Steroids and Bone Loss Risk

So, at my last allergist appointment, doc sent me for a bone density scan. This is the first I've had, so nothing to compare it to. Came back as osteopenia which earned me a trip to the endocrinologist  Cuz, ya know, I don't have enough specialists in my life 

Anyway, she's not overly concerned with my current numbers and, for now, we just need to track things over time. My vitamin D is chronically low and has been for a number of years. Need to take supplements for calcium and D and make some "lifestyle" changes. The more calcium I can get through food, the better, but since I'm dairy intolerant, I have to find dairy-free sources. That's the lease of my concerns since I've been adding that for years.

As people with asthma, who take inhaled and oral steroids, that puts us at increased . Joy! But in addition, asthma can also "complicate" some other risk factors – like a sedentary lifestyle. I know I tend to avoid more strenuous activity at time out of fear of triggering an attack because I'm already on the hairy edge. GERD meds, which I also take because GERD is an asthma trigger for me, are another risk factor.

I know I don't move enough – not even just walking around during the day. She wants me to get in 10K steps each day! I can hit that easily on a weekend, but weekdays are more of a challenge. I need to build in walking during the day. I've starting taking a loop around the entire house every time I get up for something – kitchen for tea, bio break, etc. It comes out to 85 steps! I need to make 125 loops per day  Clearly I need to come up with other ideas! And cycling doesn't count as "weight bearing" 

I've signed up for a trial package at a yoga studio and have tried 2 different classes/teachers so far. I think I can manage to make this a priority and stay on track. Since I have to sign up for the class on the web, that makes it harder to blow it off. The best options are a Thursday evening or Saturday morning. It doesn't count as "weight bearing" exercise, but strengthening can help in other ways.

I'm also hoping to do a weekly hike. Da boy is willing to be my hiking buddy and I'm gonna take full advantage of that! I need to find shady trails though as we both hate the heat. And ones with not too much elevation change at least to begin with.

So, anyone else facing this bone loss monster? What are you doing to counteract the risk factors of steroids/meds, lifestyle and just plain aging?


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  • Mandy

    I had the bone density scan over a year ago. It came back normal for now I know I need to get moving more but it's a fine line. I think going up and down my stairs counts?? There are 28 in total. I am horrible at taking my calcium supplements. I feel like I take a million but this is a good reminder to be proactive. Thanks for posting Kathy! What non dairy sources have you tried? I'm dairy free as much as I can be.

  • K8sMom2002

    Kathy, hugs!

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia when I was in my mid twenties. They said I had the hips of a 50-year-old post-menopausal woman. Back then, that sounded ancient.

    I had to build back that bone as quickly as possible because I was at a huge risk for a hip fracture or a rib fracture. They gave me a window of time before they recommended that I start taking some of the prescription meds that had just come out for osteoporosis. I wanted to see if I could do it without meds or calcium supplements, as I'd read that . (I don't think that's a problem as much now, but this was back in the late 90s and early 2000s). 

    Time was on my side because I WAS young and still accumulating bone. However, I was still really, really surprised how quickly I did build that bone back without either prescription meds or calcium.

    My rheumatologist prescribed physical therapy, and part of that was simple walking. And I radically changed my diet to include more calcium-rich foods. By my early 30s my DEXA scan showed that I was out of the fracture-risk zone and didn't even screen for osteopenia. My last scan showed that I was still good, but that was pre-menopause.

    You're doing everything right — that walking around the house helps more than you think! And you went hiking the other day!

    You eat lots of leafy green veggies and beans, IIRC, too, and kale has as much calcium in it as a glass of milk. It's not as easily used by your body, but you can still get calcium from that. 

    Though I can drink milk, I've never been much of a fan. So I looked for non-dairy diet-based ways to increase my calcium. One thing I did to increase my dietary calcium intake was to include fish like salmon. It's a great source of calcium. 

    Here's a .

    Also, calcium is no good without Vitamin D, and since you are in northern latitudes, that may be something you need to talk with your doctor about. 

    Osteoporosis — even the history of it like I have — really complicates taking a lot of the drugs that are out there as well as managing other disorders. My doctors are extremely reluctant to put me on prednisone or inhaled steroids. One of the reasons I didn't get a hysterectomy despite Stage IV endometriosis was because of my history of osteoporosis. Hormonal replacement would have helped slow bone loss, but it would have fed the endo, which would have defeated the purpose of the surgery. 

    So it's good you're getting a handle on this and seeing a specialist.

    Keep us posted on what the endocrinologist has to say!

  • Kathy P

    I'm really bad about remembering my supplements too Mandy….to doc suggested a couple ideas that I've already tried. My new Vit D supplement came – I have those sitting on my desk as a reminder to take them. The calcium is trickier because it's 2 and they need to be separated and between meals. They are also on my desk. I've been trying to remember to take one as soon as I get to my office in the morning. Then in the afternoon. Working OK so far!

    Calcium-rich foods. My go-tos are dark leafy greens like kale and white beans. We also eat a fair amount of bok choy.


    • shredded with other veggies as salad – I've heard massaging it makes it less bitter. I buy bags of kale salad that has cabbage and brussel sprouts too. I just use red wine or cider vinegar, olive oil, s&p.
    • soup/stew – I do variations on . These days, I get bulk sausage and just break it up and brown it. Sometimes I'll use shredded leftover chicken instead. I often replace the potatoes with cooked gf orzo pasta (I like Delallo brand that is corn/rice – it holds up well). Sometimes I add white beans and get a double whammy!
    • kale chips – tear in big pieces, massage with oil, sprinkle with salt then bake til crispy. I never remember the oven temp and always have to look it up

    White Beans:

    • bean dip – you can use white beans instead of garbanzo in hummus. I sometimes use a combo.
    • chili – I add a can of beans to my chili. I make a big batch of chili with just meat. I portion it out and freeze. When I want to serve, I add a can of beans and sometimes a can of tomatoes if I need to stretch it.
    • bean soup – ham and bean is my favorite!
    • minestrone – you can get a double dose if you add kale/spinach and white beans!

    Bok Choy:

    • stir fry – chop it up and add it any stir fry
    • roasted/grilled – I get small or baby ones and slice them in half. Marinate in lemon juice, garlic and oil. Sometimes I use gf soy sauce, garlic and sesame oil. If I'm grilling, I toss them on, cut side down, once I pull the meat off to rest. Flip them once after they start to brown a bit. If I'm not grilling, I lay them out on a parchment lined sheet pan and chuck that in the oven – usually 375F – 425F – depending on what I'm already cooking in there.
  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, yum! Except for the corn-based pasta, I'm ready to show up at your house right now for supper!

  • Pljohns

    Hi guys-I'm new here but right there with you.  At my recent physical, found to have FRAX score of 26-they like it under 10.  Its a measurement of your likelihood of a fracture if you fall….so…. off for a bone scan and the verdict is osteopenia at 53.  I have been on way more steroids in the past 6 months and hospitalized 3 times in less than 6 months so I wasn't surprised.  I need 1200 mg calcium and 2000 mg vit d daily.  I was already taking the calcium and 1600 mg vit d so I just had to add more vit d.  This awful disease and the meds to treat it are tough on your bones! We will repeat bine scan in 2 years and hope for no more fractures.  The Dr ask me if I'd had any broken bones since age 19-she was surprised at 3 ribs, wrist, outside bone of my hand and several toes-all thanks to martial arts but broken none the less.  I've had to give that up as I just don't have the lung capacity to continue so I hope for no more broken bones!


  • Kathy P

    Welcome Lynn. Sorry about the bad news on the fractures and scan numbers. My numbers were on a different scale. But osteopenia is between -1 and -2.5 and mine was -1.8. So yup calcium and vitamin D.Did your doc also recommend weight bearing exercise? I just bought some hand weights for doing my rotator cuff PT exercises. Walking is good the spine.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Lynn … gosh, I remember getting news like that, and it was extremely sobering. It stinks that you had to give up martial arts, but what about something like Tai Chi? I would love to learn something like that — unfortunately, we don't have any classes where I live.

    Besides calcium and vitamin D, what else has your doctor advised? 

    Kathy P, how is the walking going? 

    Mandy, did you get any ideas from Kathy P's yummy sounding suggestions?

    And here's a question … besides a treadmill, what cardio machines — elliptical, stair climber — are considered weight bearing exercise? I have a small exercise bike that I use because it doesn't take up as much space as a treadmill, but now since Kathy P has reminded me that cycling isn't normally considered weight-bearing, I'm wondering if there's another compact exercise machine that I could use to combine cardio and weight-bearing exercise. 

    I wound up getting over 11K steps on Saturday — not to mention 13 flights of stairs! But that was because I went on a college tour with my DD. 

  • Pljohns

    thanks guys-yes, also weight bearing exercies but I already walk and or ride bikes at least 4 nights a week already so that wasn't anything to add.  I do miss martial arts-best stress relief in the WORLD!  I'm trying to fit yoga into my life but my schedule is crazy and they only offer the class at 5:30, and I just can't make that.  

    I'm new here so let me tell you a little bit about what is going on-adult onset step 3 asthma-diagnosed 6 years ago last month.  I've had allergic reactions to every asthma med on the market-two of them anaphalatic reactions, so I use COPD meds off label.  I can't use inhalers-my lungs don't like HFA so I'm stuck with nebulizers.  The HFA actually starts an asthma attack on me so…carrying nebs with me everywhere I go.  I've been hospitalized 3 times in the less than a year (actually 3 times in less than 6 months) with severe exacerbations. My asthma is non-allergic so there is no allergy treatment or avoidance of triggers and I never know what is going to pop it off.  In 6 years, the only things that will 100% of the time cause me issues are cold air-AC or wind-, weather changes and strong smells but not just perfume or things like that.  It's like walking on egg shells all the time. It's already cost me one job from a boss that decided to ignore a reasonable accommodation request to keep me out of construction fumes-that one landed me in MICU for 3 days and 30 days of medical leave and my current job likes to pick on me about my "crack pipe" or my "vape pipe".  I laugh, but it does hurt.

    I look forward to being an active participant in the forums and thanks for any and all advise you can and have offered.



  • K8sMom2002

    Lynn, ugh on a boss who wasn't accommodating! That had to be extremely stressful and scary to wind up in the MICU. And it's hard when co-workers don't get what you're going through. Do they at least lay off the perfumes and scents? Is your current boss more understanding? 

    And yes, sudden temperature changes tend to kick my asthma up a notch, too — whether it's a drop or a spike. 

    It sounds like you've had to really tailor your approach. I'm glad that you've managed to find something that works for you — nebs as opposed to rescue inhalers. 

    Learning from each other is what's so great about this community — how we pool knowledge and tips and tricks. I've learned so much. 

    Could you do a modified scaled back yoga routine at home? I know that I used to do my own yoga routine at home, then got out of the habit. You're reminding me that I should incorporate it again!

  • Kathy P

    I'm having trouble finding the right yoga class too. I've tried 3 so far and 2 didn't work! One, I just didn't like the style of the teacher. Another was at 5:45 and I really struggled! I think that is just not a good time of day for me. I could feel my blood sugar crashing, was getting muscle cramps. I was a hot mess! They do have a Saturday morning class which I really did enjoy. I came home all relaxed but really needed to be energized to get stuff done around the house – LOL! There are a couple other beginner level classes, but most are during working hours and that just won't work for me.

    Yikes on reacting to so many of the meds. Were they all HFA/MDI (metered dose inhalers)? Have you tried the DPI (dry powder inhalers)? I which is a DPI version. I haven't heard many other using it. The DPI frequently do have lactose in them, so that can cause issues if you are allergic to milk.

  • Pljohns

    I've tried that too but there really isn't room to do it anywhere-I know that's an excuse though and if I really wanted to, I could make time.

    As for the meds, yep-MDI;s give me issues because of the powder.  Nebs are the only thing I've been able to use.

  • Kathy P

    Ugh on only being able to use nebbed meds. Sounds like you have a nice portable one though.

    Cynthia, you asked about weight-bearing exercise. Cycling definitely is not. I specifically asked about that. And my dh was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago that was caught after a fracture. He used to run, but is no longer allowed to because of spine issues. So, he cycles – like 100+ miles per weekend and none of it counts as weight-bearing! I'm not even sure about elliptical because you aren't lifting your feet off. I'd ask the doc about that.

    My doc was good w/ the walking plus yoga and handweights.

  • K8sMom2002

    PLJohns, that stinks that you can't use either sort of rescue inhalers, but that makes even more relieved that you have a neb that works for you. And yeah, you do need room. One reason that I dropped off doing yoga was that my DD got a dog, and there's nothing like having a real live dog in your face when you're trying to pretzel yourself into Downward Dog. So now I do it in my bedroom at the end of my bed (the dog isn't allowed in any of the carpeted rooms), and that's not always the best fit.

    Kathy P, what does your DH do to combat his osteoporosis since he can't run? Bummer on the fracture — that had to be a surprise for him! 

  • Pljohns

    Yep-we have 3(!) dogs and they would be all over me if I tried it without closing the door-I would look like the shaggy DA

  • Kathy P

    LOL on the dogs getting in on the yoga routine! I've tried doing yoga at home. I even subscribed to some Youtube channels. But I'm not disciplined enough  The other thing is getting that assistance to make sure you alignment is correct and you aren't going to hurt yourself.

    DH takes calcium, Vit D, and one of the drug therapies. His numbers have improved, so that's good. There is a strong family history, so it wasn't a complete shock. 

  • Kathy P

    Oh and I've been trying to plan meals with calcium/vit D.

    Last night was stir fry with bok choy (calcium) and mushrooms (Vit D).

    Tonight will be white bean and kale soup (double hit of calcium).

    I saw dh picked up a bag of almonds at Costco to snack on. I picked up some gf fig bars for myself. And more calcium fortified OJ.

  • K8sMom2002

    Yum on the almonds! Could you toss some almonds into the stir fry with bok choy and mushrooms? 

    And yeah — I've found I can either squeeze in time to do yoga or walk, so I figure right now the walking is more beneficial. But I'll bet I can make time for a quick series of sun salutations before bed. It really DOES help my breathing, and that doesn't require an expert to make sure you're doing it right as long as you've been taught. 

    Too funny on the shaggy DA, PLJohns!

  • Kathy P

    Not all of us like almonds

    Lynn, sorry you can no longer do karate. I really like Chen-style Taiji. It's not all soft and flowy like the Taiji you see in the park. Depending on how you do it, there are explosions of power in some of the poses. There are also different weapons forms too. But it can be hard to find a teacher since there aren't that many in the US that teach it. I really need to get back to that class too. Maybe in the fall once both kids are away at school!

  • GigiGibson

    Wow, y'all are motivating me to start moving again. I miss weight lifting and the stairclimber. I won't be joining the gym again anytime soon but should list like fifteen exercises I can do and hang that list in sight then when I have ten-15 minutes of feeling decent do one or two! I'm so weak from where I was last summer. Lost my calves and butt! That's sad since I am apple shaped. 

    I wa still I had low D about two years ago and have been faithful on my tablets. I already kills beans and greens but I have to get back to some weights . Thanks for the inspiration!

  • K8sMom2002

    Gigi, it takes discipline to do it on your own, but I've found that when I do bodyweight exercises on a routine basis, I really have more lung power and less trouble with asthma on exertion. I've fallen off the wagon, but I need to dig out my book and start back. 

    Yoga helped me ease into bodyweight exercises. Before I started doing regular sun salutations, complete with repeated plank poses, I could do only a single push-up. I got to the point that I could do five, and then I started building from there. But now I'm back at square one. Maybe we can start from the bottom and challenge each other? And I do mean start from the bottom. If I wind up doing five push-ups with correct form, I think that's going to be a good challenge. After all, when you do a push-up and you're in the down position, you're . 

    I also got to the point that I could crank out squats. Ditto above — I'm so far off the wagon that I'd have to hike a country mile just to get back on it. But I'm up for a (conservative) challenge if you are! Just check with your doc first to be sure it's okay.

  • Kathy P

    So, I was googling around last night, and one site said elliptical was considered weight-bearing. They also said that cycling can be if you are out of the saddle peddling. So, that has some promise too, but I'd have to build up my cardio to be able to tackle more hills.

    The past few days have been really tough on getting my steps in. I missed signing up for the photography hike this coming weekend (I was waiting to see what the weather was going to do and the class filled up ) But I'm definitely going to plan a hike w/ da boy. However, my allergies are really cranking up since the rain stopped. It's BAD!

  • K8sMom2002

    Hmm … does that mean if I stand up while I'm on my exercise bike, that's weight bearing? 

    Bummer on the class filling up, and how tough it is to get your steps in. I know you said that walking indoors is only 85 steps a "lap," but could you see how many laps you could make in a minute or two? Kind of like a power-walk race with yourself?

    Of course, walking outside with da boy would definitely be more fun!

  • Jen

    Cynthia – I would think so.  When I take spin classes, we probably spend 1/3 to half the time standing.  I think that's just as good as any weight bearing type cardio.  One word of caution,though – you will likely need to increase the resistance a tad for when you're standing.  That helps with keeping the pedals from feeling like they're out of control.

  • Jen

    What types of weight-bearing exercise do you guys find that you can manage?  Ie, what can you do that doesn't seem to exacerbate your asthma?

  • K8sMom2002

    Indoor exercise for one — it's not as fun as outdoors, but combine pollen, humidity and extreme temps, and that's often the tipping point for me. 

    On a good day, I can do any of these things at a moderate activity level:

    • walking (in or outside depending on the pollen and humidity)
    • cycling (indoor on a stationary bike)
    • bodyweight exercises — pushups, squats, jumping jacks — flashback to your PE classes in high school for the types of exercises. (indoors only, and I have to watch it on the jumping jacks)
    • stepping (indoors — but I'm so klutzy that I don't like to do it)
    • jogging (indoor only — the last few times I tried it outside = asthma attack)
    • yoga (indoor)
    • swimming — outdoor as long as it's on the moderate level and the pollen and the humidity are okay. Indoor depends on the amount of chlorine in the room.

    It kind of makes me sad that "lifestyle" type of hobbies — tennis, 5K runs, cycling, horseback riding, rec team sports — are out for me. My DD can participate in those because her asthma isn't as easily triggered by exercise, and I've encouraged her to find a hobby like that to have fun and keep in shape at the same time.

  • Kathy P

    I'm sticking with the walking/hiking for now. I just wrote up a followup to last week's hike where I managed to as an asthma attack was starting at the beginning of the hike.

    Other than that, I've been doing yoga and some shoulder PT with handweights.

    I'm still struggling with getting steps in during the week. But I'm improving, so there's that!

  • K8sMom2002

    I've found that if I get started early in the AM (when I'd rather sleep), I can get my indoor walking done and get my steps in. I'm really proud of myself for mostly making my 6K step count every day, and a lot of times I wind up getting close to an average of 7K steps a day. Not the 10K I need, but better!

  • Jen

    I definitely need to hit the gym first thing or it's not happening.  By the time I work, shuttle the kids places and do a few things around the house, it's late and I'm not motivated.

  • Pljohns

    I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one not motivated after all of that!  DH just doesn't understand  why I'm not all jumping to go to the gym after dinner-its a struggle to get there-but when you've been up since 5AM and running non stop, you just want to sit down-not change clothes and go somewhere else-

  • K8sMom2002

    PLJohns, that is the exact reason I don't do gyms. My time is one of my most precious resources, and even if the gym were just five minutes away, that's ten minutes of my life gone — not counting the five minutes to grab my gear, and the five minutes to get in the car and the five minutes to get back in the house and put my gear back up, and the five minutes to change out of sweaty clothes … see, right there, I've lost a half hour that wasn't involved in anything but moving my body into a car — no exercise, no house cleaning, no nothing.

    The kind of exercise that I feel the best about is a two-bagger: something that works my body and gets something else accomplished at the same time. 

    • picking up limbs outside after a storm (asthma/allergies permitting)
    • working on a DIY project that involves a lot of squatting and bending
    • working on cleaning/painting that requires a lot of ladder or step climbing (washing windows, putting away items into storage, purging storage.)
    • gardening (asthma/allergies permitting)

    Can I always do that? Nope. But lifting chairs and tables and boxes and bins counts as "functional weight lifting" in my book, and so does manning a hoe or a shovel. And it gets work done, too!

    So maybe you could say, "Hey, honey, let's turn our honey-do list into an at-home gym! Save money AND get work done!"

    Yeah, yeah. You're married to a southern boy, too. I know how that's gonna fly.

  • Pljohns

    Haha-sounds like you know the routine all too well-yep-a southern boy AND a mama's boy-didn't think he should lift a finger to do anything so guess who has always done the work?

  • Kathy P

    I'm not a big fan of the gym either. It just kinda wigs me out for some reason! I do like going to a yoga class, but the time has to be right….And the teacher and regulars need to feel right too. Otherwise it's just uncomfortable. 

  • Jen

    See…I much prefer a gym.  Too many distractions around the house.  When I go to the gym, I feel like I'm getting "me" time, which I just don't get around the house much.

  • GigiGibson

    I miss the gym so much. I hope to be working out in the next few months. I went up and down the stairs a few times last night and ended up with knee problems overnight and today. I have to get off the prednisone first or wayyyyyy down.

  • K8sMom2002

    Ugh on the knee problems, Gigi!

    And Jen, for me, I like the fellowship you can find at the gym, and I can see how distractions would be less. I've had to multi-task when doing my yoga routines because DH WILL follow me into the bedroom and yammer away. Which means that the relaxation part of the yoga is not the part I get!

    But since time is so precious to me, I needed to figure out ways to get my exercise in without having to travel 30 minutes one way for a yoga or exercise class. 

    PLJohns, if it's the equipment that your DH likes, you may be able to find some less expensive options. About this time of year, you may be able to find cheap exercise equipment that people are no longer using — check out classifieds, yard sales and estate sales. My dad found me a small compact exercise bike at an estate sale for $18 that sells for about a hundred bucks at Walmart. 

  • Pljohns

    We use to have an eliptical and a treadmill but DH would never use them so we sold them.  Last spring we both bought bikes-he rides his-I've done a little but getting to our house is uphill so I didn't make it far.  I hope to get riding again this spring.

  • K8sMom2002

    Sounds like we are married to the. same. guy. They never appreciate the right-at-home stuff, whether it's exercise equipment or food at home …

  • Jen

    k8smom – Is there a gym or yoga studio near where you run errands?  That could make the commute worth it.

    pljohns – dh started cycling last spring.  He spent a lot of time researching bikes and test riding them.  He really enjoys it.  I know it's hard work for him (he has reduced lung capacity bc he had his upper right lobe removed due to lung cancer), but he has been gradually increasing what he can do.  We have some nice trails near our house (some are a quick drive, one is right behind our house).  He does tend to do more of the flat road trails.

  • Pljohns

    I just can't hack the hills and in our neighborhood, they are part of life.  I haven't ridden a bike in YEARS and going super fast down hills terrifies me at my age so I may just walk it down the hill and ride where it is less hilly.  I did enjoy it and enjoyed riding with DH though.

  • Kathy P

    I'm not a fan of hills either! Or going super fast. 

    I'm still struggling to get hit my step goal most weekdays. But I'm more than making it on weekends! Yesterday, I hit over 15K! I need to ask if it's really daily or if I can average over the week. At this point, it it what it is but trying to figure out how I can optimize things. 

    We did one hike in the desert but I forget to track it. Yesterday was a 4.3 mi hike. I let da boy pick the route. Note to self- teach him about reading topo!  Omg he was trying to kill me!  I was uphill for 3/4 of the time!

    I've also been doing my arm weights (rotator cuff PT) and yoga stretches mainly for my hips. That seems to be helping because neither my hips nor knees gave my trouble yesterday!

     Also did 30 min of biking. I know that doesn't count as weight bearing, but I'm also hoping to build overall fitness. It's supposed to start raining here, but I may ride to the farmer's market this morning. It will give me about 8 miles.

  • Shea

    I hear ya on motivation to exercise… it is hard for me to work out (like at a gym or class), because I am a single mom with a young son, and because I am not a gym fan anyways. I am busy with taking cate of my home and self and son: shopping, cooking, cleaning, gardening, yard work, groups, playgrounds… its all time consuming, plus i need downtime too for reading, teaching, tv/technology.

    But, I really think I am always finding ways to be active and productive and find enjoyment in it.

    Today we walked the mall. I like walking the mall when the weather is humid or hot or stormy. I like parks.. and I do climb stairs when I can, I run around with my son playing games, sometimes we set up obstacle courses… I think the main thing for me is its gotta be fun and its gotta be something I can do with my son.

    I am going to be getting my bone density again soon but I have had osteopenia from the prednisone. I like my chewable supplements because they taste yummy and i have a sweet tooth. I Lso have dome higher quality supplements from the health food store… I have yo pick ip more. And I try to eat things with cal-magnesium- vit D. 

  • Kathy P

    Sounds like you have a good plan Shea! All the activity adds up before you know it.

    Hope the bone density scan doesn't show any further deterioration. Do you have it scheduled?

    I did a longer ride on Sunday then what I had originally planned. Once I was done w/ the farmer's market, I decided to take the trail home….but I got turned around and went the wrong way! D'oh! What an idiot! So, I put on a few extra miles, a couple extra intense climbs on 2 overpasses. And learned that my front derailleur is not working right. I could not shift it down into low for the climb! YIKES! And none counts for weight bearing! But if I can get my overall health better/stronger, that will be good in the long run anyway.

  • K8sMom2002

    Jen, I do all my errands on Saturday — it's always a jam packed day, so no time for the gym. That's the cost of living out in the country, a half hour from the nearest town big enough to support a gym. 

    Kathy P, what's your step goal per day? I'm betting that while your doc will be glad that you're getting those extra steps in on the weekends, the advise will be, "do more stepping during the week."

    Sitting, as they say, is the new smoking!  

    But you're right, getting in overall better health will make getting those steps in easier and everything work better. 

    Shea, chasing after rugrats is a great way to get exercise! 

    I got my 6K steps in this AM, and I did 10 squats. That counts, right?

  • Kathy P

    Oh, yeah – she wanted my daily goal to be 10K, every day! I'm lucky if I hit 5K most weekdays.

    I got a new fitness tracker as an early Mother's Day gift. This one has HR and will track other activities like cycling. My other one only did steps, so I didn't get "activity" credit for other stuff. I've set up activities for my shoulder PT and a 20 min yoga routine. So, I can separate out strength/non-weight bearing vs steps, but track both along with HR. So far, I'm liking it and it's keeping me honest!

    Anyway, this one vibrates as the inactivity tracker starts filling. It has helped – I ignore some, but if it vibrates and I can take a quick break, I go pace around the house til it's cleared! I think it wants 500m – that's based on estimated stride length as I haven't had time to set a custom one. But it gets me out of my chair and walking around for a couple minutes. I go through notifies on my phone and try not to walk into anything – LOL! *feels vibration and thinks "sheesh, didn't I just walk around?"*

    Oooh, and I found an app that will show me air quality, so I can check that before heading outside for any activities!

  • Pljohns

    congrats on the new tracker-it sounds awesome.  I have one but I only use it for silent alarms to wake me up.  I use to wear it all the time but after 2 years and wearing out 2 bands, I got tired of looking like I had more bracelets on than Mardi Gras!  I like my watch, so I don't want one with the watch feature and I never take my medical ID bracelet off my other arm so I'm pretty limited without looking like I'm just crazy. 

    At least it got you up and moving-that's more than I do some days.  I guess I need to wear mine and set it to go off like it should so I will get up some too.  Sounds like you are doing awesome.

  • Kathy P

    Ah, see I wanted something that was a watch! My watch band broke a while back and I had switched my other tracker over to that wrist and usually had it set in time mode. So, I was not seeing how bad my step count was! When I wore my watch on one wrist and the tracker on the other, I had it displaying steps and could see how low it was. Yikes! That one didn't have any audible or tactile alarms.

    The ones with the big round faces are just too huge on my wrist! This one is rectangular and not too huge. It's about 1.5 times the width of my old one. And it's the same brand, so I don't lose my 2+ years of tracked data! I don't always like that it needs to fit snuggly (for the HR monitor), but I'm getting used to it. I think my wrist must swell a little during the day. Fortunately, it doesn't catch on my keyboard tray. So, that's good!