a hastle but it always pays off to prepare, and communications is a mist he makes sure to tell me the moment he feels he's gone beyond his limits, as well as the coaches being on board, communication is key, we take all possible preventative measures to help him stay hydrated and symptom free! We haven't gone a complete season without some flare ups but we are progressing toward it, any ideas would be great, Wish us luck

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, yeah, CDG0607, I'm sending you all manner of good and prayers and luck your way! If your summer is like ours down in Georgia, the air is hard to breathe even when you're just walking! I can't imagine an activity as strenuous as football.

    But it IS doable! Last year Rashad Jennings (former pro football star and CURRENT Dancing With the Stars winner!) partnered with AAFA to produce a . It's free and downloadable! 

    What preventative measures does your doctor recommend your son take? Does he recommend your son pre-treat before exercise? 

    Is his asthma triggered by grass or other types of pollen? If so, you can track the pollen counts for your location at . When DD was little during the summer, we tracked pollen counts and when her particular allergens were super high, we limited the outdoor time. That may or may not be doable for your DS.

    And if humidity or temperatures are causing problems, you might be able to track those as well. 

  • Jen

    Hi @Cdg0607, 

    Welcome.  Does your son play football through the summer?

  • K8sMom2002

    @Cdg0607 … not sure if you saw my response earlier to your first reply. Hugs on the timing, though. August is one of the toughest months around here! 

  • Kathy P

    Heat and humidity are issues for me too. Usually it's not too humid here, but sometimes it does settle in for days at a time. 

    Pljohns, I hope you vacation goes off without a hitch!

    CDG, sounds like you have great safeguards in place to make playing football successful!

    Cynthia, I've taken my inhaler sea kayaking…and A had her epinephrine. I have a hard sided, waterproof case that my inhaler guys it. It has a carabineer and I clip it on to a strap on the kayak. We had the epinephrine autoinjectors in a dry bag clipped on to the boat too. I had a dry bag for my phone as well. 

    My summer plans are training for a bike ride this fall. It's a 50 mile ride I'm Mexico that my dh has wanted to do for years. Now that both kids will be in college in the fall, we aren't tied to their school schedule.

    I've started my training program and it's really a challenge….many days I struggle to overcome my fear that today is the day my asthma is going to win. If my allergies are bad and my chest is iffy, it's hard to get on the bike and pedal. But I'm determined to not let asthma win! Several days, it has been a draw.

  • K8sMom2002

    Kathy P, kudos on tackling that training schedule! Got a link to that hard sided waterproof case? I'd like to order her one. 

    I'm hoping that I can take a weekend and re-paint my bedroom after the worst of tree, weed and grass season is over. By July it's super hot and dry (as far as rain — the humidity is still there), and a lot of times the grass has given up the ghost. So that's usually a good day for me to turn off the air and open the windows while I'm painting and until the paint dries. It's hot — and the humidity is bad — but at least I can open the windows!

  • Jen

    How is summer going for everyone?

    @Cdg0607 How's your son doing outside this summer?  Do you think he'll be set for football in another month?

    Kathy – Good luck with the training!

  • Kathy P

    @K8sMom2002 - I think I have this case -  It just fits my Ventolin brand name inhaler. I'm not sure if it would fit a Respiclick. You could probably use a softside phone case type.

    Thanks Jen! We went up to SF over the weekend and did a ride there. It was really fun – we actually biked across the Golden Gate Bridge! It was a little hairy in the narrow areas with other cyclists coming toward you, idiots trying to pass, wobbly kids on bikes  

    There were a couple of areas of the city we were in that had steep climbs – some I bailed and walked my bike! 

    ETA: There are 3 photos – SF side of bride, under one of the towers, Marin side of the bridge. Mouse over the right edge for an arrow to swipe to the next photo.

    A post shared by AAFA Kathy P (@aafakathyp) on

  • K8sMom2002

    Wow, very cool, Kathy P! I tend toward claustrophobia and a fear of heights, so bridges are a weird thing for me, even in a car. On a bike?  

    I've been talking a bit with DH about a Saturday or a Sunday hiking trip, but he keeps saying it's too hot. I agree that it's hot, but at least it's hot enough that all the snakes are curled up under a rock or in a hollow stump.

    What's everyone else up to? 

  • Pljohns

    We've done our main trip so the fun is over-next weekend starts a rebuild of the deck-that's going to take several weekends and I have major cleaning on the calendar as well.  I would love to take a weekend trip somewhere or do something but probably not going to happen.

  • K8sMom2002

    Any time I have free OUGHT to be squirreled back for some DIY projects, not off hiking. But DH really hates DIY projects. 

  • Pljohns

    We haven't managed to even start on it!  It has rained every weekend and we need the wood dry enough that we can jack it up some to put new braces on it.  The wood is so wet and in such bad shape, the jack will go right through it.

  • Jen

    Frustrating that the rain is delaying things.  Maybe, though, when the wood is dried out, it won't be quite so hot outside.

  • K8sMom2002

    I hear you on the rain, Lynn … when we were working on our front porch railing, it seemed like we spent more time sprinting to get the tools up ahead of a pop up thunderstorm than working. I still have a bit left to do on the porch, but it will have to wait. 

    I wanted to take some time for a short day trip for hiking before school starts back, but it's really hot and humid, and I don't think my lungs would like it. DH hates taking any days off during the heat of the summer, too. 

    So maybe when the end of September comes, it will be cooler and dryer and we can risk a day trip to Georgia's Little Grand Canyon or Toccoa Falls.

  • Jen

    How has this past month gone for everyone?  Has asthma impacted any plans you've had?