So where do you keep your inhaler during the day?

Just wondering where you or your kiddos keep inhalers during the day?

My DD keeps her auto injectors in her wallet in her backpack, and her inhaler is in her backpack as well. 

I'm not much better – my inhaler is in my purse, so I know it goes where I go during normal times.

DD's cell phone's always in her back pocket, but if she needed to evacuate in a hurry in case of a natural disaster or other emergency, I'm wondering: would she remember to grab those very necessary items? Would I?

I'll be having a talk with her tonight to see if we can't come to some sort of meeting of the minds. I know that a SpiBelt is out for her. She doesn't like anything around her middle. 

As for me, I'm open to suggestions! During the day, I tend to favor yoga pants because they're comfy. But they don't have belt loops to attach a holder or pockets to stow an inhaler.


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  • Marie E Natzke

    K8SMOM2002, Do you have a phone wallet that has a strap? get a small purse with a clip on it and attach it to the strap on the wallet??

  • LK

    Same here as far as keeping my inhaler in my purse.  I have another inhaler in a smaller (crossover?) purse that I wear when I'll be in the horse barn.  I always carry a spare inhaler whenever I'll be out and about just in case I lose my first one or have trouble with it. 

  • Pljohns

    Unfortunately my neb stays in my purse and there really isn't another option for it.  it's small-about the size of sunglasses case but about 3" thick.  If DH and I go out, I will just grab it alone but mostly, in my purse.

  • K8sMom2002

    @Marie E Natzke, I usually keep my phone sort of near me during the day, and everything else (keys, wallet, inhaler etc.) in my big purse. My purse does have a "home" that it stays in, so I always know where it is. 

    @LK, what a great idea about having a back-up! And it's good you carry your inhaler with you while you take care of the horses.

    @Pljohns, nebs aren't the most convenient option, are they? I sure hope one day that you do have a more convenient option — but until then, it sounds like you have a great strategy!

    Mainly I want a grab and go strategy for both me and my DD. I've been wondering if we couldn't attach it to her key chain (at least her inhaler). She's less likely to leave her wallet behind because it has her license and insurance.

  • Pljohns

    I have seen inhaler cases that have clips on them to attach to purses or belt loops so hooking it to her keychain might be a good option with one of those

  • MMKB

    I carry my inhaler in my pocket or in a FILA Accessories Stash It Running Storage Belt. In my purse I have a portable nebulizer, EpiPens and an extra Albuterol inhaler. My purse is a backpack style purse because I always have to have these items with me. It sure would be nice to be able to carry a small light weight purse that isn't overflowing with asthma and allergy supplies!!!

  • Siobhain(shavon)

    MMKB, I can relate to always carrying so many asthma items (portable nebulizer, inhaler and Epi pen) when I leave my home. It reminds me of the days of having young children in diapers The boy scout motto, "be prepared " comes to mind






  • K8sMom2002

    Siobhain, I so agree! I thought I was done with carrying food and supplies when we got past the toddler stage, but since my DD has both food allergies and asthma, we're still toting lots of things when we go on a trip — even for the day. 

    But there are so many more options to carry things these days.

    MMKB, I'll have to check out your suggestion! Today we're going shoe shopping for my DD's prom — and one of the items on our list is a cute little purse to tote things in. Wish me luck!

    ET correct a mis-spelling!

  • Siobhain(shavon)

    Cynthia, You sound like a great mom. I also carry a cute little purse with the essentials (rescue inhaler and phone). I did that at our son's wedding this past summer. Hope your daughter has fun at her prom

  • K8sMom2002

    Thanks, Siobhain! It sounds like I'm on the right track, and good for you for carrying your essentials on your son's wedding day!

    Now if we can find the right shoes and the right purse — I'm NOT much on shopping, but my DD loves to shop. 

  • Chloe

    I always keep my inhaler in my bag during school, though that prevents me from getting to it when I have to keep my bag in my locker. Not sure how to work around that and carry it with me when I am on the move. 

    I always have a collection of Benadryl pills and one auto injector in my purse, because when I am not in school I always carry it. Otherwise I am required to have one of them with the school nurse, though I feel that if I need it she will not be able to get to it in the time necessary. 

    I always carry at least 2 allergy pills on me, just in case I come across a reaction that is not severe but it bad enough to take action. The school has a policy that states that students should not carry medication on them, but I need to carry mine because the benadryl that the nurse or other adults have actually makes my reaction worse (I am allergic to red dyes)


  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, and welcome, Chloe! Thanks for sharing — it sounds like you and my DD have some of the same challenges.

    For my DD, we were able to get permission for her to keep her medication on her, even though the school has a zero-tolerance policy for kids carrying even headache medicine. We did this through her 504 plan. I wanted to be sure that:

    • She would always have access to her medication, even in the event of a lockdown or on a field trip or a natural disaster
    • She would not risk getting a suspension or expulsion if teachers found she was carrying this medication.

    I've tried to sell my DD on keeping her inhaler on a keychain. I've seen gadgets like this from a company called (never ordered from them, don't know anything about them — just a cool looking device):

    And I've seen DIY versions with the hand-sanitizer holder — but I'm not sure how that would work, either.

  • Vnes

    I keep my inhaler on me at all times. I have to take two puffs prior to walking, exercising, I get short winded talking. I plan to look into getting a portable nebulizer. 


  • Lauren Monthei

    I keep my inhalers on my night stand next to my bed at all times because that is where I am most of the time. I also have a backup set of inhalers that I keep in my purse for when I go out. At school, I keep my inhalers in my backpack..which I really should stop doing and bring them with me to class because I get out of breath going up all the stairs 6 times a day maybe more depending on if that class is going to the computer lab. 

    my name is Lauren and I have been suffering from asthma for 17 years. I was diagnosed as soon as I was born and was in the hospital for 2 years of my life with pneumonia.

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, Lauren! I'll be interested in any way you figure out how to carry your inhaler at school. That sounds very similar to my DD's situation (without the stairs). 

    I want her to have her inhaler with her in case she needs it. It needs to be hands-free, though, so she doesn't accidentally lay it down and forget it. 

  • Lauren Monthei

    Hi k8smom2002, i usually always have a jacket on in school because my school always has the air conditioning running even in the winter so I keep my inhalers in my hoodie pocket at school or if I don't have a jacket I put it in my pencil case and have that with me at all times. Some other ideas would be to hook a bath and body works holder on a notebook and put the inhaler in that or hook it on a belt loop. I hope this helps!

  • K8sMom2002

    It does! Do you have a routine for making sure you switch the inhaler from one jacket to another? We've had that issue, too … DD is a fashion diva and does not like to wear the same thing twice in a row, even her jacket. Although as she has gotten older, she's eased up on that … 

  • Kathy P

    Welcome Lauren! Do you not have your backpack with you at school? My kids' school didn't have (enough) lockers, so all the kids just carried their backpack with them all day. My daughter's biggest struggle was always finding a purse that would fit into her backpack. She always has her purse, so meds stay in there.

    Although today, she's going to the city w/ friends and is borrowing my camera bag. I just asked her if she transferred her meds (inhaler / epinephrine)….oh I forgot about that.  I only asked because I was replying to this post!

  • K8sMom2002

    Lauren, I know our DD's school has gone back and forth on backpack/book bag policies over the years. It all depends:

    • how crammed the classes are — teachers don't like having to walk around backpacks and book bags, especially if the class size is large
    • if there have been recent significant problems with security or drugs or other items

    The school has on occasion even talked about banning book bags and backpacks altogether. 

    Love your idea about putting everything together the night before! I need to remind DD about the importance of doing that!

  • Megan Roberts

    I keep my inhaler in a small fabric purse/bag that's just big enough for cellphone and a few others things. When on the water I bring a similar sized dry bag that holds my car key, cellphone for emergencies, and inhaler. I have learned to not leave it behind in the car (yes I used to do that). 

    Planning your outfits the night before is a great idea. I do that for busy days as well. I think a lot less clearly in the am so it also prevents fashion disasters. 

  • Melissa G

    My oldest dd keep her inhaler in her purse.  My husband keeps his inhaler in his backpack for work.  And my youngest dd keeps her inhalers and spacer in a small medical bag that travels with her where ever she goes. 

    @Pljohns what kind of nebulizer do you have? We have one large one and one travel one.  But from the sounds of it, yours is even smaller than our travel one?

  • Pljohns

    My main neb is a Pari TrekS with the battery pack.  If I’m having a flare and need nebs every 3–4 hours around the clock, I get out the big Pari that I have.  The Trek S just isn’t built to take that kind of continuous load.  I keep an Omron ultrasonic in my purse, another Pari Trek S in my car and a big Pari at work.  The omron is the smalles-the case and all is about the size of a sunglass case.  It operates on 2 AA batteries.  It’s a little slower than the TrekS but I cann do an albuterol treatment in about 10 minutes.  

    I can’t us inhalers at all, so finding/keeping nebs with me is a must and when doing so got my purse the size of carry on luggage, I started looking for something smaller and found the Omron.  Just Nebulizers has a new on that I really would love to have called a Flyp.  It’s small enough it fits in your pants pocket.  I’m going to have to save up for that one.  Hope this helps!