Greetings all,

Anyone have any hints, tips, ideas to be able to sing with asthma?

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  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Evpraxia, and welcome!

    I'm no professional singer (only sung in church choirs, etc.) so what has worked for me might not work for you. 

    I had the most success when I:

    – avoided my triggers even more particularly than usual;

    – did doctor approved breathing exercises to help build my lung capacity and stamina (when I'm out of shape, my lungs are twitchier, IYKWIM. )

    – exercised as my asthma would allow (asthma + me + exercise can = trouble) as stronger lungs worked better longer. 

    – followed the "sing from your diaphragm" advice as best I could. If I sang higher up, invariably my throat would develop a tickle, which would turn into a cough, which … Well, I'll bet you know the rest of THAT story. 

    – made certain I was well hydrated–a glass of water in the lead up to me singing helped, but some of my fellow choir members and other, more serious, singers always looked at me like I was nuts. But no water for me = asthma attack five minutes in.

    Have you spoken to your doctor about advice from a medical point of view? A doctor might have certain tricks or tips, or even tell you to use meds ahead of time, depending on your symptoms and the kind of singing you do. 

  • Kathy P

    Well, K8sMom has some great ideas. I was thinking that breathing exercises would be helpful to build your long capacity. But your asthma would need to be well controlled for that.

    Both my kids with asthma play wind instruments and that was often their "canary in a coal mine" on when their asthma was not well controlled. Especially the one who plays a bass instrument that needs a lot of air.

  • Jen

    Hi evpraxia,

    Welcome to the forums.  Do you sing in a choir or in a band?  Is it something that you have difficulty doing with asthma?

  • Kathy P

    Have you found any things that help? What type of singing? Professional, church choir, rockin' out in the shower?

  • Jen

    @Evpraxia - how are things going for you?  Stop in to update when you get a chance.