So how do you clean your neb?

After I got asked the question, "Is it okay to use the same neb after a bout of pneumonia?" it made me think … gosh, how does everyone clean and care for their nebs?

For so many of our members, nebulizers really are a lifeline. But it's the kind of thing that we may not think about.

I remember my mom having a winter of terrible bouts of pneumonia when I was little. She'd get sick, wind up in the hospital, get better, come home, and relapse. They finally traced it down to a nose spray bottle that she'd unthinkingly still used! The spray bottle suctioned a tiny amount of the bacteria back into the spray, and she was "dosing" herself with bacteria every time she'd come home and use it. 

Because of that, if DD ever gets sick, we toss her saline solution nasal spray after she gets well. And if I buy any sort of nasal decongestant or spray for DH or me when we have a cold or sinus infection, in the trash it goes after we get well.

Nebs and other equipment can be the same way. They just are our trusty workhorses and can fade into the background.

How does your nebulizer manual tell you to clean and sanitize your neb? Are you good about doing it? Ever had any issues?


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  • Pljohns

    My mouthpiece and med cup get boiled every Sunday per the manufacturers instructions.  If I'm sick-I do it about every other day.  The tubing and filter are changed every 6 months.  I wash the mouthpiece and med cup with hot soapy water after each use.  So far, I've not had any issues.  the ultrasonic that I carry in my purse gets disassembled and the mouthpiece boiled along with my other one but the only way to actually clean the ultrasonic is to run a med cup of distilled water through it, so I do that after each use.

  • LK

    My nebulizer doesn't get used very often.  When I do use it I rinse everything except the tubing – not the machine itself of course.  Change the mouthpiece and  tubing every six months.

    Have to admit I have forgotten about the filter.  I need to read up on it and see where to get a new one.  It's been quite awhile! 

  • Pljohns

    Just nebulizers has everything and i've been very pleased with them-good customer service and fair prices.  It's the only place I order my nebs/supplies from.

  • K8sMom2002

    I'm glad that this topic reminded you of that, Lisa! I think when things are used every day, they become invisible. I know that's how my HVAC filter is (and my vacuum cleaner bag, and a whole lotta other things!)

    Lynn, good to know you've found a place that works for you!

  • LK

    Reading this reminds me that my inhalers get rinsed in warm water for 30 seconds weekly, then put on a paper towel to air dry.  I don't rinse the metal cylinder of course. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Lisa, that's a great reminder! Thanks!

    @Marie E Natzke, awesome — thanks for sharing … so, does the vinegar smell linger? I don't mind the smell, but my DH hates it, and it's not one of my DD's favorites.

  • Marie E Natzke

    K8smom2008 no not that I've noticed I have a Omron portable nebulizer. It has a plastic medicine cup and I use a mouth piece not a mask. I just make sure I rinse it well

  • Gloria

    When I was using my nebulizer daily, I would rinse the cup and mouth pieces out in soapy water after each use, then rinse and let air dry on a paper towel. Now that I retired, I rarely use my neb, only my rescue inhaler periodically. I do store the neb parts in a sealed plastic bag after they have dried.