Southeast wildfires check-in

According to this , the drought is contributing to several severe forest fires in our southern states.

How is it affecting you? Are any of you in the ? 

You can check to see if the National Weather Service has issued air quality warnings or alerts by checking out the . That has all the different kinds of alerts, but you can click on air quality or type in your zip code to find the individual area warnings and alerts.


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  • Jen

    Anyone still dealing with the effects from this?  I thought about this thread this weekend.  With the winds in MD over the weekend and everything so dry, there was an elevated wildfire risk.

  • K8sMom2002

    We are still at high alert for fires — the smoke seems to have cleared, but oh, I wish we could have a little rain. That way, we might not have more fires in the near future.

  • K8sMom2002

     this thread to check on folks who are affected by the wildfires — has a map that shows fires are in Tennessee, the Carolinas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia and Alabama. 

    I see from that none of those states has any air quality alerts, but I'll bet these fires are still trouble for anyone managing asthma who happens to live downwind from them. And I am saying big prayers for all those who were injured or lost property in the fire near Gatlinburg.

    We're expecting thunderstorms later this week, and we've had a bit of rain over the last 24 hours — first rain in over a month! I hope the lightning strikes don't create any more fires …