Severe weather check-in: March 2018

March is roaring in like a lion, it seems, with headlines of bad weather from coast to coast. With so many stories in the headlines, I decided to make one big thread so that folks could check in and let us know that they are doing okay — or not. 

Here's a round up of some of the headlines I saw that worried me:

    I've been in the path of bad storms several times, sometimes better prepared than others. I've learned a lot about prepping ahead of a storm from other members of this community.

    AAFA has a great blog post with 

    Are you in the path of these storms or other severe weather? Have you been affected by severe weather? Let us know how you're doing!


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    • K8sMom2002

      I'm hoping that everyone is still doing okay and that no news means good news! @Megan Roberts, I know you guys had some nasty weather, but I saw on another thread where you were doing okay.

      I saw on my news feed today this article, and my heart sank … 

      Folks really haven't even had a chance to dig out of the last one!

    • Pljohns

      I saw the same thing this morning-hope everyone up the east coast is prepared and you guys are OK-winter is determined to give you one last punch-

    • Pljohns

      We just had a freeze warning issued for tonight-when will it end????  With any luck, it will freeze all of the pollen-

    • Megan Roberts

      In the northeast we have, in the last week, entered what is referred to as "second winter." It's the winter that happens when you think winter is actually over! LOL. 

      So far there is plenty of snow coming down today but not a lot of complications since the region was prepared — most things are closed. The storm last Friday was extra destructive because people thought it would just be heavy rains and high winds, so nothing closed and the roads weren't pre-treated. Instead it was high winds and heavy snow, in an area with lots of huge trees that were falling onto roadways and train tracks as people were trying to commute home from work and school.

      We had at least 4-6" already today during the time that was forecasted to include little to no snow. The AAFA PA offices and my own home are in the center of the forecasted heaviest snow accumulation zone. We'll see what happens though, since the forecasts are usually dead wrong. (Here's to hoping!)

      Some friends still don't have their power back from the last storm, two of whom have newborns… as in, brand new babies who just came home from the hospital last week! I can't imagine dealing with all of that at the same time. 

      So far this storm doesn't include any high winds,  which is what left more than half a million without power in the Philadelphia area in the last storm. But because the temp is high (just over freezing), the snow is very heavy, which is already causing MORE power outages in this area. I feel really bad for the line workers who have been working around the clock to restore power for the region, they have to be beyond exhausted.

      We have been very lucky so far, only losing power for just under 24 hours last weekend. Hopefully our luck continues.

      Wishing everyone else the best with your crazy weather!

    • Pljohns

      Oh Megan-I hope you don't get anything REALLY bad and I"m with you-I can't imagine dealing with a newborn AND the snow and no power-how stressful!!!  

    • LK
      Pljohns posted:

      We just had a freeze warning issued for tonight-when will it end????  With any luck, it will freeze all of the pollen-

      Wouldn't that be nice!?

    • LK

      Megan,  Can't imagine having no power with newborns!  Hope they have plenty of supplies!

      After we moved here about 20 years ago there was an early winter storm in mid October that dropped over 6 inches of that heavy wet snow.  The trees still had all their leaves to there were many trees and branches coming down all over the city.  DH was out of town on a business trip.  One Bradford pear tree on the front corner of our house came down over night.  I heard it creaking and then crash down.  Thank goodness it fell away from the house!  It was right near the foundation.  I went out the next morning and took pictures of the tree.  By the time DH got home that afternoon the weather had warmed up and there was not a bit of snow left!  I don't think he would've believed me if I hadn't taken the pictures! 

    • Pljohns

      For years we lived in new neighborhoods with "postage stamp" size yards and no trees.  When we moved here 11 years ago, we moved into an older neighborhood with HUGE mature trees.  Our front and back yard and full of giant oaks-I bet that are a good 75 feet tall.  A few years back, one just fell-it had green leaves on it and everything-seems it was rotten on the inside and finally fell-took out the fence and barely missed the neighbors house.  We just got a bunch of them trimmed back from over the house because the insurance told us to and I'm glad to have them gone from over the house-scared me to death that one of them would come crashing down on the house.

      Now-as for no power-I must admit-I have the best setup I could-my stove is dual fuel-gas stove top and electric oven but we have a gas grill just out the door so I can cook anything on the stove top (just have to use the grill lighter to light the burners) and grill anything too.  We have full means even when we have no power!

    • K8sMom2002

      Lynn, that sounds like a great set-up! I have a gas cooktop and an electric oven, so it's nice to be able to cook even when we don't have power. 

      The one thing I wish we could have is running water. We live out in the country and have a deep well, so without electricity, we have no water. I've come up with some work around solutions:

      • using the beverage coolers like sports teams and construction workers do
      • filling the bathtub with water for toilet flushing
      • freezing water bottles in the freezer (ice AND water)

      My dad has been looking at ways to connect a generator to our pump. And some years ago I saw that there were actually solar powered well pumps that folks out west used. I'd love to have that! It would save me a ton on my power bill!

    • LK

      Good idea to get those trees cut back! 

      There was an old hedge tree row at the back of the backyard when we moved in, too.  Those trees, Osage orange trees, have winding branches and are a hard wood.  Farmers used to plant them along fence rows to help keep the livestock in since the branches would intertwine and be a good hedge.  The row is probably as old as your trees, Lynn, and one day one of them started leaning towards to house.  It looked like it would miss the house and over night you could hear the wood splitting and breaking.  Didn't sleep well!    It did miss our house and the topmost branches barely touched our deck.  DH and DS got out the chain saw and cut it up.  We had someone come out with a stump grinder and the wood was so hard the teeth on the grinder kept breaking!  We ended up having the rest of the hedge row by the house removed.

    • LK

      Love that idea, Cynthia, of a solar powered well pump!  Where we lived before we were on well water, too.  It was hard when the power went out, especially with horses who drink up to 5-15 gallons of water per horse daily.  If we knew the power was going to go out we would fill up containers, but usually it would go out without warning.  Thankfully it wasn't usually out for long.

    • K8sMom2002

      Wow, that's a lot of water! And I hadn't thought about power outages and feeding and watering horses!

      I hear that New England is about to be slammed again … ugh, ugh, ugh.

    • K8sMom2002

      And the Weather Channel had tornadoes in Alabama overnight and maybe more today in Georgia and other states. Plus more snow is coming into DC, MD and Penn … sheesh, I know everyone there is tired of shoveling out!

      Hoping everyone is doing okay … check in when you can!

    • Pljohns

      All of the really bad stuff went North of us-and they got hit hard-we didn't get even 1 drop of rain.

      Cynthia-hope you don't get hit today with our "left overs"

      Megan-sending HUGE snow shovels to you-I can't imagine 4 snow storms in under 2 weeks-you must be BURIED

    • Marie E Natzke

      Stay safe everyone. Here in Chicago very windy yesterday and today. Friday night into Saturday they aren't sure yet what were going to get..

    • K8sMom2002

      Lynn, so far it's been super quiet and sunny today. I'm hoping it will remain so … A big sis of a friend of DD's is doing a practice run on DD's prom makeup and hair this evening. 

      Marie, I hope the Windy City is no more windy than it should be and that you guys stay safe!

      Megan, sending you a virtual snowblower! And snowmobile!

    • Marie E Natzke


      We have our primary elections today so it depends on our politicians…lol….But seriously I hope everyone is ok

    • Pljohns

      Thinking about all of you up the Eastern seaboard with the new nor'easter/blizzard.  Stay in, stay safe and stay WARM.

      Our high school had 50 kids supposed to leave today for NY on a school trip-guess that didn't happen!

    • K8sMom2002

      Our bad weather didn't materialize last night — but it's super breezy and COOL this AM. 

      I'm sure that's nothing compared to what Megan and Marie are going through! 

      And Lynn, I know those 50 kids are hugely disappointed … what a bummer. Is there any way that they can reschedule, or is it over spring break?

    • Pljohns

      I'm sure they can reschedule-it was a school trip so I'm sure they can go another time-next week is spring break so maybe they can go during that time

    • Megan Roberts

      Oh so sorry to hear those kids are missing out Lynn! Bummer — better safe than sorry though. 

      Cynthia SO glad you avoided the path of those tornadoes yesterday. Saw the damage in Alabama on the late news. Terrible.

      My next door neighbor has a snow blower and can't WAIT to use it. And, his wife is a school teacher, and every time we get snowed in she bakes cookies and sends her daughter over with a plate! We are so spoiled to have them next door! Just praying we don't lose power again. We have the heat cranked up and everything charged just in case — and we're finishing up our laundry right now– but last time it took a week for some in our township to get power back. The wind is starting to kick up and the worst of the storm is starting now through 2am Thursday. Yesterday it was sleeting and snowing at the same time all day, every surface was a mess. At least the snow is easier to remove (with machinery)!

      So if you all don't hear from me the rest of the day — you will know why ! Hope everyone else is out of the path of the nasty weather or at least has a warm safe space to spend it. Also on the news last night was a piece on how a lot of the country is affected by severe weather right now — between the tornadoes in the South, the crazy hail that Lynn talked about, and the nor'easter now affecting at least 11 states in the Northeast all the way to the Midwest! Wishing you all safety and warmth.

    • LK

      Hope you are staying warm, Megan!  Hoping this is the very last hurrah winter has in store for your part of the country, too!!

    • K8sMom2002

      Yes, absolutely — everyone needs to tell Spring 2018 that it is late for the party! (and Spring can definitely leave the tornadoes at HOME.)

    • Marie E Natzke

      When I got up this morning there was snow on the garage. Roads were icy this AM I gues they put the road salt away for the summer>…

      Hope everyone is weathering their weather ok stay safe!!!

    • Pljohns

      We had a freeze warning last night, another one early next week and near 80 somewhere in the middle-

    • LK

      This weather is so, so strange!  We, too, were well below freezing, today up to 65, tomorrow temps dropping during the day with rain/snow and down to 16 tomorrow night with more snow expected this weekend.  

      Makes you wonder what all the plants will turn out like with the growing then freezing then growing, etc. weather. 

      Hope none of you get any freezing rain!  

      Sooner or later it has to warm up and stay there!  

    • Pljohns

      and I'm sure when it does, we'll be fussing because it's 100 degrees!  I tell people if you don't like the weather in AL, wait 5 minutes and you definitely will get something different.  This has been the strangest year for weather I can remember.

    • K8sMom2002

      Snow, snow, snow, snow in April is snow fun … (sorry, lame pun, but I couldn't resist!)

      You guys be safe on those snowy, icy roads, and Lynn, I guess you and I have to be thankful that we do have some warm days in the middle to open up the house and freshen things up. 

      Lisa, my DH is a produce manager for a grocery store, and he hears all the time what happens when freezes come at the wrong time … if a freeze happens during a critical part of the growing cycle for certain plants, they don't make fruit or they wind up having to be replanted … ugh!

      I hope we've managed to escape all that.

      And I hope your horses soon have plenty of green grass to munch on and run through!

    • Melissa G

      PLJOHNS-that is what I am afraid is going to happen. We are going to jump from winter to summer, no spring.